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Sharing is caring!

Sharing is caring!

CLARK staff participated again in the care package campaign of the Friedensdorf International, a charitable organization that helps to improve the medical and humanitarian conditions in regions of war and conflict.

The donated parcels filled with foods and groceries will be shipped to needy people in Armenia and Tajikistan who are facing a tough winter and food shortages. This commitment symbolizes CLARK Europe’s “with each other” and “for each other”.

Find out more about the charitable organization Friedensdorf International:

Large auction for a good cause

Large auction for a good cause

CLARK auctions off Burden Carrier to benefit the “Regenbogenhaus” in Duisburg

CLARK is aware of the importance of social engagement in our communities by companies and has supported a variety of social projects for many years. In this connection, we focus particularly on helping socially underprivileged and disadvantaged children. “When we found out that the “Regenbogenhaus” in Duisburg needed a new kitchen in order to feed and cook together with refugee children, we simply had to help,” said Bettina Nottenkämper from the work group for social activities within CLARK Europe GmbH. “An auction at the CLARK anniversary celebration came to mind spontaneously.” Before the celebration, the children of the “Regenbogenhaus” designed a CLARK Burden Carrier themselves—and the results were amazing. The multi-colored carrier was well received by CLARK dealers, bids increased quickly and the auction was a great success! Long-time authorized CLARK dealer Vertesker from Hungary is now the proud owner of the “Regenbogenhaus” Burden Carrier. We are happy to be able to present them with the €4,700 needed for the new kitchen, and we would like to thank all of our dealers, especially Vertesker, for the successful auction.

Lending а hand - Making а difference

Lending а hand - Making а difference

Community Stewardship As a core value CLARK has a governing principle of supporting our local communities through philanthropy and community service. CLARK recognizes the importance of being a good corporate citizen, the value of charitable nonprofit organizations in our communities, and we support them in various ways. By providing support for projects and initiatives that reflect the goals and values of our company, we enrich communities and help improve quality of life where we work and live.

The Social Working Group of CLARK Europe GmbH has done a fantastic job. With kind and cash donations, CLARK could help children from Olpe in Sauerland to Croatia to Kenya. “We make a point not merely to pay lip service, but to best help directly,” explains Social Working Group member Julia Strehl, “in all charity projects we ensure through personal contacts that every cent and every care package reaches its destination and goes to a good cause. Especially since help from the people for the people always leads to renewed motivation.”



Give your children a better future!

Since 2013 CLARK Europe’s social working group has been supporting the non-profit organization Badilika e.V., which engages in education and social programs for children in Kenya. Badilika e.V. helps children in rural and socially disadvantaged regions in Kenya with the main goal of providing a good school education as well as training programs in the “Madaraka Education Center Mombasa“, which has been built with the help of donations – true to the motto: education as a means in the fight against poverty and as a foundation for a better future!

It’s particularly important to us to support reputable and trustworthy organizations. All members work on an honorary basis and bear all expenses for traveling, food, telephone, internet etc. themselves. Because of that and our personal contact to founder Rebecca Schwarz, we decided to support Badilika e.V. This way we can ensure that every cent donated goes directly to the benefit of those Kenyan children!

Several employees of CLARK Europe are already sponsoring a child. A donation of only 20€ per month enables one child to go to the full-day school and provides them with teaching materials, regular meals, medical care, vaccinations and a new school uniform once a year.

If you’re interested in taking over a personal sponsorship, or if you wish to contribute in another way or have any questions, please send an e-mail to . You’re also more than welcome to make a single donation to the following donations account:

Badilika e.V.
Deutsche Bank Krefeld
IBAN: DE22 320 700 240 0880443 00

Please spread the word and help make a change! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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