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Towing Tractor

Powerful logistical draught horses

With CLARK electric tow tractors with a towing capacity of 4 to 7 tonnes, you are equipped for almost any logistical challenge. Thanks to their powerful AC drive motors, the electric tow tractors offer you strong traction and very good pulling power. The robustly designed drive system was designed for the toughest indoor and outdoor applications. The tow tractors do their job efficiently, flexibly and quietly in industrial plants, shipyards, at aircraft and car manufacturers and their suppliers, at airports or railway stations – from goods receipt to the distribution or production area. CLARK tractors are ideal for transporting goods over medium and long distances. Their robust construction, sprung wheels and a super-elastic drive wheel ensure optimum traction even on smooth industrial floors and outdoors.

Electric tow tractor CTX40/70

Electric tow tractor CTX40/70

Towing capacity: 4000 / 7000 kg


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