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May 2017 CLARK welcomes visitors from the world over

100 years of “The Forklift” – grand anniversary celebration in Lexington, Kentucky

Beaming hosts, confident owners and 425 enthusiastic guests from 21 countries came together in mid-May when the global CLARK family celebrated 100 years of “The Forklift” in a befitting way in Lexington Kentucky. Having travelled from all continents, CLARK employees, partners and dealers were offered a whole range of activities during the three-day celebration programme: receiving in-depth insights into CLARK history, guided tours through CLARK Material Handling Company’s headquarters and the latest news and useful information during the international dealers meeting.

Besides the presentation of the new premium I series to be launched onto the market in 2018, highlights also included the supporting programme – the informal atmosphere at lunch and dinner in the Lexington Convention Centers’ large ballroom and the Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Farm Tour were real hits. “The centennial event was magnificent,” declared Dennis Lawrence, CEO at the CLARK Material Handling Company. “Our employees were planning for many years and showed great dedication on the day.”