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CLARK welcomes visitors from the world over

CLARK welcomes visitors from the world over

100 years of “The Forklift” – grand anniversary celebration in Lexington, Kentucky

Beaming hosts, confident owners and 425 enthusiastic guests from 21 countries came together in mid-May when the global CLARK family celebrated 100 years of “The Forklift” in a befitting way in Lexington Kentucky. Having travelled from all continents, CLARK employees, partners and dealers were offered a whole range of activities during the three-day celebration programme: receiving in-depth insights into CLARK history, guided tours through CLARK Material Handling Company’s headquarters and the latest news and useful information during the international dealers meeting.

Besides the presentation of the new premium I series to be launched onto the market in 2018, highlights also included the supporting programme – the informal atmosphere at lunch and dinner in the Lexington Convention Centers’ large ballroom and the Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Farm Tour were real hits. “The centennial event was magnificent,” declared Dennis Lawrence, CEO at the CLARK Material Handling Company. “Our employees were planning for many years and showed great dedication on the day.”

Higher, faster, further

Higher, faster, further

New warehouse equipment: WPio12 electric hand pallet truck and PSX16 electric stacker

CLARK continually builds on its product range in the growth market for warehouse equipment. CLARK CEO Rolf Eiten comments: “By launching the electric hand pallet truck WPio12 with lithiumion technology and the electric stacker PSX16 with a platform and side protection guards, we are not only expanding our product range in a targeted manner but also tapping into new applications and sales markets.” CLARK’s warehouse equipment range now includes more than 15 different series in the fields of electric low lift pallet trucks (1.2 – 2.0 t), electric stackers (1.0 – 2.0 t), electric reach trucks (1.4 – 2.0 t) and electricthree-wheel tow tractors (4.0 – 7.0 t).

Electric hand pallet truck WPio12
Electronic lifting and driving, a low tare weight of just 1200 kg including the battery and a usage period of up to three hours with a fully charged battery (24V 20 Ah) – the electric hand pallet truck WPio12 is not only CLARK’s first vehicle with lithium-ion technology but also represents new heights of efficiency in the conventional hand pallet truck market. The lithiumion battery can be recharged from flat in just 2.5 hours. Interim charges are also fully possible. With up to 1,000 charge cycles, the maintenance-free battery has almost double the service life of block batteries.

Convenient replaceable batteries available from the factory also make it possible to use the machines for longer. The WPio12 (1.2 t capacity) can be used instead of any classic hand pallet truck, e.g. for transporting pallets over short distances, ard guarantees optimum usage conditions both as a platform machine and a pedestrian one. The proportional hydraulics (are also) fitted as standard (and) contribute to the vehicle’s impressive productivity. Delivery of these new vehicles for heavy-duty industrial use are expected to commence from the end of 2017. in warehouses, in showrooms or for loading/unloading trucks. Excellent manoeuvrability and compact dimensions make for economic, and precise load handling. For example, the hand pallet truck can be optimally transported on a lorry. At just 1,390 mm, the turning circle has intentionally been kept small and the minimal L2 size of 390 mm (length including the back of the fork) prevents pallet location losses when transporting the machine on a lorry. Deliveries of these new little powerhouses are expected to commence from the end of 2017.

Electric stacker PS X16
Whether for loading and unloading lorries, transporting heavy materials in a warehouse or heavy-duty industrial use, the new CLARK electric stacker PSX16 with a capacity of 1.6 tonnes expediently expands the current CLARK product range: side support rails, a platform provided as standard and lifting heights of up to 5,800 mm meet customer requirements for a maximum throughput rate. The outstanding value for money is also typical of CLARK. The PSX16’s reliable, low-maintenance AC traction motor enables travel speeds of up to 8 km/h.

The electric power steering system with proportional speed reduction enhances both safety and comfort when cornering. The CLARK stacker comes with 375 Ah batteries as standard but can also be fitted with batteries up to 24 V 500 Ah. Powerful traction batteries as well as the standard lateral battery extraction enable two and three-shift operations. The folding platform fitted as standard guarantees optimum usage conditions both as a platform machine and a pedestrian one. The proportional hydraulics (are also) fitted as standard (and) contribute to the vehicle’s impressive productivity.

Delivery of these new vehicles for heavy-duty industrial use are expected to commence from the end of 2017.

CLARK News 2017/1

Standing Ovations

Standing Ovations

CLARK celebrates 100 Years of forklift—special anniversary edition

Where would we be today without CLARK? Without a doubt: A world without forklifts quickly and safely moving pallets, containers, raw materials, machines, and more from A to B is hardly conceivable. Machines instead of muscle power—luckily, Eugene Bradley Clark took on this assignment back in 1917 and invented“The Forklift”, the first forklift in the world.

A milestone in the history of logistics which has given Eugene Bradley Clark (*1873 †1942) a place in the Logistics Hall of Fame since 2007. Just in time for their 2017 anniversary, CLARK presents the centennial edition of the internal combustion C20-35 forklift series. CLARK presents the special edition with capacities of 2.0 to 3.5 tons live on site at the specialist fair LogiMAT in Stuttgart from March 14 to 16, 2017 (Hall 6, Booth 6F41).

Press conferences worldwide are held around the centennial festivities. In addition, CLARK employees and dealers from around the world meet at the U.S. headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, in May 2017 to celebrate the long path from the entrepreneur to the cult brand of the global forklift together.

Full focus on CLARK

Full focus on CLARK

New CLARK dealer Norsk Truckutleie AS

Fast start in Norway: As soon as the trade agreement by and between CLARK Europe GmbH and the Norwegian logistics provider Norsk Truckutleie AS was signed in January 2016, the Scandinavians went on a breathtaking path with the new business. CEO Hans Erling Høiseth and his team had to increase the forecasts for the following year since they were able to sell significantly more or agreed on more long-term lease agreements with customers than expected. Thus, for example, a total of 13 CLARK forklifts were delivered to Vajda-Papir Skandinavien AS in Drammen. The headquarters of Norsk Truckutleie is situated in Hagan near the capital Oslo.

Operating under the umbrella of the Fortuna Groups since 2014, the portfolio includes forklifts between 1 and 35 tons, warehouse leases, telescope forklifts, and sweepers. The addition of CLARK warehouse equipment and CLARK electric and diesel forklifts with capacities ranging between 1.8 and 8 tons to the assortment is deemed a landmark decision

–CEO Hans Erling Høiseth: “Clark has a well-positioned European headquarter in Duisburg with various machines “on stock”—that made the delivery of the first 50 machines relatively easy. The fact that the lead times ex works are very short is also a favorable factor.” For 2017, Hans Erling Høiseth expects a growth rate of 15%: “We aim for healthy, useful growth and bringing our company forward step by step.”

Full speed ahead with caution

Full speed ahead with caution

Metro Motor is our new CLARK dealer in Israel

This success story is the result of the right strategy and its resolute implementation: The new official CLARK dealer in Israel since November 2015, Metro Motor had a fast start in the acquisition of new customers and increasing sales in 2016.

The company based in Kfar Saba near Tel Aviv built their own distribution division, including a service network for CLARK forklifts, immediately after the agreement. CLARK Brand Manager Zachi Nahardea and two newly hired specialist consultants are the key contacts for the eleven sub-dealers.

This ensures both service coverage throughout Israel and fast delivery of new equipment. That is because Metro Motor made the conscious decision to establish a large inventory of new forklifts to be able quickly meet the demands on the market. At Metro Motor, the CLARK segment is part of the 4-wheel division.

Metro Motor—founded in 1981—with its nine owned branch offices in addition to the network of 32 dealers, totaling a market share of 46%, is Israel’s largest motorcycle dealer (e.g. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Sun Yang). Furthermore, scooters, e-bikes, RUVs, ATVs, electric vehicles, utility vehicles and CLARK forklifts are part of the portfolio.