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01 // Editorial

Dear Readers,

in this special edition of Clark Forklift News, we invite you to CeMAT 2008 in Hannover to take a trip through the world of Clark forklifts. The thematic events have been consciously planned on a broad basis. We treat approximately 90 years of the Clark family's history, which allows insights into the structure of this family of world renown, as well as sponsoring social activities and Clark's program for CeMAT 2008. Naturally, as "inventor of the forklift," we save the largest space for our very own profession, i.e. the forklifts themselves. The following still applies: progress originates through conscious innovation and continuously accompanies it. Thanks to the globally-linked system of competence development, Clark is able to strengthen its primary position as an impetus and forerunner in conveyor technology. The 2007 review of innovations continues without interruption in 2008 with three new machines. These new machines combine maximum functional safety with the highest energy efficiency and are built with environmentally-friendly materials to minimize maintenance costs. The invitation stands: discover and share with us new ideas.
I hope you enjoy reading.

Egon Strehl
Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH


02 // Vision from Tradition

Clark Europe GmbH: Attractions for CeMAT 2008 in Hannover

Vision from Tradition

With the slogan "Vision from Tradition," Clark will exhibit a whole new line of models. As the inventor of forklifts, Clark is well-prepared for CeMAT 2008 in Hannover (27 May 2008 to 31 May 2008). Clark will celebrate the unveiling of three products on 650 m2 of exhibition floor space in Hall 25/Booth K12. The innovations offensive will open with the new GTX 16-20s range of electric 3-wheel forklift trucks, followed by the GEX 16-20s family of electric 4-wheel forklift trucks, as well as the C40-55 family, which completes the successful Gen2 series.

The Green Wave for Europe
Environmentally friendly. Energy efficient. Highly productive. Clark's contribution to the theme of sustainability is manifested in a complete line of new machines that was especially developed for an environmentally-sensitive European market. Under the motto, "Built to Last," Clark will introduce among others, three forklift trucks that combine ecologically valuable features with economically sensible solutions at CeMAT 2008, the world's leading trade show for intralogistics, which expects over 1,100 exhibitors from 35 countries and over 60,000 visitors. The main items will be low pollution motors, recyclable materials, low maintenance, new safety features and efficient ergonomic optimization.

Secondary Program: "Some Like It Hot"
If Clark's innovations are to definitely take center stage at CeMAT 2008 in Hannover, then the company can also be placed on the program for another thing. Every day of the trade show is a day for slogans. The "Day of Friedensdorf Oberhausen" is the perfect prelude. Here, the social activities sponsored by Clark, as well as the company's collaboration, stands in the forefront. Among the other highlights will be Merchant's Day with a meeting and a large stand party with a live music act, World Champion Day, as well as Marilyn Monroe Day. Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH, comments that "the combination of Clark and CeMAT is right. Therefore, it is obvious that we want to be strongly represented at CeMAT in every respect."


03 // Preview 2008 - 2010

Growth Driver 2008: Confidence in Clark Europe GmbH

Ambitious Goals

Clark Europe GmbH, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr once again expects above average growth in core business production, sales and service of electric, diesel and gas powered forklifts for the 2008 fiscal year. Since the start-up of the company in September 2004 as part of the South Korean conglomerate Young An Hat, Clark Europe GmbH has been the point of origin for Clark's activities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, in 2007 (sales: 24.5 million euros), the company, with its 35 employees and Managing Director Egon Strehl, was able to achieve above average growth.

Clark Europe GmbH-
2008 Forecast

The growth rates, which have clearly outperformed the market once more, have slowed with respect to solid growth in comparison to Clark's 2007 fiscal year. Clark Europe GmbH also wants to win a permanent share in the market in 2008. The company is counting on a sales increase of 23 percent compared to 2007, and, in addition, is striving toward a 16 percent increase of incoming orders. Currently, sales planning amounts to over 40 million euros. The expected growth in the spare parts industry in 2008 is expected to be 17 percent in comparison to the previous year. Meanwhile, the envisioned increase in the delivery of new machines, which is expected to increase by approximately 20 percent in the annual comparison, is striking. Egon Strehl, Clark's Managing Director confirms" "These are absolutely demanding, but at the same time, realistic goals."

Well-Equipped for a Successful Future
In the meantime, Clark Europe GmbH, as a company that trains its employees, will hire a total of 10 new employees in 2008. Last but not least, Clark will focus on the Eastern European market which still offers outstanding opportunities in the segment of industrial truck technology after a 44 percent growth in 2007. Clark seeks to show its strengthened commitment in the Italian market with its large share of AC technology.

Profitable Growth on Three Continents
Not only new machines are to be counted among the growth drivers of 2008. Among other things, the extension of the dealers’ network in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which currently consists of more than 120 partners in over 30 countries, will be counted upon for more growth.

2009 Preview: Room for Improvement
New location to an old workplace: With the relocation to the headquarters at Mülheim an der Ruhr at the beginning of 2007, Clark Europe GmbH began a development that will last until 2010. Currently, Clark Europe GmbH has 2500 m2 of warehouse space available for one hundred forklifts, as well as thousands of spare parts, including 550 m2 of administration space and 120 m2 of training space. In 2008, Clark created further space for improvement with the installation of a new 1100 m2 warehouse for stocking new machines and installing forklift masts.

Production in Germany: Electric Models for Europe
A milestone in 2009/2010: producing electric models at Mülheim an der Ruhr that have been especially developed for the European market. Managing Director Egon Strehl: "We currently have amassed a top team of engineers who follows the market here in particular and anticipates trends."


Portrait: Young An Hat Company

Chairman Sung Hak Baik

Mobility around the Globe

Clark Europe GmbH is an integral part of the South Korean conglomerate Young An Hat Company. In 2007, under Chairman Sung Hak Baik, the Young An Hat Company employed approximately 11,600 employees in 16 countries. Today, the company's portfolio includes, in addition to hat production, the Daewoo Bus Company, mobile phone manufacturer Alcomm, as well as the traditional forklift company Clark since 2003. The traditional hat industry (annual production: over 100 million pieces), with its 10 production facilities in approximately 79 countries with more than 41,000 resellers, contributed to about 18 percent of total sales in 2007 with an amount of 118 million US dollars (1.5 billion US dollars). Meanwhile, the bulk of the business of commercially-used vehicles was represented by: the Daewoo Bus Company with sales of 817 million US dollars (55 percent), as well as Clark with 467 million US dollars (31 percent). The Daewoo Bus Company manufactures its products in nine factories and is represented globally in 45 countries by 45 dealers. The global network of Clark Material Handling is even more extensive and manufactures its products in Korea (10,000-12,000 units per year), China (10,000-15,000 units per year) and the United States (1,000-2,500 units per year), Germany and Brazil. The headquarters of the research and development departments is in Korea, China, the United States and Germany. The market is supplied by more than seven central marketing companies, such as for example Clark Europe GmbH and their dealers, who number approximately 400 worldwide.


04 // World Premières GenTX and GenEX

Green Wave: Clark Sets a New Standard with the GenTX and GenEX

World Première

Every storage solution seems to be confronted by the following: How can a total optimum be realized for the target variables "time," "cost," and "failure reduction" without losing sight of aspects specific to materials and the work place? So complex is the requirement profile and so conclusive are the answers that Clark has been providing for decades. In 2008, we will celebrate once more with the unveiling of three highly efficient, environmentally-friendly forklifts that have been proven to be durable: the electric models GenTX and GenEX and the Gen2 series C40-55 driven by an internal combustion engine.

Making a Strong Impression:
48 Volts GenTX 16-20s 3-Wheel Forklift Trucks

Clark's new GenTX 16-20s 3-wheel electric forklift trucks include models with a capacity of 1.6 to 2 tons. These forklift trucks offer full AC technology with two high performance, virtually unsurpassable performance drive motors that offer outstanding maneuverability, gradeability and impressive acceleration and stability due to the dual drive motors, which provide increased traction in particular on wet and/or uneven floors.

Top of the Class Not Only in Turning Radius
Each motor’s speed and direction is proportionally regulated by steer tire position and enables a sharp turning radius in comparison with other trucks of the same performance class. Fully enclosed wet multi-disk brakes provide constant brake performance even in humid, abrasive or corrosive environments. The GenTX models react precisely and dynamically to the operator's life and tilt requirements through a standard AC pump motor and controls.

Full AC System for Maximum Efficiency
The GenTX comes standard with a hydraulic pump control and full proportional lift. The pump motor only spins as fast as is needed for use and thus optimizes energy consumption. Regenerative braking, releasing the accelerator pedal, changing direction of travel or applying the service brake returns energy to the battery and not to the brakes in the form of heat. GenTX's full AC system has made brush and contactor changes a thing of the past, the semi-permanent wet disc brakes do not need to be adjusted and the brake pads do not need to be periodically replaced.

Engines and Control Elements Optimally Protected
All motors are fully enclosed and thus protected from water and dust and dirt particles; performance is signaled by monitoring the motor's temperature should as soon as it approaches its limit. In addition, all control elements are enclosed, so they are protected from environmental factors and are also mounted high off the ground in the counterweight for protection.

Excellent in Comfort and Operator Friendliness
The GenTX fulfills the highest demands of comfort with real time operating information on a color display, user-programmable parameters, low noise hydraulic pump and many other options.

New: Gen2 C40-55The C40-55 completes the successful Gen2 series. Outfitted with a diesel or LPG drive, this forklift truck has a carrying capacity of 4.0 to 5.5 tons. The C55 model has a capacity of 5.5 tons and a load distance of 500 mm. These new forklift trucks assimilate perfectly into the Gen2 family when combined with the most modern technology, such as low-emission tier-3 motors and wet multi-disc brakes. In particular, the Gen2 C40-55 line is proof that one never has to sacrifice great driving pleasure and low fuel consumption at the expense of energy efficiency. 


The New GenEX 16-20s:
Stronger, More Turn Friendly and Economical — "Built to Last"

Turning Wonder

First of all, 1985 was the most important year for the forklift industry since Clark developed the first forklift in 1917. Clark's Genesis series' customer oriented concept truck was more than an evolution in the industry; it has since become the new standard for forklift construction. Approximately 20 years later, another significant evolution was to be realized by the GenTX and the new GenEX.

Efficiency in Pure Form:
48 Volt of 4-wheel GenEX 16-20s

The new 4-wheel electric GenEX 16-20s forklift, with a carrying capacity of 1.6 to 2.0 tons, offers the best agility by its exceptionally high steering angle. The smallest possible turning radius when turning in place, maintenance-free construction through the regenerative wet multi-disc brakes, maximum gradeability and the advantages of safe full AC technology complete the overall impression. The most modern AC control makes the machine economical, as well as having a high performance and productivity.

Technical Refinement:
Turning in PlaceDual drive motors with counter rotation, which provide added traction on wet and/or uneven surfaces, as well as the center of rotation between the driving wheels, which permits the smallest possible turning radius, are also outstanding with the GenEX 16-20s, whose core features do not take a back seat to those of the GenTX and thus shows absolutely comparable performance values. It especially has an influence on the wheels that they are driven in counter rotation and there is no wear on the steering tires, such as with traditional 4-wheel forklift trucks, due to the 101° steering angle. The driving sensor ensures that the position of the steering wheel is continuously transmitted to the control system.TFT Display and More: Intelligence Built Right InReal-time operating information, captured by a reliable CAN Bus system, is clearly displayed on a TFT LCD color display. 80 stored fault codes found through self-diagnosis can be displayed. In addition, nearly 80 operating parameters, such as maximum speed, hydraulic flow rate, acceleration and brake performance, can be individually adjusted to the driver, as well as to the working conditions, not by an expensive handset or laptop computer but by this intelligent display and a simple password function. For more comfort and easier operation with maximized safety, a specially designed low noise hydraulic pump, standard suspension seat and many other options are available.


GenEX and GenTX "Built to Last"

Maximum Performance: GenEX / GenTX Forklift Trucks
Clark's unrivaled performance in the forklift industry comes from unique and robust construction. Enclosed canted rollers minimize deflection, as well as free-play in both the upright and carriage. Six carriage load rollers evenly spread out the load, which significantly improves roller life. Side thrust rollers prevent racking with off-center loading, and massive high-strength steel fork bars extend durability. The robust chassis is built from thick steel to better protect important components.  There is no use for thinner steel or even plastic parts.

Outfitting Options GenEX / GenTX

  • Mini joystick control integrated into armrest
  • Mini lever control integrated into armrest
  • Fork leveler
  • Video camera (backward, carriage)
  • Unitrol
  • Seat shutdown
  • Automatic seat brake
  • Tilt limit

Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH, during an Interview for 2008 Trademark Offensive

Change in Perspective

Movement is progress, and progress is innovation. Clark Europe GmbH is currently viewed as an excellent figure in global events relating to industrial truck technology. Growth, innovation and optimization accompany the boom of Clark's trademarks. Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH, discusses expanding horizons, as well as the background, basic conditions and cornerstones of unbridled growth.

Question: You have proclaimed the trademark offensive at the beginning of 2008. What does it have to do with?

Egon Strehl: The program is based on three main premises. First of all, we will also come out swinging and enter the market in 2008 with fresh technological trends and place specific product and performance profiles where they can best be viewed. Secondly, we will continuously sharpen our profile with the expert audience through a varied presence - the keyword of CeMAT 2008 - in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The last point is targeted towards intraorganizational improvements, specifically in the areas of sales and service. Here, we will hire personnel in order to continuously illustrate our growth.

Question: What do you promise with the 2008 trademark offensive?

Egon Strehl: The concept is the basis for further, profitable growth. Thus, we also see ourselves after a record year in 2007, well prepared in the future to grow faster than the market. After all, naturally, it is the users themselves that profit by optimized services with the shortest response times, still better machines and increased transparency.

Question: To what extent do you incorporate your dealers into the concept?

Egon Strehl: First of all, it must be noted that the success of the last few years was due to the service of our engaged and highly qualified employees, as well as to our dealers, who have once again done an excellent job in 2007. Moreover, the fact is that Clark wants really satisfied end customers. In this respect, we take practical suggestions that we receive from dealers very seriously and consider our partners to be an advisory committee of the company.

Question: How should this be understood?

Egon Strehl: All in all collaborating with our dealers is a classic win-win situation. Dealers and partners are our real assets in rigorous day-to-day business. They are the glue that holds the development, sales, user and practice together. Day in and day out they give their best where it ultimately depends, i.e. on site with the customer.

Question: How does Clark Europe GmbH react to the increase of operational and organizational growth?

Egon Strehl: First with larger personnel capacities. On one hand, we are a company that trains our employees, and, on the other hand, we systematically strengthen our team in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr with experienced team players. For example. we could obtain an excellent service engineer to provide better support for technical questions. Their area of responsibility would also be optimizing the training opportunity. In addition, we have also hired two employees for processing orders to handle the influx of incoming orders. Further enhancements will follow, for instance in the area of marketing and sales.

Question: Forklift technology services are only one side of the coin - Clark is primarily in demand and thought of as an innovator in forklifts. You have announced new machines to be unveiled in 2008.

Egon Strehl: We are proud to present three new series, which are environmentally-acceptable, energy efficient and highly productive to the professional audience. Just the right thing for the European market. We will once again set the standard with the 3-wheel electric GTX 16-20s, the 4-wheel electric GEX 16-20s and the C40-55, which completes the successful Gen2 series.

Question: On which premises must the new forklifts be measured?

Egon Strehl: We develop and produce machines in accordance with the most modern standards that currently offer the user the best value and use. Thus, it follows that we do not follow just any trend, especially if the technology and the product have not yet matured and/or are overpriced. We still put a large value on developing our machines taking into account productivity, ergonomics and ecology in order to offer the driver a reasonable workplace.

Question: Various drive variants are always being hotly discussed. What is Clark's position on this topic?

Egon Strehl: All of our vehicles are outfitted with 3-tier internal combustion engines. In this respect, the North American market, which, by the way, is monitored and given more weight than the European market. There is no question that AC technology, i.e. three-phase current technology, has really benefited, and still benefits the forklift operator. Incidentally, Clark was the trendsetter when this technology was launched into the market in 1998.


05 // 90 Years of Forklifts

The Clark Years: 1917-1945

Progress with History - Clark: Inventor of the Forklift

There the visitors to the Clark axle factory in Lexington in 1917 were not really astonished. The new vehicle built by Eugene Clark for transporting material between plants had so many advantages that people immediately began to order them. In 1918, eight forklifts were built and sold, and in 1919, 75 were built and sold. Due to much pioneer work, Clark is simply called "the forklift" today and belongs to the leading suppliers of the industrial sector. In 2007, Clark celebrated the 90th birthday of the forklift.

History of the Forklift in a Nutshell
This was a practical innovation. Three years after the invention of the forklift, Clark launched the Truclift. With a carry capacity of 2,000 to 5,000 kg, it was in 1920 the first industrial forklift with a hydraulic system for lifting and lowering cargo. In 1923, in-house marketing strategists gave the first gas-powered 3-wheel tractor with 750 kg of traction force a cute name - Duat "do this, do that!" In 1924, the model also served as the basis for the first gas-powered forklift. In 1927, another technical milestone was reached: Clark developed the so-called Clarktor as the first gas-powered 4-wheel tractor with 1050 to 6000 kg of traction force. The future of the forklift could be foreseen in 1928. With the introduction of the Tructier, Clark presented the forerunner of the modern forklift.

94,000 Clark Forklifts for America
In 1942, drive efficiency made a name for itself. Clark built the Carloader, the first electric forklift that could be used as a complete shift. Nevertheless, production was shifted due to WWII (starting from 1945). At any rate, Clark satisfied 90 percent of the American government's demand for forklifts between 1941 and 1945 virtually by itself. Production capacities grew enormously: in 1939, Clark manufactured more than 500 machines. During the four years of US involvement in WWII, production increased to approximately 23,500 machines per year. The factory worked on three shifts. Meanwhile, Clark did not keep from considering the subject of safety. In 1943, the company became the first forklift manufacturer in the industry to affix warning and safety labels to its vehicles.


  • "Clark has a very good name internationally and is 'the' product for medium-sized industry. Their customers are completely satisfied. In this respect, the forklifts occupy the perfect place, in particular as the electric series promises a lot."
    Irmintraud Hald-Marquardt,
    Managing Director,
    Hald and Grunewald Forklift Technology
  • "Clark forklifts are what the industrial sector needs: sturdy, versatile and cost-efficient, in particular as collaboration with Clark is extraordinarily good."
    Michael Langguth
    Agravis Technik
    Ahaus-Borken GmbH
  • "After the ebb and sway of the past, a real revival has occurred with a solid basis. Good to know: Clark moves."
    Christophe Pradervant
    Managing Director,
    Manutention and Chariots SA
  • "Concrete competitive advantages for us: prompt 48 hour delivery of original Clark spare parts, technician training by Clark specialists and problem-free EDV-supported communication."
    Espace Manutention
  • "Proud of their origin. Fully confident of what concerns the near and distant future"
    Dennis Lawrence
    CEO Clark North America
  • "Clark - customer loyalty is established and strengthened."
    Michel Weinfortner
    Provence Manutention (France)

The Clark Years: 1946-2008

Impulse Trigger and Trendsetter - Clark: Always an Idea Ahead

With the end of World War II, Clark gained a foothold in Europe. The first Clark forklift arrived on the continent in 1945. Up to that time, Europe had not experienced so much design, technology and operational safety in the area of forklift technology. During the following years, Clark further launched elaborately detailed solutions that amounted to technical quantum leaps. This allowed the hearts of confirmed logistic experts and forklift drivers to beat faster under the premises of efficiency and effectiveness.

Driver's Protection Produced in a Series
Technology jump in 1956: Clark developed the first interlocking double-T forklift. This innovative design improved the stability of the forklift tremendously. A double blow occurred in 1967: Clark again achieved an industry first with the introduction of the first standard driver protection roof. The TW was also developed as the first highly maneuverable 3-wheel electric forklift and then put on the market. Now, on to 1972. With the first dual voltage electric forklift, a technology became available with which various performance steps could be realized and adapted to the respective application. Clark's success could be expressed in numbers - in 1976, Clark produced its 500,000th forklift.

Certainly a Good Forklift
In 1983, Clark increased its technological prominence with its leading market position by developing driver supported systems. The safety seat with iron backing and seat belt was developed to keep the driver inside with the possible overturning of the forklift. This seat became a standard component of internal combustion engine forklifts. Accordingly, Clark offered a retrofit package for all of the machines on the market. Even more, Clark agreed to make the patented system available to every forklift manufacturer for general security purposes. The topic of security remained on the slow burner; in 1990, Clark became the first manufacturer to provide a safety manual with every machine.

Million Mark Reached in 1997
In 1997, there were two reasons to celebrate: Clark produced its 1,000,000th forklift and once more as the first forklift manufacturer, obtained the highest ISO 9001 certification for all production plants worldwide. Regarding growth in Asia, in 1998, Clark took over the Korean manufacturer Samsung (henceforth Clark Material Handling Asia) and opened a new factory in Changwon, Korea. In 2001, Clark heralded a new era of forklift technology with the introduction of the new GEN2 series: forklifts with a carrying capacity of 2000 to 3500 kg, as well as outfitted with pneumatic and bandage tires. In 2002, Clark introduced the new 4-wheel electric line EPG 20/30 equipped with pneumatic tires.

Clark 2008:
Brilliant Prospects
Since 2003 and under its new parent company, Young An Company (South Korea), Clark has dedicated itself to doing what it does best, i.e. manufacturing the most reliable and sturdy forklifts in the world. In September 2004, the company opened Clark Europe GmbH in Duisburg in Mülheim an der Ruhr. It got even better in 2005 with the introduction of the new GEN2 series (forklifts with a carrying capacity from 1500 to 2000 kg, as well as outfitted with pneumatic and/or bandage tires) and the TMX/EPX series and complete conversion of the electric series to full AC technology. In 2006, Clark reactivated the production of selected models in North America, and, in 2007 in the United States, celebrated 90 years of forklifts with its expanded spectrum of products.


  • "Clark has created the development of forklifts for decades into the future and focuses on strengths. As an example, we do not need any laptop or expensive software to service and/or repair the new GEN2 line. With Clark, the renunciation of vulnerable electronic pays off."
    Harald Staiger
    Customer Service Manager
    Hald and Grunewald Forklift Technology OHG
  • "In view of the large capacities and high frequency with disposal, loading, storage, relocation and commissioning procedures, we especially need reliable forklifts that serve well and last a long time. I have been employed here for 15 years as a Clark forklift driver, and we cannot complain about sturdiness. On the contrary: one would have to be very hard on the forklifts until they needed to be repaired. They are not fragile at all."
    Operations Manager Hermann Queck
    GeoLogistics Corporation, Stuttgart Subsidiary
  • "We decided on the Clark machines due to their versatility. They simply suit our requirement profile to a tee and can work in all areas under the most diverse conditions without being modified. They are exactly the right thing for us."
    Gerry Ungleby
    General Manager Unipres Ltd. (Great Britain)
  • "Clark - by far the best forklift."
    Popi Karatzoyianni


06 // Helps: Social Sponsoring

For Children from War Zones and Crisis Areas:
Clark Europe GmbH Supports "Aktion Friedensdorf e.V."

Help to Help Yourself

This is social sponsoring in its pure form - Clark Europe GmbH fully supports "Aktion Friedensdorf e.V." with its headquarters in Oberhausen. Clarks makes a donation from its own capital resources, advertises for their Oberhausen assistants and is active as an organizer of benefit performances whose entire proceeds goes to Friedensdorf for its charitable works.

A Program for Peace
"Aktion Friedensdorf e.V." is a part of "Friedensdorf International," which was established on 6 July 1967 as a citizens' initiative to help children from war zones and crisis areas, for example in Cambodia, Iraq, northern Uganda, southern Sudan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Angola directly and without going through bureaucratic channels. Since the initiative's establishment, the area of the work has increased, but the children are still the focus. It has become a program for peace ever since the the beginning. In addition, the work of "Friedensdorf International" is recognized as charitable and financed almost exclusively from donations and membership fees. The donation approved by the Central German Institute for Social Questions confirms that the donation will be used responsibly and effectively.

The Three Premises of "Friedensdorf"
The concept of "Friedensdorf" is based on three basic premises. The first premise is individual cases of medical aid for ill and injured children who cannot be helped in their native country but who have a chance of recovering after being treated in Europe. The second premise is relief projects in war zones and crisis areas to improve the medical care on site. Children also suffer from the shortage of medical care. The third premise is the peace and education-related work of Friedensdorf educational projects which promotes humanitarian consciousness and social commitment.

Friedensdorf Projects
In addition to individual cases of aid, in which approximately 1000 children receive medical treatment annually in Europe and then return to their native countries after rehabilitation, global projects help to improve medical and humanitarian care in war zones and crisis areas. Friedensdorf International builds peace villages, basic health wards, hospital wards, orthopedic workshops, etc., promotes them financially and logistically and then transfers them into the care and responsibility of local partner organizations. In addition, container and truck traffic constantly bring relief supplies, medications and food to the partners of Friedensdorf International who are not affiliated with any government.

For more information, visit


Taking a Position

Living Social Responsibility: Clark Supports the World Scout Foundation

Since the reorganization of the worldwide Clark family and their acquisition by the Young An Hat Co. in 2003, all Clark members have been involved in charitable activities all over the world. The corporate philosophy of the parent company, Young An Hat Co. is firmly anchored in the basic idea of helping the needy. This philosophy came to light once again in April 2008 in Seoul: Clark attended the sponsor's meeting of the World Scout Foundation and again donated money to support the work of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

The Boy Scouts: The Largest Youth Movement in the World
Twice a year, "World Baden-Powell Fellowship Events" are held to commemorate Dir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout Movement, which is currently the largest youth movement in the world with approximately 30 million members. Boy scouts are involved in understanding and creating better living conditions in their locale, as well as for peace worldwide. In addition, they are politically, religiously and ideologically independent.

Group Picture with King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden
Naturally, King Carl XVI of Sweden and his wife, Queen Silvia, were present at the worldwide Baden-Powell Fellowship. Since 1977, Carl XVI, himself a Boy Scout in his childhood and youth, has been Honorary Chairman of the World Scout Foundation and personally distinguishes each new sponsor at the meetings: at least 64 new members when visiting Korea, of which 55 were from Korea.

Friend and Sponsor:
Chairman Sung Hak Baik
Sung Hak Baik, Founder and Chairman of the Young An Hat Co., who grew up in extremely poor circumstances, has been both a sponsor and donator to the charitable works of the Boy Scouts for more than twelve years. The happiness was even greater when King Carl XVI and his wife, Queen Silvia, visited the Soongeui Elementary School and met Korean Boy Scouts. The Young An Hat Co. supports this school but even more: the company also finances colleges, churches, kindergartens, hospitals, orphanages and language schools in Costa Rica, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and, of course, Korea. This is social responsibility being lived with an emphasis on educational support. The commitment is complemented with charitable work and a novelty in the TV landscape: Young An operates a TV station for elderly and handicapped people in Korea. The name is Program: Hope Welfare TV.


Clark in the Limelight: Presence from Self-Confidence to Smartness

Moving Moments

When Clark's advertising operates, it is usually fascinating, or even thrilling in terms of "Some Like It Hot." Still, when the advertising icon of the "inventor of the forklift" is concerned, taking Marilyn Monroe from the 1950s as she was greeting her followers on an airport landing field in the United States from a Clark forklift in such a way as if she wanted to embrace the whole world. The advertising experts were enthusiastic in overlapping the generations from Monroe's snapshot. The picture message is still unique: Clark forklifts can do something in such a happy way. If one icon incidentally comes into contact with another like Monroe and Clark once upon a time, new advertising ideas only slim chance of not being tried. Innovations were requested there in the aftermath, and they came. Thus, Clark permitted the development of fresh concepts by the dozen, such as poster advertising in restrooms and new, although conventional at the same time, advertising for professional magazines. Speaking of classic: as soon as Clark becomes air bound, one will be able to see Clark's logo and forklift on the brand new hot air balloon. The recognition effect will be extremely high. No question, the upcoming European tour of Clark's hot air balloon will be a genuine eye-catcher. First of all however, the traditional christening of the balloon with friends, benefactors and partners took place in the middle of May 2008.

Clark: A Strong Entrance
Who else but Clark as the "inventor of the forklift," can dress up like this? Furthermore, this may briefly and succinctly come to the point of the matter of slogans. Clark's slogan "Built to Last" perhaps gets to the point the soonest, whereby the self-confident presentation of "Clark - the Forklift" absolutely has its own charm. The Clark marketeers have recently come up with the slogan "Vision from Tradition" for CeMAT 2008, which begins with proven facts and looks promisingly ahead to the future. The connection of the established and innovative is also explained by 90 years of Clark history which is synonymous with 90 years of presence and trendsetting in the market. And really. The reputation of the Clark trademark has always remained excellent in spite of the highs and lows of the world's economy. The tenor from the forklift driver to the boardroom is the same: Clark's forklifts are sturdy, durable and high performance - these are only some of the attributes that rightfully describes Clark.

Shows and More
Whoever conducts advertising campaigns wants to do business in the short, medium or long-term. So, trade fairs , like CeMAT 2008 in Hannover, has certainly come at the right time. In particular, Clark Europe GmbH and their more than 120 dealers continuously improve the business from South Africa to Great Britain, as well as from the United Arab Emirates to Greece with active participation in trade shows over and over again. Clark Europe GmbH recently left behind an illustrious impression at IMHX 2007 in Birmingham. In the meantime, trade shows in Morocco, Turkey, Switzerland and Greece showed that informal personal exchanges still represent the best premise for a solid partnership among logistics experts.


ProGaLease GmbH: Personal. Near. Independent.

Thinking in Alternatives

What forms the optimal concept for financing and leasing activities? Ideally, it is as innovative as ingenious business ideas, services and products. So individually shaped as the specific equipment and financial requirements. And as thought out a business plan that has been put through the acid test. Exactly the right assignment profile for ProGaLease GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Gallinat -Leasing GmbH. In the Gallinat-Bank Group AG, founded in 1960, ProGaLease GmbH has been established as a competent full service partner for all leasing services.

Constant Companions:
Experience and Consultation
The company introduces extensive experiential knowledge, excellent industry and market experience, as well as an independent, personal consultation. A successful partnership with Clark Europe GmbH underlies first class support and with ProGaLease also dealers in particular, e.g. by offering financing, leasing, rent, care and insurance.

Scope of Action:
Receiving Liquidity

The natural advantages of leasing with personal leasing concepts, tailor-made terms, rates, contract types and combination rates are self-explanatory. Leasing stands for:

  • No capital commitment
  • No credit raising
  • High flexibility: A transparent cost structure facilitates in-plant calculations
  • Steady elbowroom concerning liquidity: assets, lines of credit and bank securities remain untouched
  • Steady leasing rates: Can be planned for the long-term when leasing rates are steady for the entire duration of the contract
  • Financing of the leasing rates by leasing the object: The leasing rates earn themselves a profit through the use of the object
  • Operating expenses that have no effect on the balance sheet

Clark Europe GmbH at CeMAT 2008: Hall 25 - Booth K12

Full Program

Upon arriving to CeMAT 2008 in Hannover, Clark Europe GmbH will be presenting their very best side. The company has invested a considerable amount in entering the world's leading trade show for intralogistics so that it can go perfectly prepared to the dance floor of the international trade show with a whole new line of Clark products to be exhibited on 650 m2 of floor space, the slogan "Vision from Tradition" and an attractive supporting program with respective slogan days.

Clark's Program: Hall 25 - Booth K12

Tuesday, 27 May 2008
The "Day Friedensdorf Oberhausen:" Clark will have information ready about their cooperation and social activities sponsored with the Friedensdorf Oberhausen.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008
Merchants' Day with meeting and party: Clark's international merchants meeting and the large stand party will start at 6:00 p.m. with a live music act.

Thursday, 29 May 2008
World Champion Day: A world renowned athlete will be giving autographs and insights into a diverse life.

Friday, 30 May 2008
Marilyn Monroe Day: Some like it hot! The guest of honor at Clark's booth will be a perfect double of certainly the best known Clark advertising medium of all time.

Saturday, 31 May 2008
Clark Day: Dealers, employees and friends of the company will meet at the Clark Booth. The entire Clark family will celebrate a successful CeMAT 2008.


CeMAT 2008 in Hannover: The Whole World in One Place

Mirror of the Booming Industry of Intralogistics

1,100 exhibitors from 35 countries. Approximately 60,000 trade visitors. And around 80,000 m2 of complete ideas, from forklifts to services to industry-specific perfect solutions. This will be CeMAT 2008. Right in the middle instead of on the sidelines: Clark Europe GmbH in Hall 25 - Booth K12.

Marketplace of Innovations
The professional world nervously awaits the countless new products which all the market leaders of the industry will present exclusively in Hannover daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. In addition, approximately 150 new exhibitors will enrich the CeMAT 2008 scene on 9,000 m2 of exhibition floor space. Industrial trucks, forklifts, as well as equipment for the complete industrial truck technology will use the largest area of exhibition space of CeMAT. The main focus: the function of the forklift as the main interface between elements of logistic systems. Also, the trend towards products with an even higher degree of environmental compatibility will occupy a lot of space.

CeMAT 2008 Program

Storage Technology Forum: Experts will highlight the new trends of storage technology in Hall 13. Practical solution concepts will be presented in 20-minute lectures for chemistry/pharmacy, automobiles, companies offering logistical services/forwarding agencies, as well as the foodstuff trade/consumption.

Job and Career Market: The exclusive platform for personnel search, applicant contacts, careers and education. Approximately 500 m2 of space in Hall 27: Job offers, internship locations and dissertation projects. Tip: Career Lounge on Thursday 29 May at 6:00 p.m., Career Night on Friday, 30 May, 6:00 p.m.

INTERNATIONAL CeMAT FORUM: The ideal platform for anyone who would like to be quickly and briefly informed about the practical application of modern intralogistics: with bilingual presentations and discussion groups. The INTERNATIONAL CeMAT FORUM and the adjacent media lounge in Hall 12 - Booth F70.

AutoID for Packaging and Transport: The special show in Hall 12 will present an extraordinary collaboration between various companies regarding the linking of material and information flow processes to the interface of distribution logistics in the context of intralogistics.

Campus Intralogistics: Campus intralogistics in Hall 27 - a platform of German-speaking colleges and universities with information about new study opportunities - with an optimized concept will once again be a part of CeMAT 2008. Secondary program: Symposia and congresses.

FUTURE OF LOGISTICS: The absolute novelty is the "FUTURE OF LOGISTICS - International CeMAT Conference 2008" in the Convention Center / Hannover on 26 May 2008, the day before the trade show. The conference will discuss the megatrends of logistics looking ahead to 2025: globalization, shortage of resources, climate protection, among other topics.


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