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Dear readers,

2008 showed impressively that the lights are still on green for Clark. There is a whole number of sound reasons why the worldwide and in particular the European Clark family will remain on expansion course in the future. Initially, a look back shows the way to the future. Despite a weakening growth, we were still able to achieve a growth above market average in 2008. This shows that the dynamism in the entire intralogistics branch remains unbroken even after the boom year of 2007. Clark will profi t overproportionally from this in 2009 with its robust, effi cient and highly productive machines at absolutely competitive prices.
Our brand offensive 2008 is also starting to bear fruits. The strong innovative performance touched a market nerve, our presence at the world fairs, the great press response and a growing number of highly motivated Clark dealers are the pillars of our growth. Our team has been strengthened with new employees this year and we are expecting more effective processes and optimized service from the organization optimization and the setting up of Clark branches for better dealer support.
Remember: What unites us all as “Clarkians” is the will to actively build the future. On this note I wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and a good, productive start to the year 2009.

Egon Strehl
Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH


At One with the Wind: Fascination Clark Balloon

Clark on a Long Voyage

Pioneers united. The inventor of the forklift truck and the oldest means of transport aroused interest from the spring to fall of 2008. The Clark balloon was already an eye-catcher at the CeMAT in Hanover. And it also attracted great interest at the following events.

Hot balloons: 6,000 fans in Kevelaer thrilled
The Clark balloon provided a fantastic spectacle at the 1st Düsseldorf balloon festival in mid-August. The hot-air balloon adventure also fascinated spectators in Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine at the end of August. The silken Clark logo carrier joined impressive ranks with the floating giants. The heating of the colorful balloons alone was watched by 6,000 spectators according to press reports. The green, white and black Clark vehicle took off twice.

Clark pilots as Guests at the World Championships in Austria
The Clark balloon and its excellently trained pilot team were at the World Championships in mid September in Austria (Hofkirchen). The balloon attracted great interest again at the Sports Day in Mülheim, the headquarters of Clark Europe GmbH, especially with the prize draw of two free trips. The uplifting experience of a balloon trip was also enjoyed by youths at the Nature Protection Association youth camp in Wesel at the beginning of October.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
It’s good to know: The Clark balloons travels continue. A St. Nicholas trip and the end of year trip for Christmas and New Year are also planned.


Clark Europe GmbH increases Profi ts in 2008

A Strong Performance

Clark Europe GmbH looks back at a new record breaking year. With a considerable increase in sales of 68% the company continued its profi table course of growth in 2008 to keep up the excellent results achieved since 2004. These pleasing fi gures are also supported by two-figure growth rates in the business units of new machines and spare parts sales as well as orders received. Despite the economic slump in the second half of 2008 Clark was therefore still able to generate an aboveaverage growth.

The delivery quota of Clark machines in 2008 was 20 % above the level of the previous year. The great result in the new machines business was also driven, among other things, by the presence at the leading logistics fairs such as the CeMAT 2008 in Hanover and the new models such as the threewheel electric series GTX 16-20s and the four-wheel electric series GEX 16-20s. The warehouse technology equipment program introduced in 2007 also had a positive effect. The solid growth in new machines was accompanied by a 15 percent increase in spare parts sales. Clark is expecting a 20 % growth in sold units as well as a 19 % improvement in the spare parts business for 2009.

Orders received
The orders received could be improved by 12 % in 2008. On the one hand CLARK participated fully in the growth of the market and could also, on the other hand, gain market shares. The forecast for 2009 with a 20 % increase in orders received is a result, among other things, of the fact that the investment hold-up from the 2nd half of 2008 will probably be dissolved. In addition Clark Europe GmbH will profi t sustainably from setting up an own production in Mülheim, from their new models of 2008 such as the CQ20-30 launched in the fall of 2008 and the C40-55 which will be on the market in 2009 as well as from the expansion of sales in the markets of the future; the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Clark Europe GmbH relies on a densely knit, effi cient sales and service network. Clark Europe GmbH is represented by a number of dealers in all the relevant regions of Europe, the Middle East and the key African markets. The operating business activity is rounded off by co-operations with other service partners. The local service will be optimized in 2009 with the setting up of Clark branches for better dealer support (Dealer Support Centers). The first, new Clark Support Centers are being set up in France and Jordan.

In addition, Clark Europe GmbH is expanding its internal structure to keep the service on a constantly high level in the course of continuing growth. The Sales & Marketing business unit is responsible for Sales; the Technology department will be responsible for the topics of research and development, production, warranty and service in future. The Parts business unit looks after the whole spare parts handling business. The Administration business unit takes care of all managerial procedures. The Human Resources section is also accommodated here.


Everything at a Glance – Everything under Control: The new CQ 20/25/30 IC-Pneumatic LPG/Diesel Series

Cleaner. More reliable. More flexible

Good maneuverability. Simple maintenance. Extreme versatility. Clark has opened up a new chapter of extremely reliable forklift trucks with the CQ20-30 series. The robust, one-part chassis made of thick steel which provides optimum protection of important components alone is an indication of the mark of quality “built to last”.

New all-round talent: The CMP facelift is something else
As a comprehensive facelift of the CMP20-30 series, the CQ20-30 and the proven components offer everything which a robust forklift truck demands. The typical Clark design in combination with long life and easy maintenance offers maximum flexibility in applications in goods distribution, production and warehousing. In halls or outdoors: The new series offers the attractive possibility of coping with even more tasks in the material flow at even lower investment costs.

Everything for the driver and for the productivity
The CQ Diesel and LPG forklift truck series in the load capacity range of 2 to 3 tons contains equipment with distinctive quality features. What makes a good standard machine into a real, robust Clark forklift is shown at first under the aspects of ergonomics and productivity because maximum vision and minimum fatigue ensure optimum safety, increased productivity and product integrity at the end of the day. The interleaved lifting mast profi les especially provide high visibility. They ensure safe gripping of the rails and form narrow columns to give the driver maximum field of vision. The support struts of the driver’ protective roof also run parallel to the direction of vision of the driver and therefore provide a clear, unobstructed view.

Ergonomically designed: practical features
Which product properties additionally make the forklift truck driver’s daily job easier? Certainly the ergonomically shaped, optionally fully sprung seat, a comfortable safety belt and the vibration-damped rubber flooring are worth mentioning. The individually adaptable, adjustable steering column also ensures easy getting in and out. The hydrostatic, power-assisted steering also equips the driver ideally for the practical challenges. With four complete turns of the steering wheel from stop to stop it offers excellent maneuverability and simple control. The manual parking brake, which is easy to release and can be set on the handle, is also easily accessible. The gear is automatically disengaged when then parking brake is pulled.

Quiet and powerful: Yanmar-Diesel and Mitsubishi-LPG
With a new, smooth and powerful 3.3 liter Yanmar diesel engine the diesel version of the CQ20-30 complies with the Tier3 European Emission Standards. The internationally proven Yanmar drive is long lasting, easy to start and convincing in its low smoke development and simple maintenance. The low emission, indirect injection also means a pleasantly low noise level. The Mitsubishi engine used in the LPG segment only emits 10 percent of the permissible carbon monoxide emissions and therefore represents an absolutely future-safe investment. As a 4-cylinder drive with 48 h.p. and overhead camshaft with internal, dynamic compensation shaft it ensures a jolt-free, quiet operation. Striking: Hydraulic tappets and electronic ignition reduce the maintenance effort.

Very robust – very reliable: the masts
The unbeatable performance of the Clark lifting frame is the result of a unique design. Here’s an example. The double-T mast profi les are 55 percent more rigid than conventional, fl at profi les. This reduces the lateral play and therefore improves the component life and the vehicle stability when driving with lifted load. Enclosed canted rollers minimize defl ection, as well as free-play of mast and forklift. Six forklift rollers distribute the weight of the load evenly and therefore considerably prolong the life of the rollers. Side thrust rollers prevent racking during off-center loading. In addition, solid, high-strength steel forks also prolong the life endurance. Of course the new CQ20-30 reacts precisely and with the usual dynamic response of the hydraulics to the lift and tilt commands.


A Successful Premiere at Hald & Grunewald

Forklift Truck Driver Cup

The well-known full service provider Hald & Grunewald in Herrenberg flies a flag written “whole world of the forklift truck” on it. And the Southern German company does in fact offer everything the forklift truck driver’s heart desires – including the highlights. The 1st Baden Württemberg Forklift Truck Driver Cup in September 2008 was a great success. It is already certain that there will be a repeat of the event in 2009.

Dexterity Course
People flocked to the event. The forklift truck drivers especially could not wait to give a demonstration of their driving skills and compete with their colleagues from other companies on the dexterity course. The attraction: The major event was announced as a family event so that children had a unique opportunity to watch their fathers live with their working equipment.

Unbeatably good: Haci Gülcü
The atmosphere along the course was also good. All the drivers gave an impressive performance. One or two of the penalty points were certainly due to nervousness because not many of the drivers are used to such applause and support at work. Obviously spurred on by this support, Haci Gülcü beat off the strong competition, followed by: Chistopher Valdez and Günter Bartlreiher.

Tick and Track Second and Third
In addition to cups, the three best won attractive prizes: The winner was delighted with his two tickets for the successful musical “Starlight Express” with overnight stay. The second and third places took home richly filled gift hampers. The Team OJE (Rademacher Co.) won the team event in front of the Tick (TNT Co.) and Track (TNT Co.) teams. They also received attractive prizes: From the prize money of 200 Euros for the victorious team to the gift hamper and forklift truck models for the following places.

Exchange between Experts
Of course there was the usual “shop talk” at this family event, especially since there were several interesting new products on show. Most of the Hald & Grunewald staff had also sacrificed their free weekend and were willing to answer all the questions about forklift trucks, telescopes and working platforms untiringly.


Clark Middle East: Dealers Convention in Istanbul

Positive signals

The Middle East is booming Political and economic reforms are taking effect in many countries, new financial and trade centers are emerging. The continuing growth in the Middle East is also spurring Clark on. The company can boast a constant growth and increasing number of sales partners in the region. A further positive development is also expected for 2009. Against this background, Clark staged a convention for dealers from the region in November 2008 in Istanbul. The co-host was Teknika T.A.S., a Clark dealer for more than 60 years and therefore the oldest member of the Clark family outside the USA. “Serhan Yanibol (Teknika T.A.S.) and his team did excellent work with the organization support and were jointly responsible for the success of the event,” says Thomas Hansen, Sales Manager Middle East. Dealers from eight countries Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, UAR, Palestine, Syria and Turkey gathered at the border between Orient and Occident. First Thomas Hansen gave a report on the activities of the Clark dealers and Clark’s own commitment in the Middle East. New dealers could be procured for example in Syria, Oman and Palestine. Hansen announced that support for the dealers would be further intensified and common growth additionally promoted. Sales Manager Jeff Green also presented the philosophy of the Clark company in addition to the product portfolio. Marketing Manager Ingo Rose explained not only the variety of marketing instruments and the dealer section of the Clark Web site but also demonstrated how dealers can use both of these successfully. Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH, was there to answer the dealers’ questions. And delivered some good news: Clark is opening an office in Amman/Jordan next year which will support the dealers in the Middle East directly.


Clark South Africa: Dealers Conven


Team building measures, product training and intensive contact with untouched nature were on the agenda of the annual dealers’ convention in South Africa in mid-August. As hosts, the Team Clarklift South Africa with Divisional Director Mark Whyte and Sales Manager Gerhard Duvenhage were able to greet not only dealers from the South of Africa but also visitors from Europe: Sales Manager Jeff Green presented the new GTX16- 20s and GEX16-20s series to the participants. The response to the new Clark machines launched in 2008 was thoroughly positive. The business forecasts of all attending Clark representatives were also Nine Clark dealers from Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey and South Africa experienced the future in close up when they visited the Chinese Clark production site in Qingdao. On their visit to the assembly hall in October 2008 the group of dealers, accompanied by Egon Strehl, CEO Clark Europe GmbH, Andrea Galli, Sales Manager Italy and Thomas Hansen, Sales Manager Middle East, were able to see the qualities of the new CQ20-30 LPG/diesel forklift truck series for themselves. Typically high quality standards When Movimat sends out its invitations to the Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo, the whole Latin American logistics trade usually follows its call. With approximately 30,000 visitors, the trade fair for material transport attracted a record crowd in August 2008. The Brazilian hosts welcomed about 220 exhibitors who presented Supply Chain Management, Transportation and Logistics in addition to solutions for material fl ow and warehousing. Clark Brazil’s participation at the fair marking the 50th anniversary of its founding drew a convincing response – Euclides Azenha, CEO of Clark Brazil: “We are very pleased with the results of the fair.” pleasingly positive. Solid growth rates signal that the South of Africa is one of the fast developing, global growth markets. The event was held on the Mabalingwe Reservation, two hours drive from Johannesburg. After the extensive training measures and strategy meetings, the participants took trips out into the wilderness where they spotted giraffes, zebras and antelopes.


Clark Brazil: Participants at the Movimat 2008

Fair Successes

When Movimat sends out its invitations to the Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo, the whole Latin American logistics trade usually follows its call. With approximately 30,000 visitors, the trade fair for material transport attracted a record crowd in August 2008. The Brazilian hosts welcomed about 220 exhibitors who presented Supply Chain Management, Transportation and Logistics in addition to solutions for material flow and warehousing. Clark Brazil’s participation at the fair marking the 50th anniversary of its founding drew a convincing response – Euclides Azenha, CEO of Clark Brazil: “We are very pleased with the results of the fair.” In our anniversary year we were able to cover all Brazil with about 30 local partners and consolidate our branch status as a provider of highest quality products and quick services.” S.S Baik (member of the owner family) of the South Korean parent company Young An and Dennis Lawrence, CEO Clark USA also came along to see the good fair business with new contacts, 20 sold machines and a keen interest in the exhibited C25.


Clark Asia: Dealers Visit South Korea and China

At the Heart of Asia

Nine Clark dealers from Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey and South Africa experienced the future in close up when they visited the Chinese Clark production site in Qingdao. On their visit to the assembly hall in October 2008 the group of dealers, accompanied by Egon Strehl, CEO Clark Europe GmbH, Andrea Galli, Sales Manager Italy and Thomas Hansen, Sales Manager Middle East, were able to see the qualities of the new CQ20-30 LPG/diesel forklift truck series for themselves. Typically high quality standards and the use of proven components with an even more favorable price structure make the CQ, as a facelift of the CMP family, the new hope in the combustion engine sector. After one-week stay in East Asia they returned to Korea to the headquarters of Clark Material Handling Asia. The agenda included sight-seeing tours through the old Capitol Gyeongju and the capital city Seoul. The highlight: The visit to the headquarters in Pusan, where Sung Hak Baik, Chairman of the Young An Group, welcomed the guests personally.


Clark Dealer Mocek

A Childrens’ Party

Clark dealer M. Mocek GmbH in Bremen raised a considerable amount of money for the Ronald McDonald House in Oldenburg at the summer fete in 2008. In cooperation with the Kühlerbau Bareiß company and with the support of Clark Europe GmbH the company which has been at home on the Mittelshuchting industrial estate in Bremen since 1980 held a party especially for children. Iris Neumann- Holbeck, head of the Ronald McDonald House in Oldenburg, gratefully received the donation and presented the work of the “hostel” for the families of seriously ill children. There are currently 15 Ronald McDonald Houses in Germany. All the houses are in the immediate vicinity of large childrens’ hospitals. The houses offer support to 5,700 families with their ill children every year. About 350 families of seriously ill children in Oldenburg receive help every year.


Clark dealer E&W Staplertechnik

Moving moments

Clark dealer E&W Stapler- Technik GmbH welcomed 240 guests to the opening ceremony of its new home in Castrop-Rauxel. The 15-man team headed by the executive offi cers Marion Wagner, Stefan Engel and Christoph Wagner set up office close to the former site: The new headquarters are a sign of the continuous growth over the last ten years which is based on the sale, hire and services of materials handling technology. Regular customers includes such well known names as Continental, RWE or Coca Cola as well as a local fodder company: “We move everything that needs to be moved: from a sack of potatoes to containers or XXL loads, even André Rieu’s coach was taken punctually to a press appearance by one of our forklift trucks,” says Christoph Wagner. The logistics experts celebrated Open Day with customers, partners and friends of the company to help. Instead of presents E&W Staplertechnik collected donations which they gladly handed over with the takings from the raffle. The amount of almost 2,700 Euro went to the Caritas initiative “No Child without a Meal” which offers the children of poor families a hot meal a day. Top raffl e prizes: a Clark hand-operated low-lift truck and 2 x 2 tickets for the international soccer game Germany versus Russia.


Clark Dealer Swaidon

Flying the Flag

Clark continues to actively promote growth in the Middle East region. Swaidon Trading Co. LLC, Clark renown dealer from the United Arab Emirates (UAR) successfully flew the flag at two important industrial fairs in the fall of 2008. Swaidon Trading exhibited at the CONMEX Middle East in Sharjah (UAE) at the end of October. The emphasis of the leading local fair was on building machinery and industrial vehicles. Swaidon Trading also has its own booth in the Dubai International Exhibition Center (UAR) at the Big 5 PMV at the end of November 2008 to which visitors from all over Asia and Africa traveled. The Big 5 PMV is one of the most important international exhibitions for the logistics, plant and machine construction and industrial vehicles industries.





Rolf Eiten, former Clarkian and previously in a managerial post at Toyota, has headed the Sales business unit at Clark Europe GmbH since November 1, 2008. Rolf Eiten who is considered one of the best experts of the forklift truck scene already worked for Clark from 1976 to 2002 after studying in Düsseldorf before returning to “The forklift” after stops at Filco and Toyota.


Clark Europe GmbH also appointed graduate engineer Andreas Krause as head of the new European development department on September 1, 2008. The 39-yearold already worked for Clark as a development engineer from 1997 to 2001. After working for Crown and Toyota, Andreas Krause finally returned to the European Clark headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr.


The Bookkeeping, Accounting and Controlling department is getting valuable reinforcement from Daniela Hegmann. The 28-year-old is bringing a wide range of competencies to her activities at the Clark headquarters in Mülheim. The lawyer and notary clerk completed successful home courses as a bookkeeper and personnel clerk at Heckhoff & Stenke in addition to her post at a Duisburg lawyer’s office.


Lars Kilian is now working for Clark Europe GmbH as a warehouse clerk in incoming and outgoing goods. On graduating from High School the 31-year-old trained as a warehouse logistics clerk and gathered experience as a salesman and warehouse clerk for automobile and boat spares.


Dr. Natascha Bayer is now pulling the strings for Clark Europe GmbH on the Eastern European target market. The Sales Manager Eastern Europe with a doctorate in economic sciences has had years of experience in the setup and opening of new markets. Natascha Bayer has already worked for various German and international companies.

Sandra Marques has been training as a wholesale and export sales clerk at Clark Europe GmbH since August 2008. After graduating from High School and studying ecothrophology Sandra Marques worked for Clark for two years as a trainee and auxiliary.


Large Printing Company Relies on Three-wheel Electric Series GTX

The Perfect Solution

I have been working with Clark forklift trucks for 30 years. They are simply unbeatable as far as compactness and robustness is concerned. The same applies in principle for the price-performance ratio.” Dietmar Kowalski from Mönchengladbach is a convinced Clark dealer who has been doing excellent work with and for Clark for years. The latest success: Kowalski Transportgeräte GmbH handed over five forklift trucks of the new GTX three-wheel electric series to ISIstorage, logistics subsidiary of one of the biggest independent printing companies in Europe.

9,000 tons of ink and 250,000 tons of paper per year
TSB Tiefdruck Schwann-Bagel GmbH & Co.KG prints all types of print media such as magazines, books, posters, brochures and stamps. Up to 250,000 tons of processed paper and approximately 9,000 tons of processed ink per year reflect the enormous throughputs. And indeed: Up to 200 trucks per day drive through the works gates at the Mönchengladbach production site. Up to 3,000 pallets per day or up to 200 pallets per hour are loaded and unloaded at the eight ramps.

High-shelf stores with 18,000 bays in operation since 1996
The pivotal point of ISIstorage who has been responsible for the storage, consignment and dispatch of the TSB products on the Lower Rhine seven days a week in three shifts since 1996 is a high shelf store with 18,000 pallet bays. The pallets are moved internally largely by a driverless transport system but ISIstorage is now relying on GTX forklift trucks at the interface.

GTX series: The excellent turning radius is highly appreciated
Dietmar Kowalski, whose company offers new machines, service, hire and leasing and supports the region of the left bank of the Lower Rhine including Duisburg with 13 technicians at the moment, on the challenges on site: “ISIstorage is all about high transshipment in a confined space. That the already compactly designed GTX models have an excellent turning radius with the possibility of turning on the spot is of course a direct advantage.” The decision in favor of the Clark models was also based on factors such as low noise, low maintenance and efficiency.

High productivity, minimum maintenance costs
The GTX series launched in 2008 has 100 percent AC technology and achieves an excellent maneuverability and climbing capability with two powerful drive motors. High acceleration values ensure a consistently high productivity when lifting, lowering and driving. The GTX 16-20s series combines powerful propulsion with low maintenance costs. The best example is the maintenance-free wet disc brake with regenerative brake technology.


Team of top engineers starts work at the Mülheim an der Ruhr production site

Research and development in focus

Clark is beginning with the production of electric forklift trucks “Made in Germany” in mid 2009. The GTX and GEX series produced by CKD assembly in Mülheim are products intended specially to the European market. The capacity will grow to 600 units per year by 2010; the production line is designed so that the capacity can be raised to 1,000 units per year. Clark Europe GmbH is currently putting together a team of top engineers at the site who will be concerned with the development of special European options and high-tech systems. Another task will be the technical support of production. Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH and Andreas Krause, Head of the R&D team were interviewed about the background and prospects of the new commitment.

Question: The comeback is planned for mid 2009 – the production of Clark electric forklift trucks is returning to Mülheim an der Ruhr. When was the decision to create additional R&D capacities made?

Egon Strehl: When the decision to set up the German production was made, we were obviously also looking at the topic of R&D. The first targeted steps in this direction have already been made.

Question: How?

Egon Strehl: With the bundling of know-how. For example, we were able to win a recognized expert in Andreas Krause who brings in an immense experience and who is bringing us a long way forward in setting up a top team of engineers for R&D and for the production in Mülheim.

Question: Mr. Krause, your career began at Clark before you joined Toyota via Crown before returning to Clark on September 1, 2008. How does the challenge tempt you?

Andreas Krause: R&D are certainly the royal disciplines of the branch. It is therefore an interesting and demanding task which I took over. Besides that I see the conceptional direction of the worldwide Clark activities in the field of R&D as very well founded.

Question: The global positioning of the worldwide Clark research and development centers covers almost all continents: R&D departments in Lexington (USA), Qingdao (China), Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany) and the development centers in Changwon (South Korea) give Clark a presence on all continents and in the respective main markets. Why is this so important?

Andreas Krause: The markets and products on the different continents are too different to be able to develop, produce and market a globally identical product. Our close-to-practice model suits this situation ideally.

Question: Mr. Strehl, what are the goals of the R&D department in Mülheim an der Ruhr?

Egon Strehl: The new team analyzes the European floor truck markets, anticipates technology trends and product requirements, works out global uniformities and develops an appropriate product with which we can achieve maximum satisfaction with local customers.


„Help is being packed“ Clark Europe GmbH supports “Aktion Friedensdorf e. V.”

A Pallet of Care Packages

This commitment symbolizes the message for “with each other” and “for each other”. Under the motto “Help is being packed” Clark Europe GmbH is taking part in the Christmas parcel campaign of the “Aktion Friedensdorf e. V.” The donated goods are transported by truck to Armenia, Georgia, Nagorno- Karabakh and Tadzhikistan. The declared goal: To help the suffering population through the cold, hard winter.

Food and clothing
Verena Braun and Ingo Rose of the Clark Marketing team initiated the internal collection campaign and put together a whole pallet of care packages with their colleagues. Basic foods such as rice, sugar, flour and dried pulses as well as clothing, which are urgently needed in the target regions, were most in demand.

”Aktion Friedensdorf e. V.”
Beate Kleinbrahm of „Aktion Friedensdorf e. V.“ who had already received a check for the amount of 1,000 Euro for the civil initiative from Clark in the summer of 2008 was delighted with the generous donation. The money was collected during Clark’s presentation at the Ce- MAT 2008 in Hanover. The “Aktion Friedensdorf e. V.” is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1967 which helps people in need unbureaucratically and directly.


Special edition of the hand-operated low-lift truck: Clark Europe GmbH supports the “handballfriends”

Solid Support for a Good Cause

There’s no question about it: The special edition of the hand-operated low-lift truck which Clark Europe GmbH launched in a limited edition of twelve pieces looks sleek. This masterpiece was available at a price of 650 Euros complete with the signature of none other than Erhard Wunderlich, with certifi cate, whereby the money was donated to the handballfriends. The edition was sold out within four weeks.

Handball player of the century believes in the promotion of young talents
Initiated by the “handball player of the century” Erhard Wunderlich, the handballfriends e.V. promotes young talents on a broad basis, supports selected clubs in their youth work by providing funds and materials. The initiative therefore enables training of young players and specific support of talent. Socially relevant: handballfriends e.V. furthers the social integration of sport with a special focus on children and youths.

Egon Strehl: “Taking over social responsibility”
Egon Strehl, Managing Director Clark Europe GmbH stresses. “We exercise our social responsibility with this campaign and wish to support a project creatively and effectively which excels in its social responsibility for children and young people.”