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Dear readers,

The entire Clark Europe GmbH team wishes you and your family a Happy Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year. At this point we would like to express our sincere thanks for your partnership efforts in 2007, which we found always to be very pleasant and constructive. Looking backwards also provides us with the route for the future. We are casting a retrospective glance on 2007 over several pages in this current edition, as this was indeed a gratifying year for the CLARK Family in general, and for the European Family in particular, exceptional growth rates, vibrant interaction of customers, dealers and partners, excellent new equipment, and an intensification of the CLARK brand in the marketplace, all provide a reliable indicator for 2008. The targets have already been set. The main aspects will be CeMAT 2008 in Hanover, valuable innovations and an expansion of the European dealership network. Hoping that we can, once again, rely on you in 2008 and that we can successfully master our endeavours working shoulder to shoulder,


Egon Strehl
Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH


CeMAT 2008: More than 1,000 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors expected

World Intralogistics Exhibition

CeMAT 2008 in Hanover – World Intralogistics exhibition – the meeting point par excellence for the world of technical logistics. From 27th to 31st May at the heart of the matters, not just making up the numbers: Clark Europe GmbH.

With a whole range of meaningful innovations and an exhibition floor area of 650 m2, Clark Europe GmbH takes the floor at the international CeMAT. At the international highlight of the material flow and logistic industry in 2008, CLARK will cause amazement across the board: using a fresh exhibition concept, a huge amount of attractions and sophisticated interchange between experts. Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH: “CeMAT is the most important exhibition for Intralogistics. Clark has been an integrated constituent in this industry for nine decades and is one of the largest forklift manufacturers in the world. The combination works. This makes it self-evident that we will fly the flag at CeMAT.”


Clark Europe GmbH: more market shares gained in 2007

A Year of Superlatives

In 2007 Clark Europe GmbH continued along the course of growth that was established in the previous year: order input and turnover both exhibited strong growth. This involved the company profiting from an exceptional innovation output in new product and from a continued favourable atmosphere of the economy and market environment for Materials Handling Equipment – just in time to celebrate the 90th birthday of the forklift truck.

Brilliant figures in 2007
Clark Europe GmbH today presents a securely founded company with a rate of growth in excess of forecast. In the first six months, order input increase was disproportional at 40 percent, so that a significant increase in output rate in the second half of the year was anticipated. On the one hand CLARK thus participated fully in the growth of the market and, in addition, it was able to gain extra market share. The increase in turnover for the whole of 2007 amounts to around 58 percent over 2006. This gratifying result is supported by 23 percent higher new equipment business. In addition Clark Europe GmbH was able to increase the spare parts turnover by around 49 percent.

New dealerships – new production
Clark Europe GmbH reflected the growth in business operations in the organisation and built up staff levels in February 2007 after its move to its new location in the the traditional home of Clark in Mülheim an der Ruhr Germany. This included, and continues to include, additional consistent expansion of the European CLARK Dealership Network, for which the northern Italian logistic specialist AT Material Handling was recently added. In addition, it is certain that Clark Europe GmbH will be producing in Europe again, probably in 2009/2010. Production will concentrate initially on electrical units for the European forklift market.

Continued growth in excess of the average is also being planned by Clark Europe GmbH for 2008, even if the overall development of the general market were to lose impetus with respect to 2007. Several factors point reliably to the fact that the declared CLARK goals – increase in turnover of 33 percent and a 29 percent increase in the sales of new equipment – can also be achieved. On the one hand CLARK will be launching new products specially designed for the European market during 2008. On the other hand Clark Europe will strive to expand the European Dealership Network both in width and in depth. CLARK will continue to profit from the Innovation development from 2007 – both with regard to new services and the classical division of counterbalance forklift trucks and the newly–established Material Handling market segments such as warehouse technology.


New Gen2 Series
Commissioning and more
AC 80V 4-wheel electrical forklift truck


New Gen2 Series C60/C70/C80:

Future-proof with Diesel Power

Under the premises of power, manoeuvrability and reliability. In February 2007 CLARK introduced three new Power Packages with diesel engines into the daily race to reduce time and cost. The new units from the Gen2 series can carry loads of 6 to 8 tons (C60/70/80D). Unique selling points include: the combination of a 100 HP engine with a 3 speed power shift gearbox, wet brakes and robust chassis construction.

Commissioning and more:
Renaissance of compact warehouse technology

In 2007 CLARK introduced new warehouse products with carrying capacities of 1.2 to 2.0 tons. To summarise, they are compact all-rounders which are setting standards in complex loading, unloading and conveying tasks. For specific warehouse requirements there is a full range of pallet movers, pallet stackers and ride - on equipment.
All available from Clark GMBH.

AC 80V 4-wheel electrical forklift truck GenEX:
extraordinary performance

The first rationalisation push in Material Handling took place as early as January 2007. With the AC 80V 4-wheel forklift truck GenEX (2-3 ton carrying capacity) CLARK launched a forklift truck of the most modern AC generation which has been trimmed, down to the finest detail, with regard to performance, efficiency and durability. There is no doubt that the GenEX has the capabilities of a classic. In mid 2007 CLARK also expanded its portfolio by the inclusion of hand-operated forklift trucks for loading and unloading of ISO containers. Carrying capacity range: 1.2 to 2.0 tons.



90 years of CLARK forklift trucks
Spirit of awakening at the birthplace of the forklift truck. 300 guests from 31 countries celebrated the 90th birthday of the forklift truck in May 2007 in the USA. The birthday party in the most traditional of all CLARK locations. It was in Buchanan/Michigan Eugene Clark invented the “forklift” in 1917 in the axle factory of the same name – marked the highlight of the eventful year of 2007. Highlights: the Management Meeting with CLARK Managing Directors from all over the world, the dinner at the horse-racing track and, of course, the flying visit to the Kentucky Bourbon distillery. This framed the main event of the 90 year book which impressively documents nine decades of Material Handling ideas from the house of CLARK.


Clark Europe GmbH: People and markets 2007

The step into the limelight

CLARK year 2007 was characterised by dialogue: with users and customers, with dealers and representatives of specific industry sectors, with partners and with the technical and daily press organisations. Thanks to active communication – from Public Relations, events and  exhibition presence to the customer and dealer periodical – CLARK achieved an intensive high profile.

CLARK at IMHX 2007
The international exhibition visitors were excited. CLARK attracted immense interest with two world-first innovations at IMHX in March 2007 in Birmingham/Great Britain (18,000 visitors). In the limelight, firstly the new Gen2 Series, the C80 the new 8 ton capacity turbo diesel driven machine. Brilliant premiere also for the new GenEX Series with 80 volt AC technology: “Exactly the right machines for the European market”. Other Sales highlights included the tried and tested CLARK products such as the C15, C25 and C30 with either diesel or LPG power.

Trip to the “Land of morning Calm”
Inimitable friendliness, thousands of years of culture and the high-tech boom of modern-day Asia:  Fascinating insights into the well-kept tradition and the panache of the 21st century were experienced by Europe’s top 10 CLARK dealers during their trip to “The central realm” (China) and the “Land of morning Calm” (South Korea). In addition to the visit to the parent company Young An and a meeting with the Baik family in Bucheon, the focus was on the super-modern fabrication facilities in Changwon (South Korea), Ilsan Daewoo Bus (South Korea) and Qingdao (China).

Dream start to a new era
At the end of February a welcoming  reception in the new CLARK European Headquarters greeted around 200 guests from three world regions – Europe, Asia, America – forming a worthy framework for the CLARK opening ceremony in the new company headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The interesting event in the new headquarters of Clark Europe GmbH was designed specifically as a double celebration, with high-level personalities from business and politics and representatives of the press. Under the flurry of camera flashbulbs, and to the applause from the dealers from all over Europe, CLARK presented new forklift innovations and the tried-and–tested forklifts produced by CLARK.



CLARK Press review 2007

The rustling in the undergrowth in 2007 was extensive. More than 60 publications addressed the development of Clark Europe GmbH, its people, products and services. There certainly was a lot to report: the spectacular move to the new location in the old spiritual home in Mülheim an der Ruhr, which Clark combined with a dealer show and product presentation. CLARK was also in the public eye at the trade exhibition IMHX in Birmingham, which the British technical press covered extensively .
Europe-wide product shows were also reported in the daily and technical press, as was the exceptional economic development of the company which also made the most of another aspect:  90 years of CLARK in 2007 signified 90 years of forklift trucks. As an icon of CLARK advertising history reporting on nine decades of CLARK, it was also pleasing to see, Marilyn Monroe lolling and inviting on “The forklift”.

New employees

Marcus Ebinghaus

Business career:
Training wholesale and export trade Management Expert VWA 6 years acting manager book-keeping Bohle AG
Employed at Clark Europe GmbH since 01.09.2007

Position and tasks:
Manager book-keeping / Controlling
Continuous Improvement of processes in book-keeping department
Production of year-end reports



Greek CLARK dealer STAFILOPATIS N. S.A. on the road to success
“The best forklift truck by far”

Feedback at FETEC, the exhibition of Factory Equipment in Athens in mid-October 2007, clearly displayed this. CLARK forklifts are exactly right for the European market. Popi Karatzoyianni of STAFILOPATIS N. S.A. – since June 2007 a member of the European CLARK dealer association and responsible for Greece and Cyprus – summarised the market opinion: “CLARK – By far the best forklift truck.”

More than just a good name
Not only at the FETEC, with its total of 100 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors, were CLARK units highly praised,  according to Stafilopatis. In all industrial sectors CLARK units were awarded a high level of safety and efficiency, a low level of noise and a wide spectrum of valuable features and functions.

Excellent results in 2007
The advantages and market acceptance of CLARK units made themselves apparent in 2007 in the prosperous new equipment business of STAFILOPATIS N. S.A. Located in Athens and established in 1978 The 25 man business is looking forward to even higher growth in 2008. The basis for this was created already at FETEC: “Yes, we were able to convince several customers of the advantages of the equipment.”


British CLARK dealer Stantone Mechanical Handling supports unique restoration project

The forgotten hero flies again

They already called it the forgotten hero. Now, as the queen of the skies, it again lifts the hearts of aeronautical enthusiasts all over the world. We are talking about a classic from the British Royal Air Force, the Avro Vulcan Bomber with the registration mark XH558.

Vulcan to the sky trust
The last Vulcans were taken out of service in March 1984 and XH558 was only used up to 1993 for flight demonstrations. Even so, the friends and sponsors of this amazing bomber, known as the “Vulcan to the sky trust”, were able to procure the plane and invested around ten years in its restoration. More than 20,000 people throughout the world, with strong backing from industry, were together able to raise the £5.5 million budget.

Celebrated return to the air of the design icon
In real terms: The return of the Avro Vulcan XH558 to the air above Leicestershire on the 18th October 2007 marked the spectacular end of an immense effort. 34 minutes of test flight was the hard-won return, which CLARK was able to shout about.

A CLARK forklift for the plane
Stantone Mechanical Handling, CLARK dealer in the Leicester / Northampton region has provided the “Vulcan to the sky trust“ team with a free-of-charge forklift truck and other floor conveyor equipment from the house of CLARK since 2001. Richard Barkworth, Stantone Managing Director: “We are honoured to have been able to make a small contribution to these enormous efforts. We are, of course, looking forward to providing energetic support for this fantastic project.” Stalwart support is definitely called for. After all, it is intended that the XH558, as a showpiece of British aeronautical design, will be the main attraction at air shows all over the world for the next 15 years.


French CLARK dealer Loutz Chariots Elévateurs mixes it in racing boat business

High speed under the banner of the forklift

Speeds of up to 180 km/h. A 220-CV machine with partly incredible rotation speeds. And podium places such as the last 3rd place in the 2007 series. The speedboat sponsored by CLARK dealer Loutz is the pride and joy of the Loutz-Teams, which is active as an established logistics specialist in Bonsecours/Rouen in northern France.

Speedboat meets forklift
Particularly the challenges in the racing business show parallels to a successful business in the forklift industry. You need respect for and a love of technology, a tight organisation and high-quality services.

Alignment and the choice of propeller
The LOUTZ-Team has been fully involved for many years in the alignment, in the selection of the propeller to suit the water conditions and in the aerodynamics, so that the pilot and the machine form a single unit in racing.

Water hard as concrete
There’s more: You must consider existing safety. Because, at speeds like these, not only does the hull of the speedboat have to absorb enormous impacts, but the surface of the water is also as hard as concrete.


Clark Europe GmbH will provide fresh impetus for the CeMAT year of 2008 with its new developments

Vision from Tradition

“Vision from Tradition” flown from the banners – a whole new range of new models in the exhibition package. As the inventor of the forklift truck, CLARK steps well-equipped into the CeMAT year of 2008.

Contribution to the subject of durability: “Built to last!”
At the product premiere to the international market CLARK will set the trend concerning safety, ergonomics, environmental acceptance, technology and productivity at the peak of a vital industrial sector. In combination with the extended product and services platform, CLARK will confirm in the final analysis in 2008, that which the market has been declaring in the quality level of CLARK equipment for years: “Built to last!”

Environment and efficiency: Safe to say the best solution
In the innovation sector for 2008 you will notice the stringent attention to environmental acceptance of CLARK equipment. CLARK has purposely combined energy efficiency and high productivity rates with low toxicity engines and recyclable materials. Low maintenance, new safety features and beneficial ergonomic optimisation are included.


New: 48 Volt 3-wheel GTX 16-20s
The new three wheel electrical range GTX16-20s comprises models with carrying capacities of 1.6 to 2.0 tons. These units are equipped with 100% AC technology and achieve outstanding manoeuvrability with two individual powerful drive motors. High levels of acceleration, high lift and lowering speeds provide improved productivity in all industry sectors.

New: 48 Volt 4-wheel GEX 16-20s
The highest level of mobility is offered by the new four-wheel electric range GEX 16-20s, with carrying capacities of 1.6 to 2.0 tons 100% AC technology is included. The latest AC control system makes the equipment economical whilst providing high performance and production cycles.

New: Gen2 C40-55
The C40-55 completes the successful Gen2 series. Powered by diesel or LP gas, the unit has carrying capacities from 4.0 to 5.5 tons. The C55 model achieves the 5.5 ton carrying capacity at a load centre distance of 500 mm. Technical highlight: low emission Tier-3 engine.


Clark Europe GmbH supports “Aktion Friedensdorf e.V”

Help and hope for 2008

Clark Europe GmbH is supporting, this year, “Aktion Friedensdorf e.V.”, with its location in Oberhausen Germany, by a considerable donation. “Aktion Friedensdorf e.V.” is part of “Friedensdorf International” which was established on 6th July 1967 as an action group to provide non-bureaucratic and direct help for children from war and crisis zones.

A programme for peace
Since its foundation, the organisation has expanded, but the children are always at the centre of its attention. From an initial concentration on aid for individual cases, a programme for peace has developed. The efforts of “Friedensdorf International“ are considered to be benevolent and it finances itself virtually entirely from donations and membership subscriptions. The DZI donation seal provides you with confirmation of responsible and effective handling of the contributions.

The three pillars of the “Friedensdorf”
Individual medical aid for ill and injured children who cannot be helped in their own countries, but who have a chance of recovery by treatment in Europe. Aid projects in war and crisis zones are improving medical provision locally. Children, in particular, suffer from a lack of provision. Peace pedagogical work promotes humanitarian awareness and social involvement.