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01 Editorial

Dear Readers,

The invitation stands: accompany us on a journey through the dynamic world of Clark Europe GmbH! From the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom, the growth across the board is positively tangible. Because CLARK forklifts have been working hard lately for the British press manufacturer, Unipres. Because "The Forklift" is valued as highly by the German construction company, Kemmler, as it is by Leuchtenberg, Europe's market leader for sauerkraut. Even the Swedish-Finnish conglomerate, Stora Enso, relies on the quality of the "Built to Last" label at its Baienfurt works. Not forgetting the Italian logistics company for domestic dairy products, Torelli, as the highly specialized Italian market is a central topic of this edition anyway. We are also watching intently the pleasing development of CLARK in Dubai: Swaidan Trading has established a new showroom in this booming region in the Persian Gulf. It's good to know: CLARK is not resting on its laurels from 2007, but starting from January 2008 will be launching new, fresh and utilitarian innovations.

Egon Strehl
Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH


02 Pleasures for the palate on the fork

A very special relationship:
Eleven CLARK forklifts and Parmigiano Reggiano

The culinary map of Italy is considered to be exquisite and provides unadulterated pleasure for gourmets worldwide. Some provinces of Upper Italy are especially proud indeed of their hard cheese made from cow's milk. The "Parmigiano Reggiano" is considered to be the most versatile of all cheeses and fills entire cookery books.

Storage, logistics and more
Several thousand dairy farms supply hundreds of creameries in order to be able to produce the three million rounds annually that the Italians, incidentally, best like to consume by themselves. Only five percent of the precious Parmesan goes to export. One of the largest operations for the maturation, storage and logistics handling of Parmigiano Reggiano is Magazzini Generali Torelli Enzo & Figli Snc in Parma.

35 kilograms per round of cheese
The business, which was founded in 1989 by Enzo Torelli and is successfully run today by his sons, Maurizio and Alberto, operates four warehouses with a total operational area of 17,000 m2. Around 400,000 moulds sit here ready for the giant cheese rounds; 30 employees attend to the maturing process of the cheeses weighing, on average, 35 kilograms, and provide accurate stock entry, transfer and removal or loading and unloading, as well as, of course, timely delivery.

A market leader opts for CLARK
Meanwhile it is also clear that anyone who wants to maintain quality levels with high volumes of this sort must furnish the necessary technical requirements. The materials handling equipment in the halls of the four Magazzini Generali' is already on a sound footing in any case: Working in close cooperation and consultation with the north Italian CLARK dealer, GANDOLFI SRL of Gattatico (province of Reggio Emilia), Torelli has decided on the exclusive use of CLARK fork-lift trucks; the motto: High quality forklift trucks for high quality products. Around eleven CLARK units of different sizes and load capacities provide lasting proof here of their capabilities in the food industry.


03 Italian Specialities

Spotlight on Italy: Clark Europe GmbH and the Lombardy-based logistics business, AT Material Handling, enter into cooperation

The north Italian logistics company, AT Material Handling S.r.l. (Bellinzago, Lombardy/Italy) and CLARK Europe GmbH concluded a groundbreaking cooperation agreement in the middle of July 2007. As another official CLARK dealer in Italy, AT Material Handling, with headquarters between Milan and Bergamo, will in future supply CLARK fork-lift trucks, original CLARK replacement parts and also CLARK services and financing options. In an interview Egon Strehl, Managing Director of CLARK Europe GmbH, explains the background to the cooperation.

Question: Basically, what significance does the Italian fork-lift truck market have for CLARK?

Egon Strehl: It was always significant and will also remain so. Italy is the third largest market in Europe, with a potential or demand of approximately 40,000 units per annum. Of that, approximately 20,000 units are for counterbalanced lift trucks, corresponding to our product portfolio. It should not be forgotten that the Italian market, in parallel with developments throughout Europe, has recorded a remarkable growth of 15 percent compared to the previous year.

Question: What special features have you been able to discern in the Italian materials handling technology market and how are you prepared for them?

Egon Strehl: I believe I can claim, "We are very well prepared!" The market calls for 87 percent electric units, in contrast to an average of approximately 50 percent in Europe. The main focus thus lies quite clearly in the electric sector. Our electric fork-lift trucks, with 100% AC technology, the most powerful motors among the competition, low-maintenance wet plate brakes and the greatest compactness for a high residual carrying capacity, together with special steering axles for tremendous mobility in the tightest spaces are just right for Italy.

Question: Can you name any specific CLARK aims for the Italian market?

Egon Strehl: We have committed ourselves to occupying fewer niches and increasing our overall market share instead. In all sectors for 1.2 to 8 tonne counterbalanced lift trucks, in particular with our compact and efficient electric units such as the GenEX AC range, we would like to achieve a market share of 3% by 2009 and 5% by 2011. This corresponds to quantities of 600 and 1000 units respectively.

Question: The keyword is "goals" and the route there: The Lombardy-based company, AT Material Handling (ATMH), adds to the CLARK European dealership network. When does the cooperation begin in practice?

Egon Strehl:
The operational start of the business is planned for the 1st of October 2007 and intensive, professional preparations are currently under way.

Question: To what extent will win-win situations arise for CLARK and ATMH?

Egon Strehl: First of all, the starting position is really good. CLARK has been able to establish the performance and reliability of CLARK products with the existing dealer network, which in the last two years has developed the Italian market very successfully for CLARK. For its part, ATMH was looking for a strong partner in counterbalanced fork-lift trucks to complete its product offering, in order to position itself even more successfully in the market with a full range. In any case, their previous successes in the warehouse technology sector make ATMH and CLARK optimistic of achieving their targets in the next few years.

Question: What role can AT Material Handling play in the CLARK Italian dealer network?

Egon Strehl: It remains to put on record that we have existing, effective partners in Italy such as Gandolfi Srl in the Emilia Romagna Region, who deliver outstanding performance, even by European standards. Regarding ATMH, ATMH is responsible for a large industrial region with around 45 percent of the total Italian market potential. We are placing our full confidence in the capabilities of ATMH.


Andrea Galli (Clark Sales Manager). Marianna Petrini (ATMH), Egon Strehl (Managing Director Clark Europe GmbH), Marco Monaco (ATMH).


04 The little hammer to crack hard nuts

Tight time windows - challenging tasks: LPG fork-lift truck CGC 40 will get things going

Be it confectionery boxes or cigarette cartons, cosmetic boxes or book spines for the latest Harry Potter. In Baienfurt near Ravensburg the Swedish-Finnish company Stora Enso produces high quality card at speeds of up to 500 metres per minute. And they do that 24 hours a day. Each year up to 210,000 tons of card leave the company, which has 450 employees and which is steeped in tradition, in southern Germany to be delivered to the packaging industry, printing plants, publishers and wholesalers.

Loading onto railway trucks
Most of the finished product in roll form is transported environmentally friendly by rail. Because of the enormous capacities, continuous deadline pressure when loading onto railway trucks is almost an everyday occurrence. As a result, high levels of availability in materials handling technology are obligatory for the logistics professionals at Stora Enso.

Solution provider Hald & Grunewald
Hald & Grunewald, a partner of Stora Enso and a well-respected CLARK dealer from Herrenberg near Stuttgart was set a task which was no less tricky: A small, compact fork-lift truck was required, having sufficient power for loading more than 2,000 kg rolls with a diameter of 1,800 mm.

Sophisticated combination
This was indeed a "hard nut to crack" for the specialists at Hald & Grunewald. A precision landing was made by the CLARK LPG forklift truck CGC 40. "Having an overall length of just 2,400 mm and a width of <1,300 mm, the CLARK CGC 40 corresponds to a conventional unit in the 2 ton class. In combination with an AURAMO paper roll clamp, the machine achieves the required residual carrying capacity", explains Harald Staiger, customer service manager at Hald & Grunewald.

Service provider CGC 40
And indeed: The CGC 40 makes a big impression today throughout the conveyor range. In the as-delivered condition, in addition to the compact form, a big impression was created by the safety features incorporated, such as the camera system, the reversing sensors, the fire-extinguisher system and the driver restraint system. Staiger: "The environmentally sustainable LPG drive, paired with a regulated 3 way catalyser, represent a further indication of the high demands placed by the persons responsible at Stora Enso on safety at work and ergonomy."


05 Hard use pre-programmed

"Dispensing with vulnerable electronics" - Gen2 series masters heavy duty at Beton Kemmler

From Neckar Street in the Ruhr to the banks of the Neckar in Tübingen. This route was taken by two new CLARK forklift trucks from the GEN2 series during the first week of August.

Production of massive finishedprefabrications
The reception was less fitting, however, at the end of the trip from Mülheim to Hirschau: Instead of being bathed in beautiful sunshine, the CLARK fork-lift trucks arrived at their new home, Beton Kemmler-Werk, where massive prefabricated finished parts for civil engineering are produced, in the pouring rain. Be it a modern energy-saving house or a large-scale project such as the exhibition centre multi-storey car park next to the A8 in Stuttgart. Beton Kemmler is famous as a competent partner for construction projects and as a supplier of prefabricated parts of the highest quality. As an independent company in the Kemmler Group (1,300 employees) the factory in Hirschau stands for the most modern of manufacturing technology and innovative solutions. And they have, in the south-German full service provider Hald & Grunewald ("The entire world of the fork-lift truck") a partner of comparable strength in the field of materials handling technology.

Long working life - value retention
"You could apply the same properties to CLARK as well. To be able to achieve continuous development over decades whilst focussing on their strengths - Clark have managed to do this" In this way, Hald & Grunewald customer service manager Harald Staiger praised the innovative efforts by CLARK. "We do not need a laptop or expensive software for maintenance and repair of the new GEN2 series. Not only in heavyduty applications such as Beton Kammler, but also in normal applications prevalent at around 80 percent of our customers, dispensing with vulnerable electronics has paid dividends." High value retention and a working life in excess of 20 years characterised a CLARK today.


06 Quality in a sealed pouch

A good alliance: CLARK-Kowalski-Leuchtenberg

With Leuchtenberg Sauerkrautfabrik GmbH, Europe's leading manufacturer of sauerkraut, red cabbage and lactic acid fermented cut beans in flexible packages is opting for materials handling expertise from CLARK.

Four C20 SL fork-lift trucks in use
Four gas-propelled fork lifts of the Gen2 series, C20 SLs with cabs, provide reliable loading and unloading of lorries and entry, issuing and transfer of stock in the stores and production at the Neuss headquarters of this traditional business, which was founded in 1861. And production is abundant. Daily turnovers of between 200 and 250 tonnes of palleted goods signify the status quo of Leuchtenberg as a partner of large trading companies throughout the Federal Republic. Even in the Netherlands and Belgium the produce of the 70-employee company from the Lower Rhine is highly regarded.

Reliable - user-friendly
"In view of the volume of turnover, reliability was demanded above all from the fork-lift trucks," says Dietmar Kowalski, Managing Director of the CLARK dealer, Kowalski Transportgeräte GmbH, explaining Leuchtenberg's decision to use CLARK equipment. For three years now the C20s with their two tonne load capacity have been performing their service with Leuchtenberg, on the recommendation of the first CLARK dealer following the start-up of Clark Europa GmbH. "User friendliness is and naturally will always remain an important matter." Likewise, good partnership between Kowalski and Leuchtenberg: "Leuchtenberg naturally also appreciates all-round service and the short-term borrowing of rental units", says Kowalski, who presented the sauerkraut manufacturer with a unique object, which today adorns their showcase. "A hand-made miniature fork-lift truck in Leuchtenberg's colours, with a pallet and everything that goes with it."


07 People and markets

Cooperation agreement for Eastern Europe

A cooperation agreement was signed byClark Europe GmbH and Samsung Deutschland GmbH in the middle of July 2007 at the Samsung headquarters in Schwalbach in the Taunus region. Samsung Deutschland GmbH represents less the entertainment electronics and communications sectors of Samsung, but has been much more active as a successful trading company for over 30 years (among other things chemicals, stainless steel, industrial machinery). This is what underpins the tradition of the earlier classic Samsung conglomerate, which - it was founded in 1938 as an export company - today is the fifth largest concern in the world, with more than 250,000 employees. The cooperation between CLARK and Samsungwill initially extend to some regions of Eastern Europe and is also expected to include Samsung's Eastern European factories. An initial joint project is planned for Slovakia. If it goes according to what Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH, says, others will soon follow. "We are assuming that this partnership will provide a solid foundation for larger projects in the future." The futures of CLARK and Samsung have previously crossed: in 1998, CLARK took over Samsung's forklift truck business, which thereafter operated as Clark Material Handling Asia.

Pictured (top, from the left): Sung-Man Lee (Executive Managing Director, Samsung), Hyo-Suk Im (General Manager Machinery Team, Samsung), H.J. Kwon (Manager Machinery Team,Samsung); (bottom, from the left): Egon Strehl (Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH), Ingo Rose (Product Marketing, Clark Europe GmbH), Sandra Nowak (Mechatronic Team, Samsung). Also present: Sung-Wan Joo (Sales Coordinator, Samsung).

Specialists in warehouse logistics

As a "breathing" and "learning" organisation, Clark Europe GmbH requires and encourages not only cross-functional thinking and creative curiosity as sources of expertise and innovation. Clark also considers itself to have a duty to accelerate this development by means of continuing training and further education. Now a training operation as well: Mark Hedwig (19) is currently completing his training asa specialist in warehouse logistics at the Clark European head office in Mülheim an der Ruhr. His duties: Order picking, packing, dispatching, goods checking, goods receiving, warehousing and fork-lift truck loading.


08 Upturn in the Persian Gulf - new showroom in Dubai

CLARK has also been caught up in the economic boom in the Arab world on the Persian Gulf. 2007 could definitely prove to be a record year for the CLARK dealer, Swaidan Trading Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. In the course of the year, 60 new CLARK fork-lift trucks have already been sold. A new showroom on the Sheikh Zayed Road gives cause to hope that the booming sales of new CLARK equipment will continue. Over 333 m2, Swaidan Trading is displaying various CLARK fork-lift trucks, including among others the new GEN2 diesel range with 6-8 tonnes load capacity (C60-80). The new residence in Dubai appears incidentally to be the perfect strategic choice, as it is located centrally between the pulsating hearts of the gulf state. In addition to localities in Dubai itself, the second major city in the country, the capital Abu Dhabi, is very easy to reach, as is, above all, JabalAli. The huge port is situated in a free trade zone and has developed into a hub of world trade with around 6,300 companies from over 100 countries.


09 "Versatility - exactly right for us"

British automotive supplier Unipres Ltd. ordered 14 CLARK fork-lift trucks from British automotive supplier Unipres Ltd. ordered 14 CLARK fork-lift trucks from Bel Lift Trucks

The decision was made in June 2007 after extensive market observation and intensive tests of several fork-lift suppliers: The British company, Unipres Ltd., ordered 14 new CLARK fork-lift trucks on a rental basis, including service and maintenance. Founded in 1987, Unipres is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of assembly equipment and presses.

1.8 tonne load capacity for presses and more
The company, which ordered CLARK fork-lift trucks with load capacities of 1.8 tonnes and announced follow-up orders, is a significant supplier to the automotive industry. The automotive sector is supplied from the Unipres production facility in Sunderland (Tyne & Waer). "We decided on the CLARK machines because of their versatility," explains Gerry Ingleby, General Manager of Unipres. "Quite simply, they fit our requirements profile perfectly and are able to work in all areas under the most diverse conditions without modification. They are exactly right for us."

Successful in the North East: Bel Lift Trucks
The CLARK dealer, Bel Lift Trucks, exclusively responsible for the North East region of England, did not just supply the machines but also tendered for the future servicing of the equipment; a service that Unipres likewise values. The scope of supply comprised in detail eight compact LPG and also six AC fork-lift trucks from CLARK for twoshift operation. The three-wheeled units will be used in Unipres assembly, goods handling, and in the press shop.

Russell Gibson of Unipres receives the key for the first CLARK forklift truck from Les Gill, Managing Director of Bel Lift Trucks.


10 The whole world in one place

Significant presence by CLARK at the CeMAT 2008 in Hanover - the leading world trade fair for intralogistics at the end of May 2008

Without doubt: Taking part in the IMHX 2007 in Birmingham, UK and the organisation of international product presentations in spring 2007 have given us a taste for more. Clark Europe GmbH will therefore be flying the flag again in 2008 as an exhibitor at CeMAT in Hanover. Fair dates: 27. - 31. May 2008.

More than 50,000 visitors expected
Preliminary motto of the world trade fair for intralogistics, which will once again captivate more than 50,000 visitors after its last appearance in 2005: "That's what we call intralogistics: The whole world in one place." In order to be able to set our sights on the economy of tomorrow Clark Europe GmbH is already involved in intensive preparation for this huge logistics event in Hanover. We have already reserved 650 square metres of stand area for CLARK in Hall 25 and we are, at the present time, developing the new exhibition stand, based on the fresh 2007 advertising concept. It's good to know: The review of CLARK innovations will continue from January 2008, so that CLARK can take to the floor with impressive new developments at the international CeMAT.

Confidence in industries of the future
The exhibitors are looking forward to the CeMAT year of 2008 with chest held high: "No other branch of industry is more centrally in the focus of global interest than the sunrise industry of intralogistics. For good reason: The more the network of multinational logistic flow develops, the more indispensable intralogistics becomes as a strategic guide for the structuring of all global value chains in the micro and macro fields."


11 CLARK gains more market share

The upward trend continues - production facility in Europe - new products in the pipeline

Clark Europe GmbH made an excellent start to the current year of 2007 and has successfully continued its growth from the previous year. The companyprofited from impressive innovative activity and the continuing favourable business and market environment for floor trucks, just in time for the 90th birthday of the fork-lift truck.

2007 growth higher than expected
Order input growth in the first half of 2007 was greater than expected at 39%, so that a significant growth in the delivery rate in the second half of 2007 is to be expected. On the one hand CLARK is participating fully in the growth of the market and can also, on the other hand, gain market share. The delivery rate of CLARK equipment in the period from January to June 2007 was 19 % above the level of the previous year. In view of the order input, we can assume that, by the end of 2007, around 2,000 CLARK units will be sold, as opposed to 1,500 in 2006. The anticipated strong results from the new equipment business is flanked by an enormous growth in spare parts sales, having an increase of 112 %. The sales target for 2007 for all CLARK areas is 22 million euros (2006: 14 million Euros).

New products - new production
In addition, there is no doubt that Clark Europe GmbH is going to produce in Europe again, probably in 2009/2010. Production will concentrate initially on electrical units for the European forklift market. This is a step which underlines the long-term focus of the CLARK company. Clark has already invested 30 million US Dollars in techniques and technology since Young-An has been the parent company. In addition to this, at the Global Meeting 2006, a four year plan for product development involving an investment of around 16 million US Dollars was agreed. CLARK also has new products in the pipeline for the electric, diesel and LPG segments (1.5 - 5.5 tons capacity), which will be introduced to the marketplace starting in January 2008.


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