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Newsletter 03/2016

Aiming high:
highlights of the SRX14/16 reach

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Full commitment:
Suret provides logistics services at Federal-Mogul

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Moving forward:
the Kempston Group, a CLARK partner from South Africa

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Dear readers, 
CeMAT 2016 in Hanover provided the perfect platform for the successful launch of our new products. Dealers and customers alike were impressed with the new CLARK innovations. A great future is predicted for the new GTS20-33 diesel and LPG forklift series. The range combines high performance levels with ideal equipment options. The CLARK Compact (warehouse) range is also making a name for itself in the volume segment thanks to its wide range of applications. The new CLARK SRX14/16 reach truck series also offers increased customer benefits, which are largely attributable to its extensive range of standard features. CLARK’s strong track record of innovation in warehouse equipment promises excellent prospects for the future, as the new products are set to open up access to a much larger market in this segment in particular. Let’s continue to operate successfully together!
 Rolf Eiten
 Managing Director 
 Clark Europe GmbH


New products in 2016

Well equipped: GTS20-33 D/L – SRX14/16 – CLARK Compact range

The GTS counterbalance truck – warehouse equipment in the CLARK Compact range – SRX14/16 reach truck. New additions to the CLARK portfolio captivated trade experts, and not only at CeMat 2016 in Hanover. The new products of the year are impressive even away from the spotlight.

Take the GTS20-33 D/L as an example. The product range in the volume market of combustion engine-powered machines has got what it takes to be a blockbuster. CLARK regional manager Kevin Tims said: “The first GTS25s with Yanmar engines have just been delivered. The response has been outstanding – they are extremely comfortable to drive, quality is first-class, the brakes and acceleration are excellent and there is good access for maintenance.” The GTS has no reason to fear comparison with competitor models – on the contrary, it is simply better.
“We also received very positive feedback about the SRX14/16 reach truck and the warehouse equipment in the CLARK Compact range when customers began using them in heavy duty continuous operation in the working environment,” said CLARK CEO Rolf Eiten. “We have seen significant sales growth in the warehouse equipment segment since launching the CC range.” There are good reasons why CLARK dealers and end users are enthusiastic about the CLARK Compact range, which constitutes the volume segment for CLARK low lift trucks and stackers.
The new CLARK generation handles a number of applications with the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. It includes electric stackers with a load capacity of 1.0 to 2.0 tonnes and electric low lift pallet trucks with a load capacity of 1.5 to 2.0 tonnes, with or without a platform and with maximum travel speeds of up to 12 km/h.


Reach for the sky

Narrow working aisles, high lift heights: the Clark SRX14-16 electric reach truck


Maintenance & service

  • Maintenance-free three-phase AC technology  
  • Enclosed design (IP43)  
  • Overheat protection
  • Vehicle diagnostics via dash display
  • All service points easily accessible

Upright damping

  • Smooth lifting and lowering thanks to integrated hydraulic damping system  
  • Smooth transitions between the upright stages  
  • Increased durability of components and guaranteed careful transportation of goods

Optimum visibility

  • Good visibility through the overhead guard and the upright  
  • The overhead guard safety bars run parallel to the operator’s line of sight
  • Wide-spaced rails and a centre cylinder rotated to side for optimum visibility

Intuitive operation

  • Mini-levers or mono-joystick
  • Simultaneous control of hydraulic function  
  • Automotive pedal layout
  • 180° or 360° steering  
  • Speed control when cornering  
  • Spacious compartment and excellent visibility

First-class brakes

  • Two electric, wear-resistant support arm brakes as standard  
  • Shorter braking distance = greater safety


  • Extensive safety equipment  
  • Load wheel brakes as standard
  • Additional assistance systems

The basic configuration of the SR X14/16
 is excellent. This configuration offers a
 significant price advantage over comparable
 rival vehicles.

 Nils Lieber
 Product Marketing CLARK Europe GmbH

Nested I-sections

  • 55% greater torsional rigidity than conventional flat rails
  • Improved durability and stability

Robust construction

  • Solid chassis
  • Low load centre
  • Protected support arm rollers  
  • Excellent stability and outstanding residual capacities of 1,000 kg up to 10 metres lift height

Ergonomic driver’s compartment

  • Full-suspension comfort seat  
  • Individually adjustable for all operators  
  • Low entry height thanks to foot step (380 mm)
  • 3 adjustable drive modes (ergonomic/normal/power)

High performance guaranteed

  • 100% AC system  
  • Battery capacity 465/620 or 775 Ah


Wheels and rollers always in stock

CLARK Compact range spare parts: reputable suppliers, best prices

CLARK is gaining ground almost daily in the attractive warehouse equipment market. With the launch of the CLARK Compact range in autumn 2015, the forklift made its mark in the volume segment. The electric low lift trucks and stackers deliver the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. And what’s more, the investment in CLARK warehouse equipment is also a good decision in terms of future security. “The spare parts division is very well prepared,” confirms parts sales manager Andy Baldy, referring to the variety of wheels and rollers in particular, among other components.
CLARK stocks a wide range of wheels and rollers in many different designs and materials for reach trucks, low lift trucks and stackers including drive wheels, support wheels, steering wheels and load rollers/ castor wheels. “We work with reputable suppliers such as Wicke, Blickle and Räder Vogel so that we can offer OEM quality at excellent value for money,” says Baldy.
The respective items can also be supplied from the warehouse in Duisburg for other industrial truck brands – many of them are also found in the TOTALIFT range. “Otherwise, simply get in touch. We are happy to accept the part number or size details for enquiries about spare parts,” says Andy Baldy. “We are also able to offer special rates for fleet business.”



New: IRONCLAD battery

The IRONCLAD battery by German brand-name manufacturer Hawker is new to the CLARK range. IRONCLAD is available for the CLARK GEX electric four-wheel forklift and the CLARK GTX electric threewheel forklift. IRONCLAD b
y Hawker stands up well to comparison with conventional lead-acid batteries. It offers longer runtimes when used in shifts (+1 hour), has a longer overall service life (+1 year) and is more powerful (+15%). This makes it the ideal battery for heavy duty applications and traction applications.
In order to ensure the drive and lift capacity of a forklift remains constant throughout a shift, the motor needs to compensate for the decreasing battery voltage during discharge by drawing more and more amps.
IRONCLAD’s ability to sustain higher voltages extends runtimes compared to conventional batteries. Productivity increases automatically with longer forklift runtimes per charge.
The long-lasting higher voltage level and lower current consumption reduce heat and stress on the forklift’s electric components. This results in lower maintenance costs and a longer service life.


Profile – SURET sp. z o.o.
Suret, Federal-Mogul’s logistics partner, has been part of the CLARK dealer network since March 2009. The company employs 450 people and is headquartered in Debica (South Poland), with support offices in Gorzycach, Krosno, Lodz, Ostrow, Sandomierz and Tychy. In addition to the sale, hire and servicing of forklifts, the company’s portfolio includes the relocation of machines, facilities and entire production lines and also extensive operations as an external logistics provider. Suret will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company in 2017.


Dynamic logistics processes from A to Z 

The whole package: CLARK dealer Suret is a full-service provider for Federal-Mogul Gorzyce

The customer list of Federal-Mogul Gorzyce Sp. z o.o. reads like a “Who’s Who” of the global vehicle industry: Toyota, Daimler, VW, Audi, Opel/GM, Fiat, PSA, Iveco, Nissan, Volvo, MAN and BMW are all supplied with components – primarily pistons – from Southeast Poland. The Gorzyce plant became the largest supplier in the world in 2015, producing 26 million pistons. The plant’s logistics requirements are equally extensive, and these have been handled by Polish CLARK dealer Suret since 2003.
Suret’s role at Federal- Mogul includes all logistics operations in the vast area of production. Suret keeps employees and technology on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure production is able to continue efficiently and on schedule. The area of responsibility extends from unloading raw aluminium to the management of raw materials storage and the provision of raw materials through to production, and also includes foundry management, inveninventory logistics and dispatch and other intralogistical processes. Some 120 forklift drivers at Federal-Mogul provide services on behalf of Suret, which also provides the CLARK hire fleet service. In total, 44 CLARK electric forklifts are in operation at the 2,000-strong plant in Gorzyce, including models from the GEX16-20s series and the GEX25 and GEX40 with special Stabau attachments for work in the aluminium foundry. The forklifts transport liquid aluminium to the production area in large vessels, which is “definitely one of the most demanding challenges at the Gorzyce plant” according to CLARK regional manager Marcin Proszowski.
Suret demonstrated technical finesse in fleet management with the expansion of a battery charging station on company premises. The company equipped the charging station with modular Hawker charging devices in March 2016. The system continuously monitors the battery charging process and indicates which battery should be used next. It looks likely that Suret will have even more to do at Gorzyce in the future as the plant is due to be expanded significantly in 2017.

- 26,000,000 pistons
Annually are produced by Federal-Mogul Gorzyce Sp. z o.o. in Gorzyce (Southeast Poland). The company has around 2,000 employees.
- 44 CLARK forklifts
Carry out heavy duty work at the FM plant in Gorzyce. The fleet (GEX16-20s – GEX25 – GEX40) is being modernised bit by bit; 17 new CLARK forklifts were added in 2016 alone.
- 120 forklift drivers
Work for Suret as the full-service logistics provider on site. Suret has provided services for Federal-Mogul at the world’s largest piston production plant since 2003.


Big plans at the Cape of Good Hope

Family-run business the Kempston Group is our new CLARK dealer in South Africa

When Chad Botha took delivery of his CLARK GTS25, it was like love at first sight. The owner of Inspire Furniture – an event furniture hire company, with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg – was the first CLARK customer of the Kempston Group of South Africa, a new CLARK dealer. The boss of the company’s 40-strong workforce gave in to temptation and climbed into the driving seat of the combustion engine-powered CLARK all-rounder with a capacity of 2.5 tonnes. It was a promising start to the new CLARK partnership with the Kempston Group. The company was founded by Chairman Tony Cotterell in Port Elizabeth in 1973 and is now the largest privately owned transport firm in the country, with an existing fleet of over 3,000 vehicles. The company employs 4,000 people and is based in East London, with support points in all major cities in South Africa. It offers an extensive portfolio of services in the supply chain sector: from truck hire and haulage services to vehicle leasing and sales, logistics, insurance brokerage, agricultural machinery and material handling, now with CLARK. The reliability of CLARK equipment has always been an important factor for the company, which numbers a veteran “Clarkian” among its ranks in the form of Bob Latona (68), who has been familiar with ‘The Forklift’ for nearly 30 years. The Kempston Group aims to step up efforts to position the GTS20-33 counterbalance trucks with a capacity of up to 3.3 tonnes in the South African market “even though CLARK has played more of a major role to date in the capacity class of 4.5 to 8 tonnes, with outstanding products and competitive prices”, as affirmed by Kempston. Grant Brehany of the Kempston Group is pleased with the GTS forklifts and regards them as good, industry-proven machines in a popular segment. Kempston has already delivered combustion enginepowered C50 and C70 machines. “The series is robust, driver-friendly and very suitable for a range of industrial and commercial applications.” The Kempston Group were also impressed with the advantages of the maintenancefree wet disc brakes, the optimum view and the powerful engines of the CLARK machines when they saw them for themselves at the dealer event held at CLARK’s Duisburg headquarters in September 2015.
We share the principles of sustainability and family-based values with Clark.
Tony Cotterell Chairman and founder of the Kempston Group

BILD1 Rolf Eiten, CLARK Europe GmbH, and Jonathan Cotterell, Kempston Group, seal the new partnership

BILD2 First customer: Chad Botha of Inspire Furniture


And the winner is...
 ...Vertes Kereskedohaz Kft. of Tatabanya. The Hungarian CLARK dealer won the HPT Challenge in the first half of 2016. The next round of the HPT Challenge is about to begin. Whoever takes delivery of the most hand pallet trucks between 1 July and 31 December 2016 in the CLARK Europe GmbH catchment area can win attractive prizes including a golden miniature lift truck and a trip to the motorcycle Grand Prix (or to Mugello, Italy, or Aragon, Spain). Current status in the rankings is updated monthly and can be tracked in the dealer portal.


212,411 spectators...
 ...were thrilled by the German motorcycle Grand Prix at the Sachsenring from 15 to 17 July 2016. In the thick of the action was Dariusz Skoczylas, CEO of CLARK dealer BiLift Polska, who was accompanied by his children and Katty Ramirez (CLARK Customer Service) from headquarters in Duisburg. Dariusz Skoczylas and his hardworking colleagues in Warsaw topped the sales rankings for hand pallet trucks in the first half of 2015 and won the exclusive visit to the MotoGP, traditionally held at the Sachsenring circuit in Saxony. The prize included access to all training sessions and races, a visit to the driver’s paddock and pit lane, plus accommodation and meals.


Sisu axles...
 ...can be ordered via CLARK Europe GmbH since 1 June 2016. As the exclusive partner of the Finnish company, the CLARK spare parts division has already fielded a number of interesting enquiries. CLARK parts manager Andy Baldy said: “Sisu is regarded as a market leader and a pioneer when it comes to trucks with four and five axles. We have already received enquiries from the forklift segment where the axles are built in, such as Kalmar (Cargotec), and also from the truck and motorsport industries.” Sisu has worked closely with CLARK in the US in the past.


First prize: a CLARK forklift

Stacatruc Ltd organises charity raffle in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

The event on 14 October 2016 will be in the best CLARK tradition: CLARK dealer Stacatruc Ltd, based in Thatcham (Berkshire, UK), is holding a very special charity raffle. The main prize is a fully refurbished CLARK electric forklift worth £12,000 – plus a new battery sponsored by supplier Espex Ltd (5-year guarantee), and a one-year Stacatruc warranty for the forklift. Tickets for the prize draw are available for £50.
 All the funds raised from the Stacatruc event will go to Macmillan Cancer Support, one of the UK’s largest charities. This national charitable organisation provides medical, practical, emotional and financial support to people affected by cancer. After a successful period of trading, Stacatruc decided it was time to give something back. Every year, 770 people are diagnosed with cancer in West Berkshire alone. Stacatruc aims to raise £20,000 from the charity raffle, at which the CLARK dealer will also be serving food and drink.
 As the largest independent dealer in the UK, Stacatruc currently has a customer base of 8,500 companies. Around 20 Stacatruc service engineers are responsible for the maintenance and repair of forklifts nationwide, with Stacatruc’s activities divided into two main areas: a hub for administration and sales, and a hub for servicing and repairs with its own workshop. Stacatruc has grown rapidly in recent years and has over 40 years’ experience in the UK logistics market. In addition to servicing, the CLARK dealer also offers the hire, sale and financing of new and used machines, and training.


Forklift facts and figures

Did You Know...

...All combustion engine-powered forklifts of 1.5 to 5.5 tonnes can be fitted with a modular cabin system? The right solution for every application.

The advantage:
The cabins can be retrofitted and can therefore also be ordered for stock machines and CLARK units that are already in use.
Various different versions of the cabins can be supplied depending on preferences and requirements:

• Level 1 (roof)
• Level 2 (roof + front)
• Level 3 (roof + front + rear)
• Level 4 (full cabin)

Another reason to choose CLARK!


CLARK in the top 10

MMH 2015 rankings published 

It’s official: the global CLARK family is one of the top 10 forklift manufacturers in the world. In rankings published by American trade journal Modern Materials Handling in August 2016, CLARK was listed 10th in 2015 and 11th in 2014 according to sales figures. The highly regarded US journal publishes an annual ranking of the top 20 forklift producers in the world in terms of sales. This is the first time CLARK has achieved a place in the top 10. CLARK had attracted attention back in 2008 for another high ranking by MMH when it took first place in the “Best price-performance ratio” category in a representative study on customer satisfaction. The survey questioned over 1,300 experts involved in the testing, specification and procurement of industrial trucks for their production sites and for sales and logistics centres. Dennis Lawrence, President and CEO of CLARK Material Handling Company, said the top 10 position was both an honour and an incentive: “Clearly, we are very confident as a result of our sales performance and the depth of our product range. However, while this ranking confirms that we are doing many things well, we know we still have work to do in a number of areas.”

We are very confident as a result of our sales performance and the depth of our product range.
 Dennis Lawrence President and CEO of CLARK Material Handling Company


Number 1 in France

Martin Manutention receives award

Who is the best CLARK salesperson in the country? The 2015 evaluation delivered a clear result for France: Jacques Pascual, from CLARK dealer Martin Manutention of Valence in the Rhone Valley.
 Covering the areas of Drôme, Ardèche, Gard and Vaucluse, Martin Manutention has operated in the forklift sector since 1990 and has been a CLARK dealer since 2010. In the presence of Martin Manutention owner Antoine Martin (right), Jacques Pascual (left) accepted the prize awarded by CLARK branch manager Olivier Bellissan, head of the CLARK branch in Lyon: an iPad, a bottle of champagne and a commemorative plaque marking a successful 2015.



News in focus

CLARK at CeMAT 2016

’99 years of CLARK’. This is the motto under which the inventor of the forklift appeared at CeMAT 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for intralogistics, which was held in Hanover from 31 May to 3 June 2016.
In 400 m2 of exhibition space in hall 26 and in the outdoor area, CLARK presented new ideas and exhibits from the counterbalance truck and warehouse equipment segments. Rolf Eiten, CEO of CLARK Europe GmbH, said: “CeMAT was the ideal platform for us to present our expanded product range to our dealers and customers. We had many interesting discussions and established new contacts with customers and potential dealers alike.”“ 


CLARK family reunion

International dealer meeting at CeMAT

The international CLARK dealer meeting is a highlight of every CeMAT. At the 2016 event, the CLARK team from Duisburg led by Chief Executive Officer Rolf Eiten welcomed more than 100 guests from Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Managing directors from South Korea, the USA and other CLARK organisations around the world also attended the event to report on the latest developments in global company development, sales, marketing and R&D.
The excitement grew towards the end of the meeting when the best CLARK dealers of 2015 from the CLARK Europe GmbH catchment area were honoured at the trade fair.