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Newsletter 03/2012

Clark Europe GmbH successful in all business areas in 2012

Growth against the trend

Despite the hostile economic climate, Clark Europe GmbH achieved two-figure growth rates in the business year 2012. The excellent performance of Clark Europe GmbH is in stark contrast to partly significant weak demand. The global market for industrial trucks suffered a reduction of 2.5 % in 2012. The sales area of Clark Europe GmbH – Europe, Middle East and Africa – in particular lost considerable momentum with a reduction of 3.9%.
“The fact that we were able to improve to the current level despite one of the big markets in recession signals that our expansion strategy and the strategic expansion of our dealer network to 178 partners is bearing fruit”, says Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH, “above all, we were able to achieve respectable growth rates in the regions of Africa, especially South Africa, in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.” In contrast, a certain restraint can be felt in the southern European states. „Our immensely important spare parts business”, says Egon Strehl, “managed to increase by 20 % – a trend which will continue since we will introduce extremely practicable and economical offers to the market in 2013, especially in the parts area.”
The incoming orders of Clark Europe GmbH developed positively in 2012 with an increase of 13 % in the counterbalanced forklift area and an increase of 10 % in the warehousing technology area. Along with the convincing market introduction of machines such as the GEX 40-50 and C40-50, Strehl puts the positive overall performance down to higher market coverage. Clark Europe GmbH gained eleven new dealers in 2012, “for example in France, Great Britain, Germany and even Eastern Europe. However, we are also pleased that we were able to promote the Clark brand in Scandinavia (for example Denmark and Norway) with new, strong sales partners”

GEX 40-50 in the field test: Clark four-wheel electric forklift convinces at NECK-DECK MARINE

Good recommendation

Good sales launch. Good feedback. And fully convincing results for the field test in the Netherlands. The electric four-wheel forklift GEX 40-50 with load capacities of 4, 4.5 and 5 tonnes is currently very popular. Clark dealer Itolang B.V. from Barneveld in the Netherlands has recommended their customer NECK-DECK-MARINE – NDM for short – the latest highlight from Clark. The Palfinger subsidiary NDM checked the GEX 50 in action from A to Z.
NDM is an internationally active manufacturer of machines such as lifeboat slewing crane systems and marine cranes. Just as NDM, the GEX 50 with SE tyres presented itself as “the ideal balance between safety and economic factors without losing sight of aspects like quality and user friendliness” in the production environment of the Dutch. In addition to the good all-round vision, it was primarily the excellent feeling of the steering and the ergonomically designed driver’s seat that convinced in daily use - 20 percent in the interior, around 80 percent in the exterior. Along with the operating comfort and best manoeuvrability, André Thomassen (NDM) also attested the full practical suitability of the GEX 50 in terms of the performance of the electric forklift launched in 2012. With Its two drive motors, 100 percent AC technology and the maintenance-free oil-immersed disk brakes, the GEX 40-50 really does have what it takes for a sustainable increase in productivity.

Commercial vehicles: Clark takes over EverGreen

The eVolution continues

The globally active Clark Material Handling company has announced its acquisition of the US electric vehicle manufacturer EverGreen Electric Vehicles, LLC (EverGreen). It has been agreed not to disclose any details on the takeover of the company based in the US state of Colorado.
With this acquisition, the industrial truck manufacturer Clark has extended its product range of industry-proven series for industrial vehicles, utility vehicles and golf carts (caddies).
“The on-road and off-road utility vehicles of EverGreen extend our existing product line in an optimum way”, states Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH, “what’s more, we are not only incorporating established electric vehicles into our portfolio, but are also profiting from the manufacturing expertise, wellestablished sales channels and marketing strategies of Ever- Green.” Strehl sees the current overlaps in the area of electric power as favourable conditions for further, mutual growth. In addition to utility vehicles that are used in warehousing, distribution and production, Clark can now also offer electric vehicles for external passenger transportation.
Strehl adds: “With EverGreen we are coming ever closer to gaining the status of a fullrange distributor in the area of commercial vehicles.” Checks are currently being carried out on which products are suitable for the European market and which adaptations must be made to the current product line, if any.