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Newsletter 03/2011

Clark innovations for greater turnaround
Battery changing table, driver's cab, speed boost: Clark launches new products and features
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Clark rendezvous: Meeting in Lyon
40 dealers, customers and interested parties impressed by the dealer meeting in the Dealer Support Center Lyon
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Clark Webshop is now online
Advertising articles, promotion wall and giveaways from Clark can now be ordered via the internet
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Dear reader,

2011 has, without doubt, been a good year for Clark. An impressive number of entries in the order books, a significant image boost and a whole series of new models in the forklift and warehousing area. Having achieved so much, we can now look towards the future with confidence and with our customers and their concrete challenges in mind. It is encouraging that our new models C 40-55s have already got off to a good start. The GEX 40-50 (80- Volt four-wheel forklift with load capacities of 4, 4,5 and 5 t.) also looks set for promising results. Our product offensive in warehousing technology has struck a chord in the market. The electric tractor CTX 40/70 is enjoying active demand. We are eagerly awaiting the market response after rolling out the electric lifting trucks PX20 and SX 12/16. And with production optimisations like the automatic speed boost of the C20-35D or the battery change table for electric units, we are well prepared for an exciting year ahead in 2012.

Egon Strehl


International Clark family well prepared for the future

Built to last

Clark was the first forklift manufacturer in the world in 1917, and Clark intends to remain “first” in the future as well: First, when it comes to the uncompromising versatility of the machines in practical applications and the outstanding price-performance ratio. First also, when it comes to the long-term collaboration of everyone in the worldwide “Clark Family”.

“Our parent company Young An”, states Clark Managing Director Egon Strehl, “is pulling out all the stops en route to the global family brand Clark. As a company that refuses to think in quarterly reports but instead in generations, an awareness of responsibility in respect to employees, dealers and customers takes top priority.” This type of sustainability pays off for everyone, as it entails planning and hence future security in times of radical transformation.
“We’re sure to establish ecological win-win situations as well with the principle of sustainability”, continues Strehl. That applies both for employees, sales partners and suppliers as well as for end users. The fact that the parent company Young An makes regular investments amounting to millions irrespective of the current economic situation reveals, according to Strehl, the unbridled desire to win further shares in the forklift market. “Interest in forklifts is vanishing elsewhere, whole company divisions simply being sold, hived off or dispensed with as part of a rationalisation process. We, on the other hand, are the growth company Clark and will continue to be so.” The “built to last” philosophy extends to all areas of the company.
With development and production locations around the globe, Clark is able to “cover both regional needs like the electrical technology in Europe”, states Strehl, as well as keeping the total cost of ownership low.
“The continuous exchange of knowledge and ideas combined with the effective collaboration among our group allows us to create synergy effects on the cost side as well, which we can pass on to our customers.”
The principle of sustainability also entails intensified efforts to maintain momentum when it comes to progress and development. Strehl: “We’re on a twotrack course here. On the one hand, we respond to today’s new requirement profiles with rapid optimisation of existing products or the development of new products and features. On the other hand, our strategists are working towards anticipating future market trends and implementing them in new material handling solutions.”


Product NEWS

Run on new Clark units

They seem to have what it takes to succeed: The new diesel and LPG forklifts C 40- 55s of the premium range Gen2 (load capacities 4 – 5.5 tonnes) as well as the electric towtractors CTX 40/70 with 4 and 7 tonne pulling power are currently receiving an excellent response. “The incoming orders are very promising”, states Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH. Clark’s product pipeline remains full to the brim with the GEX 40-50, an 80-Volt four-wheel forklift with load capacities of 4 and 5 tonnes, as well as the warehousing technology pedestrian operated machines PX20 (electric low-lift truck) and SX 12/16 (electric high-lift truck).


Interview with markus Jöckel, Director parts & Distribution

Every part an original

No new machine sales without spare parts business and vice versa. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Markus Jöckel: Whoever wants to be involved in the market as an OEM, has to assign the highest priority to a supply with original spare parts. Even a Clark unit is subject to operational wear despite its above-average service life. Everything will fall into place after this.

Above all, a parts delivery that is on-schedule and in compliance with the amounts stipulated generates a win-win situation: Clark users gain investment certainty, Clark dealers gain an extra mainstay with the spare parts business. Consequently, the parts business should tick over nicely.
Markus Jöckel: The spare parts business has developed positively, but I can still see room to manoeuvre. For example, some dealers such as Lothar Heckert, Hald & Grunewald, Clarklift South Africa, Swaidan and Sotudis are progressing confidently there. They are trying to make the most of existing potential and increase the added value of the spare parts business.

How is Clark Europe GmbH responding to this trend?
Markus Jöckel: At present, we are occupied with extending the product portfolio in the parts division both in terms of depth and scope. Additional articles such as forks, seats, pallet trucks or now also snow chains could be mentioned here. In connection with this, the Totalift programme is also being extended further.

Where do Clark dealers receive corresponding information?
Markus Jöckel: We are currently putting together a parts catalogue again, although stock lists, filter lists, manuals etc. can now be downloaded and viewed online. And if information is needed for the use of PartsPRO or the Parts EShop: simply contact the Spare Parts department – sometimes we even offer online training.


Innovations for enhanced turnaround performance: new features of the C20-35 series

Perfection in detail

Only one thing really counts in everyday working life: Practical application. The Clark Research & Development department active throughout the world therefore tests new features primarily under real working conditions in the warehouse, in production and recycling as well as during commercial vehicle loading and unloading. The question behind this: What new units or optimisations to current series give the user real value? With the automatic speed boost for the C20-35D series, the new armrest and electro-hydraulic valves controlled via a mini-lever or mini-joystick, Clark is now launching some useful new features.

The demo vehicle already attracted peoples attention at the CeMAT 2011 in Hanover: From 2012 onwards, Clark will also offer the automatic speed boost for the C20-35D (diesel drive) when the gear is in the neutral position or when the inching pedal is pressed down. If the forklift driver operates the mini-lever in the armrest to activate the lifting hydraulics, the engine speed will increase automatically and proportionally to the lever activation. In this way, the desired lifting power can be retrieved infinitely without increasing the engine speed via the accelerator. The advantage: The driver can control the vehicle in gear by actuating the inching pedal, such as when approaching a rack – a real plus when it comes to work safety, precision and comfort. Clark will also bring out the first models of the C20-35 series with a robust, ergonomically designed armrest in the first quarter of 2012. The “builtto- last” design of the armrest in the diesel/LPG forklifts C20-35 will also be considered by Clark in further combustion-engine and electric forklifts – expected availability: Quarter III of 2012. Clark has also realised an option frequently requested in the fleet business: Actuation of electro-hydraulic valves via mini- levers or mini-joysticks that are integrated in the armrest – integrated direction switchover also included along with setting options for individual adjustment. This involves concrete measures for increasing driver comfort, reducing fatigue and hence boosting productivity in work routines.

Driver’s cab for CtX40/70
A driver’s cab for the electric three-wheel tractor CTX40/70 will be available from quarter I of 2012. The folding double doors that can be hooked half open onto the side door ensure a fresh breeze when working in the summer. As before, the battery hood can be opened wide, allowing a battery change by crane. Large viewing windows ensure perfect all-round vision. Even the large stowage compartment for up to 200 kilograms of extra transport goods is easy to access through its own rear hatch within the cabin attachment.

New battery change table
Changing the battery by hand in the electric forklifts GEX16- 20s and GTX16-20s has never been so quick and easy thanks to the optimised battery changing table from Clark. The replacement is made via a manual lifting platform with changing table. To give users a high degree of flexibility during loading, all current electric forklifts from Clark are available with a side battery change.


Mid September Clark dealer meeting in Lyon

“STRIKE” in France

No, there were no strikes whatsoever during the dealer meeting in the Dealer Support Center Lyon. Instead the positive results and developments that Clark achieved in Europe and France in 2010 and 2011 were the focus of the meeting in the middle of September.

Market and product developments, training measures for Technology and Sales as well as the highlight of our current product portfolio were presented to the interested audience – nearly 40 guests, including 22 dealers. The diesel and LPG forklift C 40-55s from the premium range Gen2 as well as the electric tractor CTX 40/70 for company-internal goods transport attracted particular attention. Clark’s electric models and the recent campaign in the warehousing technology segment were at the centre of attention on both days of the event. Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH, and host Albert Argudo (Sales Manager France, North Africa, Portugal) also looked back on the extremely successful Clark presence at the CEMAT 2011 in Hanover. A “strike” did then occur, but not until the evening. Here the entire team, led by Managing Director Egon Strehl, met up for a game of indoor bowling.


Extraordinary services in logistics

Clark in the Hall of Fame

As the inventor of the forklift truck, Eugene Bradley Clark (1873-1942) has been posthumously enrolled in the “Logistics Hall of Fame”.

The reason for this: “Clark presented the grandfather of today’s forklifts in the United States of America in 1917 – an innovation without which it would be hard to imagine today’s logistics processes.” The Logistics Hall of Fame is a virtual portal revealing the great names in the sector ( This includes personalities who have contributed outstanding achievements to the further development of logistics and supply chain management. A jury of branch specialists and logistics experts decides who is to be incorporated. The entry on Eugene Clark is not only an exciting read, but also provides an excellent mini-reference with contributions on life and career, a portrait and merits. The initial tentative steps to get the first forklift up and running are thus described as follows: “The first “ancestor” of the front forklift truck is simple, but it fulfils its purpose.”



“And the winner is . . . PFK!”
PFK Group GmbH, a Clark dealer from Cologne, received the award for tremendous financial communication in the middle of October 2011. As part of a ceremony, the Managing Director of PFK, Dr. Uwe Streck-Kittlaus, received the prize for the best financial communication among small and medium-sized companies in the category Small Companies at the Altes Kesselhaus in Düsseldorf. The award was offered for the fifth time by the credit insurer Euler Hermes, the Commerzbank, the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (Federation of German Industry), the Ruhr-University Bochum, the Financial Times Deutschland and the magazine impulse. The jury was particularly impressed by how consistent PFK is in living and implementing its basic corporate attitude towards transparency to the outside world.


Packing company ordered new C30D

“They swear by Clark”

“Our employees swear by Clark forklifts”, states KOKON Managing Director Gerald Weber, “we’ve worked together with Clark dealer Kowalski since our foundation and we’re a thoroughly satis- fied customer. Just a few days ago we ordered the new C 30D from CLARK.”

What is an additional, minor service for many retailers, is the centre of their business activities for KOKON Verpackung GmbH: The company from Mönchengladbach has been developing packaging – wooden packaging for industry to be precise – for nearly 20 years. This comprises smaller special packaging for sensitive equipment from the high-tech sector, for example, and extends to gigantic wooden structures – heavy load pallets – for machines or entire production lines that have to bear loads from 2 to 80 tonnes depending on the application.
Gerald Weber, one of the two Managing Directors of KOKON Verpackungen GmbH: “We believe in full service: We check the current import regulations of the destination country. Every package is developed and produced individually. The packing itself is partly carried out at the customer on-site or in our company. And last but not least, we also take care of the recycling of used wooden packaging.” The heavier and larger the products to be transported, the greater the demands for the packaging. The quality must be right. The 45 employees of KOKON Verpackungen GmbH, who have to combine the traditional handcraft of joinery with technical expertise, know this. To this end they are supported by first-class materials handling technology. Equipment provided by Kowalski Transportgeräte GmbH – Clark forklifts both for outdoor and indoor use – provides sustained support for the packing team of KOKON.
All the more so as the company from the Lower Rhine has made a good choice with its new C30D. With a 3-tonne load capacity, the diesel forklift from the Gen2 series provides maximum options in production, warehousing, when loading and unloading trucks etc. Operating comfort for high turnaround performance and the complete safety package are rounded off by Clark-typical, robust design and powerful drive.


People and markets

“Clark trade fair highlight” Clark inspires Europe

Green showcase: From Finland to Bulgaria, Clark exhibitors have been attracting the attention of visitors at trade fairs. This was the case at the “International Technical Fair Plovdiv”. Clark dealer Konstantin & Sons Ltd. from Sofia appeared at its best at Bulgaria’s largest technology trade fair. Sales Manager Todor Topalov, General Manager Evangelin Topalov, Regional Dealer Georgy Toskov and International Sales Manager Andrea Galli welcomed around 200 visitors to the stand, which exhibited seven Clark forklifts and two prototypes. “The Clark forklifts were among the highlights of the entire trade fair – an excellent prelude for Clark business in Bulgaria”, declared Tenor. The agile Finnish Clark dealer CE Rental from Pirkkala was also present on the trade fair floor – as CE Rental Marketing Manager Chao Wang had announced in the run-up to the fair: “Our competition is tough, but there are good arguments in favour of Clark. We’re going to communicate these.”
Finally, the Belgian Clark dealer Deceuninck entered the limelight with its expertise at the TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS trade fair in Antwerp (Antwerp expo). The company from Western Flanders was able to make some valuable new contacts during the 8th three-day B-2-B-exhibition.


Social Responsibility

With each other – for each other: Clark’s social commitment

Social Responsibility

Ever since the takeover of the traditional forklift brand by the South Korean company Young An Hat Co. in 2003, every Clark site throughout the world now invests in social projects.

“The thought of giving something back to society is deeply rooted in the corporate philosophy of Clark and not merely lip service”, stresses Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH. Social responsibility with an emphasis on supporting children and youths while promoting education has been one of the corporation’s declared ethical objectives since its foundation.
In figures: In 2011 alone, Clark Europe GmbH has so far donated a four-figure sum to charitable organisations. The beneficiaries included the charity partner “Friedensdorf International” based in Oberhausen. Egon Strehl was able to hand over a donation cheque at the CeMAT 2011 in Hanover. “The Forklift” also gave its full support to the organisation that helps children from wartorn and crisis regions at the Friedensdorf Summer Festival 2011.
In addition to this, the cooperation with the “handballfriends”, an initiative started up by the legendary handball player Erhard Wunderlich for promoting youth handball, was continued in 2011. The Kirchengemeindefest in Mülheim, a police publication for young citizens received support from Clark: “Road safety” as well as the social golf tournament organised by Stacatruc. The Friedensdorf International will soon have reason to be happy again. “Instead of Christmas cards”, declares Marketing Assistant Katrin Czimczik, “we shall send our Christmas greetings to customers and partners online. We shall donate the amount saved from the printed version to Friedensdorf again. I think our partners and customers will fully understand.”


S. Vangermain
K. Holz

Clark internal

Two new trainees begin work on 1st September 2011, two young men began their vocational career at the training provider Clark Europe GmbH: Sven Vangermain and Kevin Holz.

Sven Vangermain is 23 years old and is completing a three-year training as a wholesale and export trade clerk – key area wholesale trade. He has a lot of stress at the moment: Via distance learning, Sven Vangermain is not only sitting his school leaving exams, but is also attending a business language course in English besides his vocational school. He may not have much time for his football hobby at present.

Kevin Holz is 19 and has begun a three-year training as a specialist in warehousing logistics at Clark. He is not unfamiliar to most employees, as he already completed an internship lasting several weeks at Clark before his training.

The two newcomers are open and outgoing to all and everyone and regard their future prospects in Clark’s international environment as very good. With good reason: After all, Clark places great emphasis on training its staff well and has so far always been able to take on all trainees.


En route to Saturn

Unusual approach in converting an electrical retailer. The steel construction company MJBLawicki needed a forklift on the first floor of Saturn in Düsseldorf. Owing to the specifications and residual load bearing capacity, the choice fell to a Clark C30L provided by Kowalski Transportgeräte GmbH.


Clark Shop online

The full range
From now on, partners, dealers and Clark fans can purchase Clark advertising articles and giveaways online: in the Clark Shop, which is linked to the Clark website www.clarkmheu. com. The initial response to the new web-shop range from “The Forklift” is overwhelming. Dozens of orders were received within the first few days after activation. The 2 x 1 metre advertising banners with the motifs “History” and “Clark App”, for example, are particularly appealing to dealers at the moment. The shop system provides quick and easy ordering options for the latest Clark articles, such as key rings with a shopping chip, ball point pens, thermo mugs for travelling, Clark fan scarves, T shirts, rucksacks, USB sticks (4GB), penknives or LED mega beams. Besides the quick and easy product ordering, visitors to the internet site can also download all Clark brochures and data sheets free of charge. What is more, all flags, stickers, posters and the new display magnet wall are available in the shop form now on. At 3.36 metres wide and 2.22 metres high, it forms a sweeping presentation area, giving the impression of spatial depth. Transport and installation are child’s play, as the display can be made into a large advertising area without the need for a tool in just a few minutes.


“The Forklift” is active as a jersey sponsor for the FC St. Pauli and Rumelner TV

Cult Hamburg club wears Clark

It is regarded as one of the last genuine cult clubs in Germany: FC St. Pauli not only plays football with a frenetic following in the stadium at the Millerntor, but also handball in halls that are usually packed full. From now on, the cool handball players (Herren-Oberliga) will be proud to wear the Clark forklift on their chest.

The jersey sponsoring of the Hamburg team is part of a sponsoring campaign which “The Forklift” is also pursuing in the immediate neighbourhood of the European Head Office in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The volleyball players of the Rumelner TV (Duisburg) also run around in a Clark strip. The team from the Lower Rhine has meanwhile managed to reach the upper part of the table after promotion to the Second Division North. Katrin Czimczik, Marketing Assistant at Clark: “Youth teams in particular should benefit from Clark’s interest in sporting achievements in future and will be increasingly provided with Clark strips. However, we’re also pursuing sports sponsoring first and foremost in the senior area and are currently looking for further partners.”


Oldie but Goldie

The secret star of the prague trade fair

Manufactured in Mülheim an der Ruhr, sold in Belgium, in service in the Czech Republic. 42 years after delivery, a DCY 20 from 1969 is tirelessly at work in the Czech Republic along with a C500- Y110D/155D from 1987. The C500-Y110D/155D with 5-tonne load capacity (Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tyre Truck) is used on the Prague trade fair grounds “INCHEBA” for converting the platforms. For around 50 trade fairs and exhibitions that are held on a 320,000 m2 area each year, that is quite some work.



Did You Know ...

That the Unique 101 degree steer axle on the Clark models GEX16 –30 together with dual motor construction enables this range of trucks to have similar turn characteristics to that of a 3 wheel machine. The drive motors also counter rotate meaning the centre of rotation is in the centre of the drive wheels giving the smallest turn radius possible - just like a 3 wheeler.
So What!
The greatest manoeuvrability with the smallest turning radius in its class. No tyre scrubbing on maximum steer angle. Better traction on all surfaces both wet and dry.
Four wheel machine which manoeuvres like a 3 wheeler. Optimum traction on all surfaces. Truck can be used for both inside and outside applications. Long tyre life gives lower maintenance costs.

Yet another reason for buying Clark!


World record broken

Europe’s biggest hot-air balloon festival at the air sports Mecca of Metz-Chambley caused quite a stir yet again at the end of July 2011. At the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons, 343 balloonists broke the world record from 2009 with a mass start all together. In rows of two and three they rose into the air from the former NATO airfield – 14 balloons more than the previous world record. The record was also officially confirmed by a judicial officer, who witnessed the spectacle filling the sky. Like two years ago, at the heart of the action rather than merely participating: The Ballon-Club Mülheim an den Ruhr 1979 e.V. with the Clark balloon in Green-White-Black. 3000 concentrated cubic metres of Clark power – once again in world champion form.