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Dear reader,

after a long barren spell, things are beginning to look a little greener. All this is really good news in view of the extremely diffi cult year behind us. Yet new growth cannot be taken for granted. Strong resolve and decisive action are called for here, if the economic recovery is to be set in motion. We have therefore decided to launch the CLARK stimulus package III. You can benefi t from extremely attractive special conditions until the new year 2009/10.
We are putting our words into deeds in other areas as well. In opening the new Dealer Support Center in Lyon, we are creating optimum conditions for a partnership with dealers and customers where proximity counts.
I would like to ask you to do your best in preparing for the economic recovery and look forward to working together with everyone at Clark sharing a positive outlook and passionate commitment. I wholeheartedly believe in your energy and competence.

Egon Strehl
Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH


Interview with Clark-Managing Director Seung Soo Baik

Direct proximity to customers

Clark's new location strategy takes shape: The first Dealer Support Centre commenced operations in Lyon on September 1, 2009.
Seung Soo Baik, Managing Director of Clark, expresses his views on Clark's commitment in diffi cult economic times.

Question: A signifi cant slump in mechanical engineering has also led to considerable setbacks in the materials handling sector. How is Clark responding to these circumstances from the viewpoint of the company owner?
S.S. Baik: 2008 was a very successful year for Clark Europe. A rise in sales of 64 percent following strong results the previous year were sound proof of the strategy taken. That a crisis would unfold so quickly entailing such serious changes in the market could not be foreseen at the end of 2008. We are therefore sticking to our expansion plans for the time being, even if with some time delay. This also includes the Dealer Support Centre in Lyon.

Question: What do think is the potential of this Dealer Support Centre?
S.S. Baik: France is a very important market for Clark. To be able to serve this market, it is vital to offer dealers and customers support directly on-site. The Europe Centre in Mülheim alone cannot ensure this.

Question: Proximity to customers is an integral element of the Clark marketing strategy?
S.S. Baik: As with all our communicative efforts, here too we are endeavouring to approach this task pro-actively. Customers are a very sensitive element, especially in these diffi cult times for everyone. That means it's important for us to show customers that we are there to help answer their questions and solve their problems. But this can only be realized if we offer complete proximity to the customer. The Dealer Support Centre in Lyon will certainly not be the last of its type.

Question: You're talking of an aggressive approach in times when you competitors are on the retreat?
S.S. Baik: Owing to surplus capacity, many competitors have been forced to reconsider their strategic plans. Clark, on the other hand, still has some catching up to do if it is to join the big players over the mediumterm. We shall continue on our expansion course precisely for this reason.


PFK Group GmbH: The new Clark partner in Cologne

Modern complete provider

Clark Europe GmbH was able to welcome a superbly placed logistics specialist from the Rhineland among the circle of Clark dealers in the form of the PFK Group on June 1, 2009. With 30 employees and notching up around 6 million Euros turnover in 2008, the PFK Group is one of the market leaders in the Cologne economic area. In August 2009 it celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Sale and leasing
The extensive product range of its contract partners – besides Clark this includes Manitou, Baumann and Pramac – mean that PFK is in an excellent position to provide a corresponding solution for almost every transport and warehousing assignment. The range extends from pallet trucks to front forklift trucks, side, sliding mast and multi-terrain forklifts through to telescopic forklifts and warehousing technology. When it comes to the drives, PFK customers can choose between electric, gas-propelled and diesel forklifts. PFK Managing Director Dr. Streck-Kittlaus is very enthusiastic about the new partnership with Clark: "Clark is a real brand name and continues to stand for economic productivity, sturdiness and tremendous value for money. Clark's strong presence in the electrical segment looks very promising for us. That's a market of the future, if not the market of the future." PFK Group GmbH has a leased a fleet of 150 machines.

PFK Group GmbH
Mathias-Brüggen-Straße 61
D-50829 Köln
Tel.: +49 (0)221 - 95 65 95-0 · Fax: +49 (0)221 - 95 65 95-66 ·



From foreman to model builder

Helmut Hegmann cannot complain about not having enough to do in his free time. Besides collecting and making miniature forklift trucks and hot-air balloons, he has meanwhile become a keen balloonist as well.

Hegmann was given his fi rst model forklift as a gift in 1972 by his brother-in-law, who was then also employed at Clark. And as befitting the occasion, it was naturally a Clark forklift truck. Helmut Hegmann was immediately bitten by the bug, and this enthusiasm has remained up to the present day.
To date, he has made around 120 model forklifts in miniature format himself, some of these even having crossed the pond to reach the USA. They are exhibited in a forklift museum there. Talking about the USA: Chairman Sung Hak Baik's attention was drawn to the Hegmann fork-lift trucks in 2007 at the opening of the Clark Europe Centre and was so impressed by the small, true-to-detail models, that he promptly invited the owner and the entire collection to Clark's 90th anniversary in the USA. Nowadays, Hegmann's collection has over 400 models and he is well-known in the collector scene. Indeed a very special model made by Hegmann has covered a lot of ground. For over a year now, the Clark hotair balloon model has had a place of honour in the offi ce of Chairman Baik in Korea.


Optimised cab range: GTX 16-20s, GEX 20-30 and CQ20-30

Outstanding visibility

Driving comfort, ergonomics and safety. These are the features underlying Clark's optimised cab program for the series GTX, GEX and CQ.

Cab range CQ 20-30
Good visibility all round and hence greater productivity and safety is ensured by the CQ 20- 30's front windscreen with wiper, large sliding window in the doors and second window in the lower part of the doors. The amply dimensioned rear window for the diesel and gas-propelled forklift truck also enables unimpeded vision when reversing. In combination with the interleaved mast profi les and support struts of the cab roof running parallel to the driver's line of vision, optimal conditions are ensured for fatigue-free work and best performance.

Warm, quiet, practical
The spacious driver's cab is mounted on rubber insulators, which shield the driver against noises and vibrations form the engine, thereby ensuring greater drive comfort. The cleaver arrangement of all components gives the impression of a design fully compatible with everyday working realities. All important components – above all maintenance parts – are easily accessible here, the hood allowing 100 percent opening. The heater is located on the right below the hydraulic lever; air outlet nozzles in the direction of the footwell, driver and front windscreen ensure a warm interior.

Cab range GTX and GEX
The load always in sight: The cabs for the electric fork-lifts GTX and GEX offer a rounded font window with dual-arm wiper for this. The size of the sliding window in the doors and the second window in the lower part of the doors also enable improved all-round vision. Opening of the window is supported by pneumatic springs. The protective roof struts are also adapted to the fi eld of vision even when the load is raised.

Well equipped for servicing
Certain key specifi cations such as use in the lower section of the rear frame for the GTX and GEX 16-20s ensure easy accessibility to all relevant components. Simple to remove, thereby enabling problem-free access to the controls. The hood can be opened completely. The opening angle restriction of the doors can easily be unhooked for rapid battery changing. Steps sealed with PVC also ensure safety when entering and leaving the cab. The 48V heater (GTX and GEX 16-20s) or 80V heater (GEX 20-30) makes sure the interior is nice and warm. Brushes ensure that the doors are always closed tight.

Modular cab level
Clark provides four cab levels for an optimal adaptation to the conditions on-site. The modularity allows an application comparable with a modular system. The rain protection is covered with Level 1, weather protection with Level 2. Level 3 represents the partial cab. As a full cab, Level 4 has a steel roof with window, a steel front with large safety window, parallel front windscreen wiper, inside mirror, steel doors with sliding window as well as steel rear with wipers, which can be folded up in the GTX, GEX 16-20s and GEX 20-30 series.


Extended until 31 December, 2009

Top conditions in the savings package

The success story continues: The CLARK economic stimulus package II has been extended until 31 December 2009. That means participating dealers can continue to benefi t from extensive special conditions. The second economic stimulus programme originally only ran until 30 September 2009. "The measures initiated for supporting our dealers turned out to be optimal. Our economic stimulus packages were and are a complete success", states Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH. The key points of the support programme include, as before, tangible economic advantages: Direct discounts, interest subsidies and guarantee extensions amounting to 3 years or 4000 operating hours in total. The guarantee extension primarily relates to main components.


Clark Dealer Support Centre in Lyon starts operations – Clark Managing Director Egon Strehl interviewed

Growth in proportion

Question: Two years ago you decided to establish dealer support centres in the catchment area of Clark Europe GmbH, with the aim of providing dealers and customers with direct and rapid support on-site. The fi rst step has already been taken with the regional dealer centre in Lyon, will further such centres follow?
Egon Strehl:
Integral components of our long-term strategy involve establishing and strengthening networks in the various core markets – the new Lyon site is a fi rst milestone here. A support offi ce is still planned in the Middle East region.

Question: Despite the economic downturn since the autumn of 2008, you have invested in a new site, having provided halls and offices in Lyon and built-up a new, experienced team of materials handling experts together with Sales Manager Albert Argudo. Are these the right measures at the right time?
Egon Strehl:
We're almost certainly setsetting a clear trend with the opening of the Dealer Support Centre in Lyon. We're planning long-term and realising our projects on a logical step by step basis – the fact that there's a fi nancial and economic crisis does not change anything here. Of course, we want to be perfectly placed to respond to a recovery in the market.

Question: The new team in Lyon includes new sales staff besides an additional technical engineer. What are the primary tasks of the Clark staff on-site?
Egon Strehl:
Technical support for our dealers, customer-specifi c modifi cations and repairs, machinery and spare parts supply and, not least, more intensive marketing involvement will be handled by the Dealer Support Centre in Lyon. And, of course, the outstanding transportation infrastructure also plays a key role here.

Question: You're assuming the Dealer Support Centre will be a success then?
Egon Strehl:
Without a doubt. I'm convinced the concept involving local and regional support will take root while our team will make the most of their experience and vigour, so we can offer targeted and lasting support.


Clark Europe GmbH donates to festival in Friedensdorf

Lucky draw winners

Clark Europe GmbH donated two vouchers for a trip in the Clark balloon to its social sponsoring partner Friedensdorf Oberhausen of the "Aktion Friedensdorf e.V.". The tickets were among the most sought-after main prizes in the raffle at the village festival held at the beginning of September 2009. The festival itself was a huge success: Hundreds of happy visitors mingled among barbeques and flea market, the Friedensdorf boutique and Taiko drummers, fire service car and kids' face-painting corner. As early as August, the Marketing Team of Clark Europe GmbH had handed over 80 Tom & Clarky sets and ten boxes of chocolate for the children of Friedensdorf to Beate Kleinbrahm of "Aktion Friedensdorf e.V.".


People and markets

Open day at SKS

At least 500 visitors discovered more about the company SKS Stapler-Kran- Service - what it can offer and what it can do - at its open day on June 20. SKS has been active in the fi eld of lifting technology for over ten years, providing lifting carriages and drawbar devices through to forklift trucks and truck loading cranes in the form of an all-round service. The company heads Michael and Stefan Goldemann drew a positive conclusion from the day, and plan to hold such an event once every three months from now on. Clark Sales Manager Rainer was also delighted by the positive response from customers and visitors at this event.

SKS Stapler-Kran-Service
Am Streitgraben 22
86647 Wortelstetten/Buttenwiesen ·
Phone: +49 (0) 82 74/99 71-11 · Fax: +49 (0) 82 74/99 71-12

Clark image film available in Arabic

Clark Europe GmbH now offers TV-format sales support and image promotion in Arabic. Clark has recently had an image film made, which customers, dealers, partners and other interested parties have been able to watch on the web presentation “The forklift” since July 2009 (live-stream/Flash version). The Clark image film is also available for downloading at The now-dubbed, Arabic version is just what is needed for the strong Clark presence in the Middle East regions and the Arabic states of the Mediterranean.

Talks in Tunisia

Clark European Head Strehl made a brief visit to Tunisia at the beginning of September. Accompanied by Chairman Baik, he visited the successful Clark importer, the Zouari Group. Intensive discussions regarding a potential expansion of the joint business activities set the agenda over two days. Besides the sale of forklift trucks, senior managers of the Zouari Group as well as potential co-investors also discussed the option of cooperation in the area of busses and work machinery with Chairman Baik and Strehl. With a GDP per capita of 2880 US dollars, Tunisia is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa, making it an attractive business partner for future Clark activities.


Clark balloon flies among a very large number of balloons for the world record

Magic number 329

If that isn’t enough for an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, then we don’t know what is. The Clark balloon was right there when a new world record was broken at Europe's biggest balloon festival: 329 balloons soared simultaneously into the air on the former NATO base of Chambley in France at 11th balloon festival at the end of July 2009 - a first in ballooning.