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Newsletter 02/2015

Compact powerhouses for the warehouse: CLARK Compact opens up new opportunities....

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Cooperation with the future: CLARK dealer Suret has orchestrated a big deal in Poland...

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Collective for a good cause: CLARK charity football tournament was a complete success...

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Dear readers, 
A highly competitive forklift sales market in Europe, geopolitical uncertainties, turbulent currency developments: This area of conflict brings with it considerable demands for our industry. How can CLARK manage this? We are focusing on increasing our own productivity and transferring this approach directly into our product development. The increase in productivity, especially with the products, will be an important lever in improving the profitability for our customers. With the continuous expansion of the CLARK product range under the title  Built to Last®, CLARK makes a significant contribution to increasing customer benefits. In September 2015, CLARK will bring a new generation of battery-powered low and high-lift pallet trucks onto the market. CLARK users will therefore gain access to machines with very good handling not only for simple transportation tasks but also for more complicated ones at   as is usual for CLARK   very good price-performance structures. 
 Rolf Eiten
 Managing Director 
 Clark Europe GmbH


Maximum Productivity 

CLARK Compact: New storage technology in the volume market 

100 % safety and efficiency. Precise and ergonomic. 100% the right device at the right price for the right use. CLARK is accelerating its brand offensive in the warehouse technology trade with the launch of the new series  CLARK Compact  (CC). 
High-lift electric pallet trucks with 1.0-2.0t load-bearing capacity as well as low-lift electric pallet trucks with 1.5-2.0t load-bearing capacity with and without platforms, top speeds of up to 12 km/h: provide maximum productivity and flexibility in a variety of customer applications in warehousing and industry. The range impresses with excellent manoeuvrability, compact dimensions and quality attributed to  Built to Last® and all of this with a price-performance ratio that makes CLARK the new, strong supplier in the mass market. 
The fact is that the CC Series opens up brilliant prospects for us in the volume business,  says CLARK s CEO Rolf Eiten. The devices not only impress with their powerful acceleration thanks to industry-tested AC technology and sophisticated features such as the CLARK SpeedControl (CSC). The pronounced serviceability and the extensive standard features also ensure greater economy in load-handling.


CLARK Compact (CC)

With the new storage technology series CLARK Compact , CLARK has succeeded in breaking into the volume business.
Innovative, practical, with an attractive price: characteristic of CLARK! Emanuel Matthaei, Director of Sales & Marketing


New powerhouses for the warehouse

CLARK Compact  brings storage technology trends to the fore

Top-Devices. Attractive pricing structure. CLARK will present in September 2015,  CLARK Compact , new technical warehouse equipment for universal use, from the supermarket to industrial warehousing. Designed for the volume trade, the new series of high-lift electric pallet trucks comprises of versions with 1.0 to 2.0t load-bearing capacity as well as low-lift electric pallet trucks with 1.5 - 2.0t load-bearing capacity with and without platforms, at top speeds of up to 12 km/h.


High-lift electric pallet truck

  • 1.0t load-bearing capacity
  • Max. 1.950 mm lifting height 
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Simple handling 
  • Maintenance-free mono-block batteries 
  • Built-in battery charger


High-lift electric pallet truck

  • 1.0t load-bearing capacity 
  • Max. 3.300 mm lifting height 
  • Optimal start-up model 
  • 1.0t Load-bearing capacity to 3.300 mm
  • Maintenance-free mono-block batteries
  • Built-in battery charger


High-lift electric pallet truck

  • 1.2t load-bearing capacity
  • max. 4.800 mm lifting height
  • Precise lowering with a two-stage lowering speed
  • Standard lateral battery removal
  • Customised driving speed with load raised
  • CLARK SpeedControl (CSC)


High-lift electric pallet truck

  • 1.4t load-bearing capacity
  • Max. 4.800 mm lifting height
  • Precise lowering with a two-stage lowering speed
  • Standard lateral battery removal
  • Customised driving speed with load raised
  • CLARK SpeedControl (CSC)


High-lift electric pallet truck

  • 2.0t lifting capacity
  • Max. 3.600 mm lifting height
  • Multifunction vehicle
  • Transport two loads at the same time
  • 2 x 1.000 kg double-deck operation
  • Standard lateral battery removal


High-lift electric pallet truck

  • Increased productivity because of the best manoeuvrability, compact dimensions and comfortable handling
  • For models with CLARK SpeedControl (CSC): Depending on the tiller head position, the maximum speed can be adjusted automatically
  • Precise and safe handling due to the integration of all lifting and lowering functions in an ergonomic tiller handle
  • Optimal stability through a 4-point support


Low-lift electric pallet truck

  • 1.5t load-bearing capacity
  • Optimally suited for light duty
  • Compact dimensions
  • Extreme manoeuvrability
  • Maintenance-free mono-block batteries
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Ideal for HGV transportation


Low-lift electric pallet truck

  • 1.8t load-bearing capacity
  • Low overall width of 645 mm
  • Reliable low maintenance AC drive motor
  • CLARK SpeedControl (CSC)
  • Maintenance-free mono-block batteries
  • One-piece hood for easy access for maintenance


Low-lift electric pallet truck

  • 2.0t load-bearing capacity
  • Works with loads up to 2.0t
  • Reliable low maintenance AC drive motor
  • CLARK SpeedControl (CSC)
  • Over 180∞ pivoting tiller head for optimum turning radius
  • One-piece hood for easy access for maintenance

PPX20 / PPXS20

Low-lift electric pallet truck

  • 2.0t load-bearing capacity
  • Maximum throughput efficiency
  • High speed (8.5 or 12 km/h)
  • Reliable low maintenance AC drive motor
  • Electric power steering with proportional speed adjustment when cornering (PPXS20)
  • Stand-by function for the platform


Low-lift electric pallet truck

  • Devices are available for light use through to heavy industrial application
  • Excellent manoeuvrability and compact dimensions ensure economical, precise handling
  • For models with 24V AC drive technology: powerful acceleration as well as  with loads
  • Battery capacities of up to 375Ah and partially optional, lateral battery exchange also allows two- and three-shift operations


Features & Benefits

Rapid battery replacement for the WP15 with optional, laterally opened battery compartment. The battery changing trolley facilitates the management and the handling of the batteries. Recharging via a suitable 230V socket is possible almost everywhere.

The trucks WP15, WPX18, WPX20, PPX20 and PPXS20 are optionally equipped with load protection grills, easy-load rollers, profiled drive wheels and are also available as a cold store design.

The tiller handle is ergonomic and safe. It ensures quick and easy execution of the control commands. Automatic, damped return and deceleration in the neutral position, when you release the tiller handle, automatic parking brake.

The standard safety feature of CLARK SpeedControl (CSC) particularly helps during operation in confined spaces, but also with daily manoeuvring.


CLARK on the radar

New CLARK dealer in Wales

The new CLARK dealer in North Wales is Manton Hire & Sales Ltd. The company is based in Wrexham, the largest city in the north of Wales, and likewise the starting point for the sales activities of the CLARK dealer in North Wales, which neighbours the English counties of Cheshire, Shropshire, as well as the Wirral and Merseyside regions. 
The 17-member logistics service provider has already been in the business since 1989 and recently recorded a turnover of 1.6 million GBP a year. The CEO is company founder Peter Grindey, who initially ran the business from Liverpool, but then relocated operations to Wrexham. Around 10 service technicians are supported by 7 administration department professionals - the experienced team is led by Peter Grindey and offers purchase, rental, leasing, parts and services from CLARK forklifts. Moreover, Manton Hire & Sales Ltd. is an authorised dealer for Ausa (machinery for, amongst other things, construction, agriculture, facility management). 
The rental fleet of the new CLARK dealer includes approximately 140 units. From the start, Manton Hire & Sales Ltd were already placing 28 CLARK forklifts for their clients, which included Four Seasons Beer Tents, T & G Group, Marlin Industries, 2 Agriculture and Benross Marketing among others.  Our customers especially appreciate the price-performance ratio, reliability and image of the brand name CLARK,  says the company,  we always had CLARK on the radar in the past and, when the opportunity arose, we immediately took the opportunity to collaborate with them.


Sensation in the Persian Gulf

CLARK dealer Swaidan (UAE) places a forklift fleet with the port operator

CLARK dealer Swaidan from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was able to secure a new major order from a 40 year old loyal customer, Sharjah Ports Authority for itself in 2015. The Sharjah Ports Authority operates three ports namely of Port Khalid and Hamriyah Port & the Khorfakkan Port.
16 ordered forklifts represent a distinctive fleet order which Swaidan Trading Co., despite tough competition, was able to secure for them, thanks to the support of CLARK Europe. Primarily intended for bulk transport in the port area, Swaidan Trading Co. was able to place three GEX 30, five C30D, five C 55sD as well as three C70D units.



Signature Motors Limited

New CLARK dealer in Palestine  

Partnership with perspective: Since 2015 the new CLARK dealer for pivotal future markets in Palestine has been Signature Motors Limited. Founded in 2008, the ambitious logistics service from Ramallah supplies the market with automobiles as an exclusive partner of Renault Dacia. Sales also include commercial vehicles, power generators, machines and solutions for the construction industry, agriculture and the consumer trade. Despite political instability and government implemented restrictions on imports and exports of raw materials and machinery, Signature Motors Limited expects prosperous business in the future. The construction business is booming and the agriculture industries - as well as the Palestinian corporate segment of small and medium businesses - have also recorded steady growth. The activities of Signature Motors Limited are concentrating on the West Bank cities of Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah, and the Gaza Strip. And why now CLARK?  Customers in Palestine do not want any more expenses after purchasing a device. Low maintenance costs and Built to Last® quality: These are the reasons as to why CLARK is exactly right for our customers. 

Low maintenance costs and Built to Last® quality: These are the reasons as to why CLARK is exactly right for our customers.


At the start: the next generation

Opoczno relies on products and services from CLARK & Suret

Big Deal in Poland   the Polish logistics service provider Suret Sp. z o.o. and ceramic producer Opoczno have extended their long-standing cooperation by another four years.
The framework agreement until 2018 now includes service provisions and the long-term rental of 33 C25 CLARK forklifts from the premium series GEN2 with extra installed CNG fuel installation. Moreover, CLARK dealer Suret has created two CNG filling stations on the premises, which are counted among the most modern in Poland. Three stationary service technicians from Suret will be available during the term of the contract on the Opoczno premises to carry out local maintenance and repair promptly.
The main argument for the extension of the contract was the proven quality and performance of CLARK forklifts.  Built to last® quality is required at the leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles in so far as the application requires the durability of the machines used and flexible load handling. Most CLARK forklifts are utilised for outdoor use on rough terrain with high air pollution levels (dust). An average of 3.600 hours of hard work is done by every CLARK device in two Opoczno plants near Lodz per year.
Enthusiasm is triggered by the durability of the continuously variable, automatic power-shift transmission TA-30th in 15.000 operating hours, or around four years of operation, no single problem has occurred. The neutral gas conversion and fixed tanks of the CLARK C25 were entrusted to company Agrotrak from Krakow.
The reasoning behind the conversion: lower fuel costs, lower noise levels, slower combustion and therefore drive conservation. Furthermore, the CLARK fleet was equipped with a special combination of air and SE tyres, which support the suspension.

The devices from the brand name CLARK have proved themselves to be excellent during the last four years of our cooperation.
Krzysztof Owczarski
Logistics Director, Opoczno



Suret has been operating since March 2009 in conjunction with the dealer network of CLARK. The company employs 450 people and has its headquarters in Debica (southern Poland), but also has bases in Gorzycach, Krosno, Lodz, Ostrow, Sandomierz and Tychy. Its portfolio includes alongside sales, rental and service of trucks also relocation of machines, equipment and entire production lines as well as assignments as external logistics providers.


Founded in 1892, Opoczno is among the European market leaders in the ceramic tiles segment. Opoczno, which has several production sites in Poland, is part of the stock exchange listed Rovese SA. The group manufactures and sells products for bathrooms (including sanitary ware products, ceramic tiles, shower cubicles, acrylic bathtubs and shower trays, bathroom furniture).



Susanne Radischat
New member of the Accounting Department at CLARK Europe GmbH is Susanne Radischat. Prior to joining CLARK, she worked for two years at the archdeaconry as well as for about 14 years in the material handling equipment sector at Toyota. Together with her son and husband, Susanne Radischat lives in Neukirchen-Vluyn. The passionate dancer also loves cats and baking   especially in the latter case: doughnuts. 



Wolfgang Frikell
Wolfgang Frikell will now support the service team of CLARK Europe GmbH with his wide scope of know-how. Born in Frankfurt, he grew up in Berlin and was professionally active in Munich up to now; Wolfgang Frikell brings enormous know-how from the forklift branch with him. He has worked for Jungheinrich and Crown since 1988. In addition to travelling, his passions include model railways.



Elias Lahchaichi
Punctually on August 3rd, 2015, Elias Lahchaichi commenced his training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant (core interest wholesale) at CLARK Europe GmbH. The 20-year old started in purchasing and subsequently will work through all departments, whereby his greatest anticipation is reserved for the workshop, allowing for his enormous technical interest. Elias Lahchaichi, whose ancestors originated from Morocco, and who is fluent in German and Berber, and also shows language skills in English, Spanish and Arabic, is no stranger to most  Clarkians . He has already actively supported the CLARK football team at the summer festival.


Forklift facts and figures

Did You Know...

...that all CLARK forklift trucks with diesel engines (load-carrying capacity 2.0 - 8.0t) are equipped with the latest engine technology?
All diesel engines comply with the strict emission regulations for Stage 3b.
CLARK thereby installed high-quality catalytic converters, which do not require interruption of the task in comparison to vehicles with diesel particulate systems.

So What!

With CLARK diesel vehicles you get a powerful 
engine with high peak torque, while still maintaining small maintenance costs and environmentally friendly operation.

Again, one more reason to choose CLARK!


Top name company from Berkshire

Parts shop: British CLARK dealer Stacatruc on the top

PARTS E-SHOP, PartsPRO®-Plus, Totalift & Co.   the CLARK business with spare parts and service for industrial trucks is booming. All records in the spare parts business were broken in the first half of 2015 by CLARK dealer Stacatruc Ltd. (UK): The company from Thatch-am (Berkshire) scored the best result in terms of parts sales and orders in the entire catchment area of CLARK Europe GmbH (Europe, Africa, and Middle East).
Currently Stacatruc counts as the largest independent distributor in the UK with 8.500 companies among its customers. Around 20 Stacatruc service mechanics are responsible for maintenance and repair of forklifts in many regions, whereby the Stacatruc activities are concentrated in two centres: one hub for administration and sales and one hub for service and repairs with its own workshop. Stacatruc has grown rapidly in recent years, and has now been working for more than 40 years in the British logistics market. The CLARK dealer offers not only services but also rentals and sales of used and new equipment including financing as well as training.
The new focus on substantial revenues in the parts area can be traced back to numerous aspects according to Stacatruc Parts Manager Elizabeth Stephenson.  I have been working closely with the parts department of CLARK Europe GmbH for two years and I must say that: The cooperation is professional, helpful and designed in such a way that our demands are met precisely. The parts team at CLARK is brilliant. The online systems such as PartPRO®Plus and the dealer portal, which we work with on a daily basis, are also invaluable. They are easy to use and provide a great deal of information, diagrams and access to manuals.  

The parts team at CLARK is brilliant. The online systems such as PartPRO®Plus and the dealer portal are also invaluable.
Elizabeth Stephenson
Parts Manager Stacatruc 



  • Built to Last® quality
  • 95% availability
  • Totalift programme for revenue growth and customer loyalty
  • PartPRO®Plus as a leading parts and service documentation system
  • Deadline and quantity reliability distribution


Simply the best

CLARK Dealer BiLift Polska Sp. z o.o has won the hand-operated pallet truck race 1-2015. The bustling logistics experts from Warsaw have placed themselves in the sales ranking before Stacatruc (GB), ROMAG (D) and Vertes (HU). Their 1st place was honoured with a miniature golden forklift truck. The hand-operated forklift truck race 2-2015 (01.07.2015 - 31.12.2015) likewise promises the victor a miniature golden hand-operated forklift truck. Furthermore, the winners of the semi-annual ratings will receive a weekend ticket to the MotoGP in 2016 at the Sachsen ring (D). As to the status quo of the ranking race, monthly updates can be followed in the dealer portal. Last year s winners Deceuninck (B) are still praising the forklift truck competition.  This is a terrific way to further motivate the team.  In August, incidentally, Deceuninck visited the MotoGP in Brno/Czech Republic, together with a trip to the pit lane.

CLARK hand-held pallet truck Pro

Since 2014, the original CLARK hand-held pallet truck can be ordered in the Pro variation: CLARK gives a 3 year warranty on the Pro manual lifting platforms produced in Europe. The original CLARK device has a load-bearing capacity of 2.500 kg and is painted in  Hot yellow green . Not only are there operating instructions in 24 languages, technical data sheets, flyers etc.   CLARK also provides all spare parts in-house. The Pro manual lifting platform is used for handling pallets, steel crates etc., above all in short-distance operation for loading and unloading, order picking as well as transporting. Parts Sales Manager, Andy Baldy:  The Pro manual lifting platform represents ease of use, reliability in operation and low costs. 


Duisburg Home Game

Great sport  everyone s a winner: CLARK Charity Football Tournament 2015

When the ball rolls at CLARK in Duisburg, everyone wins. So in the middle of June 2015, the visitors to the summer festival at the club from VfB Homberg not only saw some good football on the perfectly trimmed artificial turf from CLARK and dealers, partners and hosts teams.
In the PCC stadium there was also emphasis on fun, games, competitions and more. The industrious social working group from CLARK Europe GmbH had set up a booth for selling promotional material, baked crepes and waffles, offering home made goods from Kenya and selling raffle tickets (first prize: 1 x balloon flight with the CLARK balloon from the Balloon Club Mulheim). This all enabled the Clarkians to raise the handsome sum of 4.000 Euro, which was donated to the Badilika [registered charity] as a good cause. CLARK has already supported Badilika e.V. [reg. charity] for years as an organisation which initiates educational projects in Kenya, organises them and brings them to fruition. The current project is the further expansion of the Madaraka Education Centre in Mombasa. Keyword Winner: The  throne  remains in Duisburg   the Old Boys II of VfB Homberg managed to win the final for themselves.

The donation will be used for the further expansion of the school, for a library and a sports field.
Katrin Czimczik
CLARK Europe GmbH


Career jump

English Open Championship: CLARK golfer Tom Beard on the podium

The British golfer Tom Beard is slowly working his way up to become the rising star of the British golf scene. Sponsored by CLARK, the twenty-something recently won fourth place with his team at a Pro-Am competition. This also provided CLARK with television presence - CLARK logos were clearly visible on Tom Beard s golf bag and outfit - by being featured on Sky Sports TV.  Tom Beard is part of the team selection for BALASA (British Amputee & Les Autres Sports Association) which has established golf as a disabled sport in Great Britain. Highlight in June 2015: The young CLARK advertiser, who works in the PGA National Golf Academy  Belfry Golf Centre  to the north-east of Birmingham, and who is aiming to get into the top 10 European disabled golfers, came second in the English Open Championship for disabled golfers.