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Newsletter 02/2014

Full cab for the C15-35 LPG and DSL
New and retrofittable – and direct access to Level 4: Roof + Front + Rear + separate doors...

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“I am very happy with the new C60D”
Easy handling with heavy loads: Sägewerk Vater relies on two CLARK diesel forklifts C60D...

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Meeting point CLARK: Dealers in Duisburg
150 guests in the new CLARK Europe head office impressed by possibilities for Service, Training, Production...

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Dear readers,
they are attractive, they are efficient, they are innovative: The new CLARK machines proved to be an outright crowd puller at the CeMAT 2014 in Hanover. The main interest surrounded our integration into the global CLARK network with particular focus on our parent company YoungAn. To sum up: The largest CLARK trade fair stand in European exhibition history provided interested parties, customers and employees of the CLARK “global community” space and the opportunity to exchange information and maintain contacts in a relaxed atmosphere. Our new headquarters in Duisburg also offers very good conditions and outstanding support for our Dealers: Here at the Niederrhein business park, we were able to celebrate 10 years of affiliation with the Young An group in 2014 – from 2015 onwards, we are also planning to establish a new assembly plant. Good prospects!

Rolf Eiten
Managing Director
Clark Europe GmbH


CeMAT 2014: CLARK impressed international audience

Fresh momentum

Thousands of visitors were thoroughly impressed: new stand design, new solutions from forklift trucks to Burden Carriers as well as lots of information regarding “The Forklift”. CLARK ’s appearance at the CeMAT in May 2014 made a strong impact. 

“The feedback of the whole sector on our presence in Hanover was exceptionally positive”, says CLARK Managing Director Rolf Eiten, “CLARK proved to be a compact and modern entity made up of Human Resources, products and services.” Various information boxes – walk in oversized wooden containers – provided specific information on selected topics across an exhibition area of 1,000 m2.
The 48,000 trade fair visitors from 65 countries were also able to have a close look at parts of the CLARK portfolio CeMAT 2014: CLARK impressed international audience Fresh momentum in the outdoor area.
Katrin Czimczik, Marketing team leader at CLARK: “New machines such as the passenger and burden carriers were particularly well received. The interest was considerable and gives hope for a respectable post-fair business.” Directly out of production, the prototypes really did cut a good figure at the world’s leading trade fair. The CLARK electric powered passenger and burden carriers are designed for applications in industry, trade, facility management and leisure.
The constant expansion of the CLARK range also impressed CLARK’S partners: On the second day of the trade fair, CLARK invited visitors from Africa, Europe and the Middle East to the international dealer meeting.
The next CeMAT will take place from 31st May to 3rd June 2016.


Mitsubishi LPG engine for CLARK C20-35 series

A full 51.6 kW power

This drive unit will put a smile on your face. We are talking about the LPG engine for the CLARK series C20-35: a Mitsubishi with Power Systems Incorporated (PSI) fuel system.

The new unit can attain an impressive 51.6 kW power. Thanks to simpler maintenance and a long life of the tooth belts and spark plugs, the service costs have also dropped by up to 25 percent. Nils Lieber, CLARK Product Marketing: “LPG forklifts are hence becoming an ever more viable alternative to vehicles with diesel power.” How can the increased power be explained? Klaus Krentscher, R&D Manager: “It is achieved by having 16 valves as opposed to the 8 valves in the previous engine, developing increased torque. The electronicmap ignition system causes the ignition point to be regulated electronically and the available power to be used in an optimum way. Finally, the electronic speed control gets the best performance out of the forklift.”


Modular cab program

Combustion engine with hood

After the electric vehicles of the GTX and GEX series, the following is now also available for IC products: CLARK now has a modular cab program for its diesel and LPG forklifts with capacities up to 3.5 tonnes included in the program.

The cabs can be retrofitted and can thus also be ordered for stock machines or CLARK units currently existing in the field. Depending on your wishes and requirements, the cabs can be delivered in the designs Level 1 (roof), Level 2 (roof+front), Level 3 (roof+front+rear) or Level 4 (full cab). PVC side sections are also available on request. Heated rear windows are fitted as standard and the switches are arranged intuitively and within easy reach. In addition to the standard heating with an air filter in the full cab design Level 4, the highlights include useful new options such as a comfort cover for the interior, automatic roof window wipers, panoramic rear mirror or an MP3-compatible radio system.


SX 12/16 and PX 20

Bestsellers at the CeMAT

Warehousing technology from the inventor of the forklift is blossoming into a crowd favourite. With the new electric high-lift trucks SX 12/16 and the electric low-lift truck PX 20, CLARK hit the nerve of the market at the world’s leading trade fair for intralogistics, CeMAT 2014.

Rolf Eiten, Managing Director at CLARK Europe GmbH: The feedback at the CeMAT was enormous, the sales launch successful – in view of the great market potential, we are expecting further sales increases for this model series.“ For effective use in supermarkets, in production and warehousing, the storage technology machines from CLARK are glowing, with a twogear transmission, a FREI control handle, ZAPI controller and Schabmüller motors, among other things. Nils Lieber, CLARK Product Marketing: „Dealers and customers praise ergonomics and performance. The good visibility through the CLARK upright, the ergonomic control handle and the precise lift and drive control made a particularly good impression. The button for driving with a raised control handle was also viewed positively.“


PIT stop in the CLARK dealer portal: Technical data can be accessed online

Forklift information here and now

All technical data on almost every combustion engine forklift model from CLARK can be accessed directly and with ease: This can be done immediately with the digitalised PIT Stop manuals, which can be found in the CLARK dealer portal in the Service/Technology area.

James Aspell, Service technician at CLARK Europe GmbH: “Until now the PIT Stop manuals have been stored in the PDF menu of PartsPRO Plus. With the new system, access is easier, faster, clearer and additionally in German. This will save people time in future and they can work faster and more efficiently due to the accessibility of all basic data.”
James Aspell elaborates on PIT Stop: “Our new tool also contains lots of additional information such as oil specifications, coolant types, filling levels and tightening torques.” Furthermore, details are already available on wiring diagrams (also for options such as ISO valve, cab etc.) or older CLARK machines. The database in PIT Stop will be gradually further expanded with information on machines, features & functions.


CLARK hand operated pallet trucks

Green. Robust. Professional.

Can now also be ordered in the pro variant: CLARK gives a 3 year guarantee on the manual lifting pallet trucks produced in Europe. The original CLARK machine has a load capacity of 2,500 kg and is painted in “Hot yellow green”. Not only are there operating instructions in 24 languages, technical data sheets, flyers etc. – but CLARK also provides all spare parts. The pedestrian operated lifting pallet truck Pro is used for handling pallets, steel boxes etc., above all in short-distance operation when loading and unloading, commissioning as well as transporting. Parts Sales Manager Andy Baldy: “The manual pallet truck Pro stands for simple handling, reliable operation and low costs.”

In order to avoid damage to the hydraulic system, the relief valve opens when the maximum load capacity is exceeded.

Robust and reliable, at the lowest possible weight when unladen and without the risk of tilting. The frame guarantees high resistance to wear since it is coated in the powder coating plant at 250 °C.

Improved, ergonomic control handle as a suitable solution for all applications incorporating a large steering angle (102.5°) for small a turning radius.

The top quality “Made in Europe” is documented with a 3-year product guarantee (excluding wearing parts).

Fork rollers and castors available in rubber, nylon (black or white) and polyurethane. A hand and foot brake (optional) can also be delivered, as well as single and tandem configuration. Other product variants (e.g. fork length, width) on request.

The spare parts supply is guaranteed. The documentation is available as an online or pdf version.


“Very happy”: CLARK C60D from the Gen2 series impress in the Spessart region

Hard work in the sawmill

Those who like wood will be highly impressed with the portfolio of the hardwood sawmill Gebr. Vater OHG: From oak, ash, chequer tree, and chestnut to cherry tree, linden, beech and walnut tree, the 60-year-old family business from Retzbach am Main (Spessart) has everything that the heart desires. In order to efficiently handle the timber and log wood as well as the sawdust loading with the shovel, Sägewerk Vater have had two CLARK diesel forklifts C60D in operation up to now, among others. In 2014, the fleet was extended by a Clark C50sD.

“I am very happy with the forklifts at the moment”, says Steffen März, Managing Director of the company, “the low diesel consumption, the robust mast and frame, the very good price-performance ratio and the 24-month guarantee are impressive.”
The drivers at Vater also give the diesel forklifts from the Gen2 series an excellent testimony: For one thing, the vehicle entry is comfortable with access from both sides, as is the low seat height. The low noise level in the interior also guarantees high driving comfort due to low engine speeds and the damping package as well as the pneumatic tyres.
The “strong and versatile machines” also provide a good view of the fork due to the fork carriers available from the factory with shaft-guided forks and the Triplex mast with clear vision. Specially tailored to the requirements in the hardwood sawmill, the good stability at great lifting height, the numerous compartments and shelves as well as the horizontal counterweight for carrying flooring sleepers also benefit the company.
Steffen März attests to the C60D with 6,000 kg load bearing capacity “sufficient ground clearance to be able to drive lengthwise over the centre of the flooring sleepers in the timber warehouse and to enable economic transporting of timber packages over long distances.”
Both CLARK forklifts were also recommended and facilitated by CLARK dealers Domnick+Müller (Friedrichsdorf).
The high thrust of both Gen2 series for the use of the shovel and for pushing the timber packages into the container is also beneficial to the sawmill for specific applications. “We benefit not least from the fact that we can pick up timber packages on uneven surfaces with the large tilt of the lifting mast and use the forks for the manipulation of logs”, says Steffen März.


New CLARK dealer from Northern Ireland: Airport Technical Service Ltd

The experts of the airport

With Airport Technical Service Ltd, the CLARK team led by Rolf Eiten was able to present a new partner at the CeMAT.

New CLARK base in Northern Ireland: Upon signing the contract at the world’s leading trade fair for intralogistics in Hanover in May 2014, the dealership with Airport Technical Service Ltd was all wrapped up.
The subsidiary of the market- leading Northern-Irish logistics provider W. Hall Ltd was established in 2012 and, with its seven employees, provides logistics services at Belfast International Airport, among other things.
Airport Technical Service Ltd was particularly taken in by the price-performance ratio and the support of CLARK.


30 years of Bakker heftrucks BV

Flexible and fast

The promise holds out: “We are there for you 24 hours a day with an extensive portfolio of quality products and comprehensive customer service.” CLARK dealer Bakker heftrucks BV from the Dutch Purmerend near Amsterdam has been providing almost everything related to materials handling technology, forklifts, industrial trucks, side forklifts or container handling since 1984. Sales, rental and leasing as well as repair/ maintenance rank among the core competencies of Bakker heftrucks BV as full-service operators, who also offer certifications and training. The company is known for customised solutions: When, for example, the Dutch company Gebr. Van ‚t Hek asked about a suitable CLARK forklift for warehousing, transport and HGV service, the logistics experts straight away recommended the strong C35D with load bearing capacities of up to 3,500 kg and a powerful 3.3-litre diesel engine with direct fuel injection. And more too. At the special request of the customer, the machines were not delivered in CLARK green, but in the company colours blue-grey.


30 years of the PFK Group GmbH

Strong performance

Anniversary celebration with football tournament: CLARK dealer PFK Group GmbH (“Immer im Werden, nie im Sein!” – Constantly developing!) from Cologne once again organised a small field football tournament for company teams to mark its 30th anniversary. At the beginning of September on the sports grounds in Bocklemünd; right in the thick of it – not just on the sidelines: the “CLARK & Friends” team coached by the Parts Sales Manager and football trainer Andy Baldy. With two hard-fought points and a goal ratio of 3:4 goals from three preliminary games, CLARK had to exit the tournament early but, despite that, they were still able to provide the Cologne classics Kölsch and Bratwurst in the socalled third-half. “It’s the taking part that counts”, Andy Baldy recognised, “the good cause should not be forgotten, to which we contributed not only by donating 200 Euros in entry fees, but by selling food and drink and purchasing raffle tickets.” PFK Managing Director Dr Uwe Streck-Kittlaus was given another surprise. CLARK Dealer International Manager Dirk Blanke presented a gift from CLARK for the company’s 30th anniversary.



Stefanie Wöhner
 New face in financial accounting. Stefanie Wöhner has been working for CLARK Europe GmbH since July 2014. The skilled industrial clerk and certified business administrator, specialised in accounting/ controlling, is a proven specialist in matters of financial accounting and was working in the same segment at Toyota, a real estate company and an administration company for several years previously.


Sven Vangermain
 A thrill for Sven Vangermain. After successfully completing a CLARK apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk / specialising in wholesale, the man in his mid-twenties is now joining the order processing department at CLARK Europe. Sven Vangermain will from now on be applying himself to the field of activity of Manuela Hermanski and will be working in order processing for the Middle East and Africa.


Manuel Garcia
 With Manuel Garcia (51), CLARK Europe GmbH was able to gain an experienced industrial truck expert on 1st February 2014. The core competencies of the Brusselsborn Spaniard are product and technical support, provisioning and inventories. Previously having worked at BOBCAT / Fiege Stiftung & Co. KG, Manuel Garcia speaks several languages fluently: Spanish, French, English and German.


George Doulgeridis
 George Doulgeridis George Doulgeridis has enhanced the workshop team at CLARK in Duisburg since 2014. The skilled factory mechanic brings ample knowledge and experience from his previous jobs into his new field of activity at CLARK. George Doulgeridis worked at Thyssen, Toyota and in the field of weighing technology in the segments of mechanics, precision mechanics and locksmithery.


Forklift facts and figures

Did You Know...

...That the Unique 101 degree steer axle on the Clark models GEX16 –30 together with dual motor construction enables this range of trucks to have similar turn characteristics to that of a 3 wheel machine. The drive motors also counter rotate meaning the centre of rotation is in the centre of the drive wheels giving the smallest turn radius possible – just like a 3 wheeler.
So What!
The greatest manoeuvrability with the smallest turning radius in its class. No tyre scrubbing on maximum steer angle. Better traction on all surfaces both wet and dry.
Four wheel machine which manoeuvres like a 3 wheeler. Optimum traction on all surfaces. Truck can be used for both inside and outside applications.Long tyre life gives lower maintenance costs.
Yet another reason for buying Clark!


International dealer meeting at the new CLARK headquarters in Duisburg


Big get-together at the new CLARK headquarters: CLARK dealers had to hold out for a journey of up to 8,800 kilometre at the beginning of 2014 in order to be there for the opening of the CLARK Europe headquarters in Duisburg.

CLARK Managing Director Rolf Eiten welcomed a total of 150 guests – including visitors from all parts of Europe, Africa (e.g. South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Tunisia) as well as the Middle East. The introduction of the CLARK dealer managers and their responsibilities followed the greeting from Rolf Eiten.
Then the CLARK directors all introduced their departments. The face-to-face concept was a success: In the tours around the training centre, the workshop and the spare parts store, the dealers present received substantial insight into CLARK’s engagement on site and got to know their contact partners personally; some for the first time.
Before the large barbecue and the celebration in the evening, the technical details did not fall short. CLARK did not just explain the new machines, but they also invited guests to join in the fun and games. After all, the winner of the pallet truck course received a new CLARK manual operated pallet truck as the main prize.


Vital heart operation: Clark Europe paid for flights Kenya - Sudan – Kenya

Samuel is laughing again

Fast, rational, close to practice: Just as Clark brings the industrial truck sector to life, “The Forklift” was now committed to the good cause once again. Clark paid for two flight tickets to Khartoum (Sudan) to make a vital operation possible for Samuel, who was suffering from a serious heart condition.

The now healthy and lively boy returned to Mombasa (Kenya) with his mother to a new life on 18th May 2014. There was a big welcome party for him at school. “All our thanks goes to the team from Emergency and Clark Europe”: this comment was made by a representative of the mediating Badilika e. V.
The German non-profitmaking association initiates, organises and executes education projects in Kenya, and already received the proceeds of the large CLARK summer fete in 2013. Katrin Czimczik (team leader of CLARK Marketing): “Personal contact with aid organisations ensures 100 percent that every cent gets to the children in need. There is a particular need to finance a new school building, regular meals and accommodation for orphans or disadvantaged children” – like in the Kenyan Madaraka Education Centre (MEC).
Badilika e. V. led by Chairman of the Board Rebecca Schwarz: “On our last visit in September 2013, we discovered that the health of one schoolchild of the MEC had deteriorated catastrophically and that his chances of survival were slim without surgical intervention. The reason for this was a serious, but operable heart condition.
However, such operations are very expensive in Kenya and Germany, and there wasn’t enough time for a large-scale fundraising campaign. After several weeks of research and tests, we eventually contacted the Italian aid organisation EMERGENCY.
The organisation is specialised in heart operations, which it conducts free of charge for those that need it, especially children, and operates its stateof- the-art clinics in Khartoum/ Sudan, the SALAM CENTRE. After looking through Samuel’s records, which we had scanned and sent by email, Emergency was prepared to operate on him in April after further extensive checkups and also to bear the costs for his stay. Only the flight tickets for him and his mother as a chaperone had to be paid for, and CLARK Europe GmbH were prepared to do this voluntarily.”


Clark Europe sponsors BALASA golfer Tom Beard

Victory for Team England

As the paralympics in Great Britain recently demonstrated in spectacular form, sport is sustainably promoting the integration of people with handicaps. Even if the incorporation of golf in the paralympics calendar has yet to occur, golf is a particularly adequate field of sporting activity for the disabled. In the 2014 season, Clark Europe GmbH is supporting the disabled British golfer Tom Beard (22), who won in August 2014 with team England at the tournament in Swansea.
Tom Beard (Image 2. f. l.) is part of the selected team of BALASA (British Amputee & Les Autres Sports Association) which established golf as a disabled sport in Great Britain. And although BALASA does not receive sufficient financial backing, the association organised golf events in the last two years.
Such as the first international three-day tournament in Summer 2014, whereby the team led by Tom Beard came out on top against France. The fact that Tom Beard played very well is less surprising, though: The 22-year-old works in the PGA National Golf Academy “Belfry golf centre” in the Northeast of Birmingham.