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Newsletter 02/2013

All parts. All forklifts.
The TOTALIFT program from Clark boosts economical and rapid service handling

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Bright sunshine at the Summer Festival
CLARK celebrates with friends for a good cause: Donations go to Kenyan educational projects

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“Where the world comes together”
CLARK represented three times at the transport logistic 2013 trade fair in Munich

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Dear Readers,

Will today’s certainties remain a safe bet in the future? The question of future security is now becoming more acute than ever. CLARK is doing its utmost to remain a reliable partner at all times. Stability and innovation will continue to be the most important key elements of our cooperation. We are demonstrating our innovative flair on the product side. With an entire range of new warehousing technology equipment, the new TOTALIFT series and the integration of lowemission diesel engines in the forklift range, we are setting new milestones on the way to a fully climate-friendly product spectrum. Stability is set to be ensured by our new, specially purchased corporate head office in Duisburg. From the turn of the year 2013/14, it will offer you the best preconditions for profitable growth. The ball’s in our court - let’s score an ace.  

 Egon Strehl
Managing Director Clark Europe GmbH


Product drive in warehousing technology

 This summer (2013), CLARK is launching twelve new models in the booming segment of warehousing technology. New to the portfolio are medium-lift and high-lift order pickers, reach trucks and other low-lift and high-lift trucks. That means that, from a single source, CLARK provides the correct equipment for diverse roles and functions for loading and unloading, transportation, distribution and warehousing. A prominent feature of the new range of warehousing technology is the robust mono- block design for mechanical strength and increased stability. The electric motors’ distinguishing feature is their constant high performance. Extended overlaps in the upright rails also ensure a high residual load capacity for vehicles with all lift heights”.

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Without DPF: The new engine in the C40-55sD meets the European exhaust emission standards

Fit for the future

The “evolution powered by CLARK ” is opening a new chapter. With the new DEUTZ TD 3.6L (55.4 kW) engine in the diesel C40- 55sD forklift series, CLARK meets the European IIIB exhaust emmission standards. 

The DEUTZ engine manufactured in Cologne does without a high-maintenance diesel particle filter system (DPF). From October 2013, the Kubota engine will be replaced by the DEUTZ for CLARK customers from the 28 EU members states, and countries which adhere to the emissions legislations, as well as in Israel and Turkey.
CLARK Managing Director Egon Strehl explains the strategic decision to switch engines: “Kubota utilises a DPF in order to produce the lowest levels of exhaust gases. In contrast, the DEUTZ DOC system requires no stationary regeneration because exhaust gas purification occurs absolutely maintenance- free while the engine is running”.
CLARK will also equip both the C20-35D (DEUTZ 2.9L) series as of 2014, and the C60-80D (DEUTZ 3.6 TCD) series as of 2015 with DEUTZ engines.

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Two four-wheel electric forklifts GEX 50 in use at the PAX Group

 Out with LPG - in with electric

”With their two GEX 50 models, the PAX Group has top machines with state-of-the-art technology for any application”. The praise from Gerard Jan Roorda (hpt Engineering PAX Group) of the Clark four-wheel forklift GEX 50 is not premature: The two new additions to the fleet of the Dutch logistics service provider have already achieved a lot within a very short time. The operators and project managers at the PAX Group in Heerenveen are particularly impressed by the low-maintenance AC technology of the CLARK vehicles, which feature super-elastic tyres and twin drive motors. 

At the beginning of March 2013, the CLARK dealer Bakker Winsum Heftrucks delivered the two GEX 50 models to the PAX Groep. A clever move, as the PAX Group, a mediumsized company and system service provider employing 250 staff, is specialised in the storage, engineering and assembly of industrial plants. The main focus is on heavy and fragile goods.
 In 2008, PAX made an investment in electric forklift trucks with load capacities of three tonnes for the first time. Like the electric GEX 30 forklift last ordered from CLARK, the GEX50 is receiving an excellent reception: with its maintenance-free drive system, powerful traction and three selectable drive programmes.
 As the PAX Group is increasingly active in the dairy industry and LPG forklifts are no longer approved owing to the required HCCP conformity, the company has switched to electric machines with a lifting capacity of 5-tonnes. With all the robustness that is typical of CLARK, the remarkably comfortable steering enables the GEX 50 to be operated economically and faultlessly. Driving a 5-tonne forklift gives you the same feeling as when driving a small 2-tonne machine, which means its high capacity is not the main issue in terms of concentration. Roorda concludes: “I think that we have made a good choice with these two new machines.” The PAX team led by Gerard Jan Roorda is suitably impressed by CLARK machines and the CLARK dealer Bakker from Winsum: “Bakker Winsum, have been an excellent business partner in this field for around 20 years - a partner that provides fast and reliable service. Since 1989, we have rented almost all CLARK machines from Bakker - that’s why we know the reliability of first-class materials handling technology”. 


CLARK C40-55sD diesel forklifts build on the new DEUTZ TD 3.6L engine

DVERT® instead of DPF: The benefits

Exhaust standards IIIB stipulates maximum soot particle emissions of 0.025 parts per million/ppm as legally binding within the EU. As of October 2013, CLARK will equip its C40-55sD model series with an almost maintenance-free DEUTZ engine without a diesel particle filter. 

In concrete terms, what does the switch from the Kubota to the DEUTZ TD 3.6L engine mean for the C40-55sD? CLARK users do not have to disrupt their work for maintenance and repair, such as DPF burnouts or replacing the pipe exhaust after about 3000 operating hours. Besides price benefits, compared to the Kubota with DPF, the C40-55sD model series equipped with the DEUTZ TD 3.6L also offers around five percent more peak torque, and a reduced noise level thanks to closed fans and optimised cooling.


  • A completely newly developed 4 cylinder in-line engine (2010), water cooled
  • Common-rail system
  • Cubic capacity: 3.62 litres
  • High-pressure injection
  • External cooling with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for high loads
  • Hydraulic valve tappets
  • DVERT® oxidation catalytic converter After-treatment of exhaust gases


  • Power: 55.4 kW
  • Rated speed: 2.200
  • High peak torque


All parts - all forklifts: Tecklenborg discovers TOTALIFT

TOTALIFT off to a good start

”The price-performance ratio is really excellent. We were positively surprised that CLARK is familiar with so many spare parts from third-party manufacturers”. André Nicolai is really enthusiastic when it comes to CLARK ’s TOTALIFT programme. As Service Manager at the German CLARK dealer Tecklenborg in Döbeln, he knows about the considerable time and cost benefits of ordering any amount of service parts for industrial trucks that can be recoded to CLARK article numbers. 

Tecklenborg GmbH (“Partner to Logistics”) has been selling industrial trucks since 1991. The company has progressively extended its portfolio with products in the side forklift and telescopic forklift segment.
Today, the firm from Saxony operates as an authorised IVECO workshop for commercial vehicles and provides the entire forklift sector with retail, rental and repair services. Based in the dynamic region between the Saxon metropolises of Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig, Tecklenborg has been a CLARK partner since 2009.
The significant rise in the volume of orders from Tecklenborg via the TOTALIFT programme is for the logistics experts in Saxony, proof of economic viability. “And that’s not going to be the end of it”, states Warehouse Manager René Hennig.
He would like to continue stepping up the positive developments and play an active role in shaping the project, “because we can benefit enormously from this as dealers”. Parts Sales Manager Andy Baldy at CLARK Europe GmbH stresses “The fact that the TOTALIFT program is becoming ever more and better acceptable shows us that we have taken absolutely the right route. The more we support our dealers in this regard, the more projects we shall be able to realise in future”.


What is the purpose of TOTALIFT?

  • You can use the TOTALIFT programme to order service parts from CLARK partners for third-party industrial trucks which can be readily recoded into the CLARK system.

How can I use TOTALIFT?

  • Directly in the Parts E-Shop using the spare part no. of the relevant manufacturer
  • Without the spare parts number, the parts can be easily identified via PartsPRO (enter the vehicle data into the Aftermarket catalogue)

How is the TOTALIFT program structured?

  • At present, about two thirds of the TOTALIFT portfolio are service parts such as filters, spark plugs or fan belts. The range is set to be extended further into other areas in future 

What product groups does TOTALIFT offer?

  • (Drive) batteries & chargers
  • (Lift) chains
  • Fork prongs
  • Service parts (e.g. filters, spark plugs, fan belts)
  • Alternators & starters (Fully-sprung) seats
  • Roller, wheels, tyres
  • Cabin accessories such as rain shield, mirrors etc.
  • Accessories / Extras
  • Oils / Fluids (adhesives/sealants, chain spray, cleaners)



  • New to the TOTALIFT programme are the chain spray (4576553) and the brake cleaner (4576552) from the collaboration with Tunap, Europe’s leading manufacturer of technical aerosols and highperformance lubricants.
  • New to the TOTALIFT programme as a supplement to the established filter and service kits are some products which CLARK classifies as high-quality after internal workshop testing: A set for crack testing the fork prongs (4576966), long-life grease “Autol Top” (3767183), lubricating grease (8091780).
  • PARTS PROPLUS: Some CLARK dealers are currently testing the demo version, and the feedback so far is nothing but positive. The TOTALIFT programme is integrated upon activation.
  • Online catalogue: The test phase has been successfully completed by CLARK dealers. After the final modifications, the online launch is planned for the third quarter of 2013. 



The donations go to children in Kenya

Typically CLARK: The proceeds of the 2013 Summer Festival are going to an undoubtedly good cause. With the Badilika e. V. association as a social sponsorship partner, CLARK is supporting an organisation that initiates, organises and realises educational projects in Kenya. Katrin Czimczik (CLARK Marketing): “Personal contact with aid organisations ensures 100 percent that every cent gets to the children in need. There is a particular need to finance a new school building, regular meals and accommodation for orphans or disadvantaged children”. Since the Social Task Force was founded in 2012, CLARK has been able to raise several thousand euros via football tournaments and a Christmas market stand, among other activities, and denote this to social organisations. The Summer Festival at the beginning of July 2013 at the head office of CLARK Europe GmbH in Mülheim was designed as a family festival with a children’s Olympics. The weather was excellent, the mood perfect and the programme outstanding: Not only could visitors enjoy numerous games, a bouncy castle, sausages and cold drinks - they were also treated to a forklift show along with forklift tests.

Donor account
Badilika e. V.
Deutsche Bank Krefeld
IBAN: DE22 320 700 240 0880443 00


CLARK benefits from interdisciplinary visitors at the 2013 transport logistic fair

“Driving force of the economy”

CLARK ’s first attendance at the 2013 transport logistic fair in Munich was rewarded by numerous new customer contacts. As the world’s largest trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management, transport logistic welcomed 53,000 trade visitors in June 2013, with 2,013 exhibitors from 63 countries in an area covering 110,000 square metres. 

The trade fair team from the CLARK head office in Mülheim received support from the regional CLARK dealers Otto Dünzinger (from Frankl Gabelstapler) and Pius Hofner (from Hofner Hebetechnik). The CLARK advisors noted “visitors from a broad spectrum of the logistics sector”. Nils Lieber (from CLARK) commented that “The trade fair has become more interesting for forklift manufacturers thanks to its new concept. CLARK users were also represented in the other halls - that meant we could exchange ideas with our existing customers in a really good atmosphere”.
CLARK was not only present with its own stand, but also in the IFOY competition and at the Blue Competence stand of the VDMA. The stand allowed the Federal Minister of Transport, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, to find out about the sustainability initiative of the VDMA.
Dr. Ramsauer commented during the opening ceremony that “Here the world has come together, as logistics is the driving force of the economy, not only in Germany”.



Julia Strehl
Profound insights into the sector along with internal organisational knowledge regarding workflows and procedures are just some of what Julia Strehl will contribute to CLARK Europe GmbH as part of her work. The 26-yearold university graduate (in M.Sc. Business Administration with specialisation in management and marketing) was already at CLARK for six years as a student trainee, having completed an internship abroad at the CLARK Material Handling Company in Lexington (USA). As a new employee in the area of marketing and project management, Julia Strehl will handle cross-divisional projects.

Hans van Maastricht
By recruiting Hans van Maastricht in August 2013, Clark Europe GmbH was able to gain a skilled and experienced logistics expert as a service engineer for service support. The 46-yearold, who attended the “Technical High School for Automotive Engineering” in Apeldoorn (Netherlands), was employed as Senior Technical International Trainer at Mitsubishi/Caterpillar in the industrial truck technology segment for almost 20 years. His core competencies are technical training, product development and quality control.

Birthe Klose
Since the summer of 2013, Birthe Klose has been working as a financial accountant for Clark Europe GmbH. The 30-year-old banker will primarily look after debtors, intratrade statistics and export documentation as part of her accounting remit. During the course of her professional career she worked at various credit institutions and as a freelance financial advisor.


Did you know...

...That all Clark Uprights are of an U and I Beam design.

So What!
This design ensures a narrow profile for excellent visibility of the forks and load. Increased strength and less rail deflection. It also ensures rail retainment at all times in the event of bearing failure.
Benefit: Less Product Damage, reduced maintenance and Increased Safety.

Yet another reason for buying Clark!


Warehousing technology: New CLARK equipment for productive use

New models - new opportunities

Reach truck C RT 25 4-D ac

optimum solution for working in tight spaces. The vehicle has a comfortable driver’s position, load capacities of 2500 kg and can be steered with a load in the transverse drive (for long objects) and longitudinal drive (as a reach truck). The truck can even turn around its own vertical axis. This makes it possible to save up to 45 percent of warehouse space. Motors with external excitation for sensitive manoeuvring and clear-view uprights with lifting heights from 4,800 to 10,450 mm, among other features, ensure flexible and safe working in internal warehouses. The framework construction in mono-block design guarantees stability. This results in the optimal residual load capacities even at large lifting heights.
Application. Internal warehouses / restricted spaces, transverse or longitudinal drive with loads.


Reach truck C RT 13/16 K ac

The C RT 13/16 K ac electric reach truck performs excellently in the tightest of spaces. Despite its compact design (a truck width of 1,150 mm), the driver’s seat is spaciously designed. The multiply adjustable comfort seat is sprung, the steering column is adjustable and the floor non-slip. With load capacities of 1,300 or 1,600 kg and lifting heights from 4,160 to 8,210 mm, the C RT 13/16 K ac covers a broad range of uses. The standard equipment with tilting forks for simple load support, integrated side sliders for optimal residual load forces at all lifting heights and battery removal area at the side is designed to be practical, and is practical.
Application. For internal warehousing - easy to drive into shelving bays - for restricted spaces.


High-lift truck C CBS 15 ac

Operable without a counterbalanced forklift driver’s licence, the counterbalanced drawbar C CBS 15 ac stacker for pedestrian operation is an effective alternative to the sit on electric counterbalanced lift truck for occasional use. The C CBS 15 ac has load capacities of up to 1,500 kg at lifting heights from 1,590 to 4,140 mm and is used wherever drawbar stackers with wheel arm supports cannot be used. The high-visibility mast guarantees the very best field of vision. Thanks to proportional control, it can also be operated sensitively in difficult situations. The electric lift-lift truck is equipped with mast tilting as standard; also other options can be added for customers, e.g. swivel clamps or prong adjustment units.
Application. Block warehousing (warehousing of white goods, at DIY stores, for the tobacco industry etc.), as an alternative to the counterbalanced lift truck.


High-lift truck C PS 12H ac

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology in the drive motor and electronics, the electric high-lift truck C PS 12H guarantees optimum performance and runs as efficiently and economically as possible. Its compact dimensions (a width of 850 mm) means it can be used in all areas of handling goods, and its outstanding manoeuvrability ensure that it is predestined for internal transport. The C PS 12H ac has a load capacity of 1,200 kg, while the triplex upright allows loads to be increased to 1,400 kg at lifting heights of 1,565 to 4,565 mm. In addition to this, it can be adapted for long-term operations, as large batteries can also be installed (24V 375Ah).
Application. Internal transport / goods handling, putting goods into storage at medium lifting height in industrial settings.


Low-lift truck C SPT 20 ac / C RPT 30 ac

The C SPT 20 ac is a lift truck with a driver’s cab and steering wheel operation, and as it operates at 12 km/h (7.5 mph) it is ideally suitable for rapid goods handling. For example, when unloading containers, the swing axle compensates for any unevenness. With a width of 790 mm, the vehicle is also suitable for block warehousing. The double-decker deck version is the C SPTi 20 ac. The electric low-lift truck C RPT 30 ac (with a top speed of 8.5 km/h) is equipped with a multifunctional joystick and sprung driver’s seat and has been designed for long-term goods transport over long distances within warehouses.
Application. Loading/Unloading, transport, (block) warehousing.


Medium-lift / High-lift picker truck C OP01 ac - C OP04 ac

CLARK is launching four new picker trucks, models C OP01 ac to C OP04 ac. The C OP01 ac / C OP02 ac low-lift / medium- lift picker trucks with a driver’s cab platform which lifts from 1,200 to 2,900 mm and the C OP03 ac / C OP04 ac medium-lift / high-lift picker trucks with a driver’s cab platform which lifts from 3,500 to 9,000 mm. The picker trucks combine the load capacities of 600 to 1,000 kg - thanks to the drive motor with external excitation - with excellent performance and tremendous speed while transporting loads. Also comes with a high-capacity battery ensuring sufficient autonomy. The heights of picker trucks range from 2,800 and 10,600 mm. 
 Application. Picking orders in high-bay warehouses, picking packaged goods ordered outside and in enclosed warehousing areas. 



Show in São Paulo

CLARK came away from the CeMAT SOUTH AMERICA 2013 with thoroughly positive results. 237 exhibitors from 24 countries presented their products and innovations at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes in São Paulo from March 17th to 22nd. 

CLARK was represented at two stands with 400 square metres of exhibition space in the hall and 600 square metres in the open-air area. Besides the CLARK forklift and utility vehicle innovations, two dedicated acrobats on the tightrope and slack line were also real crowd pullers.
With 18,236 visitors, the 2013 CeMAT SOUTH AMERICA recorded 45 percent more visitors than in 2011. The visitors came from 28 countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, the USA, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and, of course, Brazil. Wolfgang Pech of Deutsche Messe AG commented that “The Latin American market offers the intra-logistics sector tremendous opportunities of enormous growth potential, with Brazil blazing the trail ahead”.



As a guest of IDEAL CO

Around 40 representatives from all important branches of industry in the country welcomed CLARK dealer IDEAL CO to the CLARK seminar in the Jordanian capital Amman. Equipment, spare parts and accompanying services were the central themes. “An extremely remarkable event with very promising feedback”, was how IDEAL CO Managing Director Mohammad Sulieman summed things up, whose IDEAL CO Team (“We serve you better”) carries out excellent customer care when regularly invited by key users.



CLARK stepping up the pace in Spain

CLARK from A-Z - “The Forklift” was the focal point of interest for five days in April 2013 at the CLARK dealer CEDECAR in Torrejón de Ardoz, east of Madrid. Ten representatives of five CLARK dealers from across Spain (JUMACAR, Andalucia; CEDECAR, Madrid; MAELYSER, Aragon; LOYMAN, Pais vasco; and PEGAMO, Navarra) exchanged news and information on marketing, finances and product issues at the dealers’ meeting. Hilari Santiago and Johannes Menzel (both from CLARK Europe) also discussed the issues of spare parts, technical training, commercial issues and the organisational structure of CLARK in Spain. An integral part of the open day at CEDECAR was the arrival of the invited Spanish trade journalists (C de Comunicación, Handling and Storage, Logística y Transporte, Manutención y almacenaje), which turned out to be a real highlight - the press were so impressed by the quality of CLARK products, that they ended up writing articles that are sure to promote sales.


The fascinating CLARK app

What is the real potential of the new CLARK app? Just this question was addressed during a meeting at the CLARK Europe Head Office in Mülheim, with dealers travelling from the Middle East Region to take part. The hosts Nils Lieber and Sales Manager Jeff Green also discussed further measures for supporting and promoting sales, with the CLARK app attracting without doubt the keenest interest. Jeff Green commented that “The CLARK app is a basic tool for sales staff that, at the touch of a button, provides information on the history of CLARK, technical data and other helpful details “.