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Newsletter 02/2011

Experts are sustainable impressed
Clark at CeMAT 2011: Impressions from the world‘s leading trade fair for intralogistics in Hanover
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New era heralded in Abu Dhabi
Clark dealer Swaidan Trading sets up futuristic showroom with bordering workshop in the UAE
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Olympic feeling in Rio de Janeiro
Clark marketing expert Nils Lieber in the German national team at the world military games in Brazil
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Dear reader,

Clark is again in the middle of things instead of just being there – that is the actual message conveyed to us from the lift trucks market at CeMAT 2011. The experts indeed noticed that we are not only on the cutting edge with our new products, but also moving towards becoming a fullrange supplier. On the one hand, a practical research and development concept is behind this. On the other hand the excellent Clark brand image characterizes the current 148 retailers of Clark Europe GmbH from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. For this reason we are working hard on filling the „uncharted areas“ of the Clark map with new partners. In connection with the expansion of our product line, we are developing the best conditions for creating enthusiasm among fleet operators and major customers for Clark. With this in mind: Let’s get on with it!

Egon Strehl


Clark at the CeMAT: „The final kick-off for 2011“

Perfect idea

The right offer at the right time at the right location: Clark hit an industry nerve at CEMAT 2011 (May 2 - 6, 2011) with a whole series of extremely efficient electrical innovations in a trade-fair package. „Clarks evolution for a greener world“ attracted more than 1400 visitors to the indoor and outdoor exhibit stands.

Egon Strehl, Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH: „The record reception in Hanover proves us right: Particularly for electrical innovation, Clark takes a front row seat among the experts for Material Handling systems. Premiers were celebrated at the world‘s leading trade fair of intralogistics (1,058 exhibitors / 58,000 visitors) of the electric forklift GEX 40-50, the electric tractor CTX40/70, the electric low-lift truck PX20 and the electric high lift truck SX 12/16. Rolf Eiten, Director of Sales & Marketing of Clark Europe GmbH: „The reactions of customers, partners and the competition clearly indicate that we are more strongly perceived as a full liner.“
Clark‘s refreshing marketing strategy flanked the clearly expanded product line with nearly continual presence at the trade fair. Fascinating glimpses were also gained from the highlights of a balloon ride to Clark App, to music parades and the newly designed trade fair stand. Not least, the Clark press conference was met by a considerable reception, as around 30 editors in attendance took the opportunity to get some pictures and conduct exclusive interviews on location.
„Also and precisely thanks to the support of our dealers at the trade fair stand, we are expecting good follow-up business to the fair,“ states Egon Strehl. „I think that we have succeeded in excellently presenting the brand name and the Clark product line to a vast, international public. This appearance provides us with the final kick-off for a successful second half of 2011.“


Top-perfomance: Clark pulled out all stops

Impressions of CeMAT 2011

Trade and change under the Clark name: 130 conference participants as guests
The Clark dealer conference at CeMAT offered informal exchange, fresh first-hand information and deep insights into the Clark philosophy to around 130 participants from Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Speakers from the USA, Germany, Korea and England – including product specialists, sales managers, managing directors and the South Korean parent company – referred to the latest global developments and product trends. The economic performance of the company was also discussed.

Stylish and useful: Clark App
Tightly scheduled and prepared on time for Ce- MAT: Countless visitors, dealers and employees tried out the Clark App test version. The versions played on two terminals sparked spontaneous interest in the download to iPhone or iPad, which is available now at

All paths led to Clark
Clark was virtually omnipresent as a competitor at CeMAT 2011. Already in the skywalk from the train station and parking lot to the trade fair premises, an oversized Marilyn poster welcomed the visitors. Labels on the shuttle buses, and even signs for WCs showed where the right path leads: into Hall 25, Stand G20, to Clark.

Vip shuttle and minimalism
Clark can also act differently: Clark‘s VIP shuttle – a golf wagon in the „forklift“ design – was not only a genuine eye-catcher but rather quite practical as well. The miniature forklift models of the long-time Clarkian Helmut Hegmann attracted keen interest.

World premier of „Lift me up“
A breath of New Orleans hovered over the Hanover trade fair grounds on Tuesday. After the dealer conference the cheerful Clark assembly made its way across the outdoor grounds to the exhibit stand in Hall 25. The live premier of „Lift me up“, from the new Clark CD, was enthusiastically celebrated here, voiced live on site by the Clark Allstars with Marilyn-Double Scarlett and Band.

So close to heaven
Fascination air travel: The Clark balloon rose two times from the CeMAT grounds and presented fantastic birds‘ eye views to customers and dealers alike. The big-bellied giant with the Clark emblem and forklift on the side wall was the undisputed lord of the skies above Hanover at CeMAT 2008.

Clark´s e-volution
As a pioneer of electro-technology Clark did not just assume an offensive marketing position at CeMAT 2011. Under the motto „Clarks e-volution for a greener world“, the Muelheim natives presented a wide selection of extremely robust E-devices with emission-free operation, high battery capacity and fast battery charging.

A hearty snack at the Hermes tower
Clark is delicious – this has never happened before. 1001 Bratwurst with Clark napkins, Clark mustard and Clark apple-grapefruit drink were offered over the counter by waiters at the Hermes Tower. The small reinforcement between meals was enjoyed by fair visitors who received one of the cherished vouchers at the outdoor Clark stand on the fair grounds.


20 Clark C30D ensure efficiency in three-shift operation

Operating day and night

A PVC pipe or thermal-plastic hose for industrial or offshore usage from Turkey usually originates from Çerkezköy or Avcılar Polimer Kaucuk, established in 1957, operates here on 125,000 square meters of production facilities – of which 70,000 square meters are indoor.

The undisputed market leader from Turkey exports its products to the entire world under the brand name SEL. 20 Clark forklifts are used among others for the internal logistical tasks.
Polimer Kaucuk relies on the expert opinion of TEKNIKA T.A.S. for service and advise. As the No 1 Clark dealer in Turkey for the past 64 years, the company Instanbul Polimer Kaucuk presented a simple calculation: Whoever uses forklifts in threeshift operation for around 4,000 hours annually requires above all robust machines, which can also be quickly put back into service in the case of maintenance. Precisely the right task profile for the 20 diesel forklifts from the Gen2 series, which Polimer permanently leases for his truck fleet – including service technicians.
Since commissioning, the Clark forklifts have not only won over the customers with their three-ton load carrying capacity, ergonomic workplace, solid construction and technical features for a diverse range of tasks, but also with the easy access to the engine with only a few hand motions. Above all, the drivers side of the forklift C30D impresses the users at Polimer Kaucuk, which currently employs a total of 2100 workers. Polimer drivers attest to the pronounced comfort, good view, performance and maneuvering capacity of the C30D. This is indeed praise from a qualified source as with 20 years of professional experience, the forklift operators in Avcilar have already driven quite a few other vehicles.


New Clark dealers: Friedrich Berger GmbH & Co. KG

Convinced Clarkians

With Friedrich Berger GmbH & Co. KG (Austria), Clark Europe GmbH was able to win over a new strong partner.

Friedrich Berger GmbH & Co. KG from Schwanenstadt in Lower Austria was established more than 100 years ago and has been operating cranes, forklifts, floor trucks and communal machines for the past 50 years. Even before the new launch of Clark Europe GmbH, Berger had been a convinced Clark dealer for almost 30 years and since 2011 is once again on board the green fleet. More than 1000 forklift customers – above all mid-sized and commercially operating – are served by Berger in all of Austria, 24,000 customers in total. Along with the Berger headquarters there are two plants in Schlatt, subsidiaries in Wr. Neudorf (East Austria) and Graz/Lieboch (South Austria). The company employs 168 workers, 38 of those in the forklift department. The Berger Group also maintains subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia. Berger views the recent commitment to „the forklift“ as well founded: „Clark has a good background, a strong brand, and modern products. Clark forklifts are solid, robust machines for hard usage, compactly designed, very efficient and with a convincing total cost of ownership.“


People and markets

Fascinated by the C40-55s
The Middle East is preparing for the upturn. Clark held a product training course on the premises of Swaidan Trading (UAE). The topical focus of the meeting led by Sales Manager Jeff Green: Models of the series C40-55s. Nine of the Clark experts arriving from the Middle East were impressed by the innovation and practicality of the Gen2 forklift.

Managing and motivating
The Clark offering „Training for managers“ was very well received. In mid 2011, under the motto „Our joint path – the management personality“, Rudolf Herzog provided coaching at the six-day event to a group including: Sabine Marquardt (Hald & Grunewald GmbH), Eugen Momberger (ROMAG Industriemaschinen GmbH), Steffen Koßmann (Tecklenborg GmbH), Matthias Böckmann (Böckmann GmbH & Co KG), Michael Kowalski (Kowalski Transportgeräte GmbH), Thomas Eckl (Staplerservice Eckl) und Dr. Uwe Streck-Kittlaus (PFK Group GmbH)

Stacatruc: Strong showing
The United Kingdom‘s most successful Clark retailer for 2010 – Stacatruc Ltd. from Thatcham,Berk,s – made a good showing at the „Truckfest South West“ at the beginning of July 2011. 1200 visitors were counted by Director Nic Stanton‘s team at the stand at the Royal Bath & West Showground (Shepton Mallet).


Clark dealer Swaidan Trading sets up a new logistic center in Abu Dhabi

A look at the future

The architectural Futurism in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be one highlight richer by the end of 2011: Clark dealer Swaidan Trading will then be opening a new 1650 square meter building in Abu Dhabi with a showroom and enclosed workshop area.

The extremely successful Clark dealer will be housing a total of three departments in the new construction: along with the showroom for heavy trucks such as the Clark forklift, an area for farm machinery and tires as well as the contact point for after sales business. With the large project, Swaidan Trading, which by the way is the exclusive Clark retailer in the UAE, sees itself as being on the right path to becoming a full-range supplier, also with respect to service support. Swaidan‘s new flagship in Abu Dhabi is just one of a total of six showrooms of this logistic expert headquartered in Dubai. The company maintains additional exhibition areas in the neighboring emirates of Al Ain, Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.


Facchini from São Paulo orders 84 Clark forklifts

Always in motion

84 Clark forklifts with load carrying capacities of 3 to 7 tons have recently been performing their service in the pulsating centre of Brazilian industry. Clark retailer Mapel from São Paulo placed the C30 and C70 with the Automotive manufacturer Facchini.

Facchni is involved with the development, production and sales of equipment for utility vehicles. In this way, the São Paulo company serves the entire transport segment of light, medium-weight and heavy trucks including those with trailers, cranes, and dumpers. Established in 1950, Facchini is meanwhile equipped with six plants which manufacture 3000 products monthly. The company organizes the nationwide sales by using 30 exclusive dealers; internationally Facchini has a network of 10 exclusive distributors. „The Clark equipment is best suited for our internal logistics“, states Facchini‘s logistics manager Mauro Pereira do Nascimento. Facchini was already using roughly seven different trucks in the load carry capacity range of up to 3.5 tons for moving raw materials such as steel and the finished products from A to B. „We have now chosen the Clark forklift with higher capacity for safer and easier operation,“ states Nascimento. „The decisive factor in the selection of the new forklifts was, among others, the aspects of fuel consumption and maintenance downtime, which we could in comparison reduce significantly.“ Since the forklifts at Facchini operate almost continuously, this was a very important factor. Meanwhile, Clark dealer Mapel is ensuring perfect service. „We need such support“, says Nascimento. „When we need help, Mapel is there.“



Real winners: Clark‘s best vendors 2010

They are distinguished by competence, integrity and the power of persuasion. The best vendors of 2010 were honored by Clark Europe GmbH. First prize: an exclusive trip with the Clark balloon. Clark International Sales Manager Dirk Blanke presented the certificates to the best German vendors. Result in Germany: 1. Efkan Sirlibas (Kowalski Transportgeräte GmbH) - 2nd place Frank Lottko (Hald & Grunewald GmbH) - 3rd place Thomas Wupper (Wupper Gabelstapler) Result in the United Kingdom: 1. Dave Hart (Stacatruc Ltd) - 2. John Mclaren (Bear Handling Limited) - 3. Gary Millar (Armill Lift Trucks)


Hot tip among colleagues in Cologne: PFK recommended BauRent diesel models of the Gen2 series

Sensational performance at the work yard

They value the price-performance ratio of their Clark forklifts. The practical concept of „the forklift“, which both simplifies and accelerates the maintenance and repair process, and also uses powers of persuasion. At the instigation of the Clark retailer PFK Group GmbH, BauRent GmbH has three Clark diesel trucks in operation for internal transport – above all for the loading of construction equipment and accessories.

„High performance technology with modern ergonomics which protect the operator and the environment.“ As a leading German leasing and retail company, BauRent GmbH is keenly aware of the needs of its customers, who are primarily involved with heavy construction, traffic route engineering and landscaping. With 29 subsidiaries, the Cologne company can guarantee local support of commercial, communal and private customers. Be it the generator or demolition hammer, the excavator, large truck or wheel loader, light pole, compactor or elevator for roofers: The BauRent GmbH rental park is one of the most modern in the industry. The inventory of construction machines and equipment currently includes 7,000 units. These also include the Clark forklifts, which are primarily used for handling materials and equipment in work yards. As a customer of the successful Clark retailer PFK Group GmbH in Cologne, Bau- Rent expects an operating life of roughly 15 years. The Clark slogan „Built to last“ is recon- firmed against this backdrop. Example C 35 D: The extremely robust diesel forklifts of the Gen2 series offer BauRent not only efficient and ergonomically thought-out conveyance of up to 3.5 ton load carrying capacity, but also enable easy access to the engine area.



Sandra Marques
Sandra Marques brought hard work, dedication and an iron will to her training at Clark Europe GmbH. After three years of training and much to the joy of all the employees, Sandra Marques passed all of her final exams to become a wholesale and foreign trade specialist. The achievement is all the more remarkable as Marques only arrived from Portugal in 2007 with no knowledge of German. Marques covered all departments in her training at Clark and is now a consultant in her department of choice Accounting (creditor accounting, travel cost accounting). By the way, she is also scheduled to take over the accounting department for Clark France.

She was able to improve her already excellent language skills during a three-week stay at the Clark Dealer Support Center in Lyon. The native Peruvian – in training as a wholesaler specialist since 2010 at Clark in Muelheim – also attended an advanced French course financed by Clark. 

Helmut Hegmann
Helmut Hegmann, a stronghold in the Clark history, is entering his well earned retirement. Working for Clark in Muelheim since 1973, Helmut Hegmann was initially employed as a supervisor for band steel, then he was involved with processing imported equipment from the USA. Hegmanns hobby is a legend: he creates miniature forklifts, involves himself in all thinkable logistic scenarios and just recently he wowed the visitors of CeMAT 2011.

Klaus Mainka
Back to his old stomping ground: Klaus Mainka (36), a long-time Clarkian, is strengthening the Technical Support Parts at Clark Europe GmbH. Mainka had already worked for Clark in Muelheim from 1997 to 1999. The learned construction mechanic and qualified technician for corrosion protection was most recently employed by Fiege in Muelheim.


New Clark Dealer

A new face in the dealer community of Clark Europe GmbH: MFC Förder- und Lagertechnik Vertriebs- GmbH with headquarters in Siegen supports parts of Siegerland, Sauerland and Bergisches Land. Managed by Martin F. Gräbener, Frank Steinbach and Carlos Garcia, MFC has been offering a wide range of products and services since 2008. Along with the sales and service of new and used forklifts, accessories and spare parts, the portfolio includes rental service, driver training, financing and UVV/ exhaust gas inspections. Four decentrally active service technicians provide support around the clock. With its own flatbed trucks, MFC benefits from the excellent transport connection with immediate proximity to the A4 and A45 motorways.


Mobile future with Clark: Clark App and ipad raffle

World premiere at the CeMAT

It celebrated world premier at CeMAT: Clark App wowed dealers and customers immediately. Extremely high utility value links the mobile application, which is now available in the Apple Store (linkage via, with a targeted bit of entertainment.

Clark App will initially serve as a mobile information platform for the Apple devices iPad and iPhone. Company data and a product overview including the data sheets of all models can be accessed. Important information for exchange with colleagues, friends and partners can be sent via Clark App directly by e-mail. Whoever would like to take an „active break“ can also watch the Clark company film or play the motion-sensitive Clark forklift game.
Moreover, Clark sites, a dealer network card with the search „Where is my nearest dealer?“ and many other infos are available. Since the beginning of May Steffen Koeder has had all the requirements at hand for a successful installation of the new Clark App. Koeder is currently completing dual studies in mechanical engineering, specialty production technology, and visited the Clark stand in order to be able to calculate the load cycles of forklifts for a quiz. He received the trendy Apple device from International Sales Manager Dirk Blanke (Clark) and Heinz Lamparter (Sales manager of Hald & Grunewald) at the headquarters of the training company, Voith GmbH from Heidenheim.
Voith is a globally active family enterprise with 40,000 employees, 5.2 million Euro revenues (2009/2010) and locations in around 50 countries.
Trade fair visitors from Eastern Europe and the USA also won iPads.


Oldie but Goldie

Produced in Muelheim – ready for the world

Two Clark forklifts from the years 1977 and 1979 are also consistently performing the heaviest work a good 30 years after commissioning. The usage in Israel caused several scratches to the orange C500 Y25D (built in 1977), but the Clark forklift was as convincing as ever in warehouse work and the loading and unloading of trucks, as the green H500 Y30D. Clark‘s „Built to last“ concept is paying off: The Israeli Clark dealer General Equipment Co. received orders for the new Clark forklift from the impressed user.



Did you know...

... that all Mitsubishi LPG engines supplied in the C15-30 series from Clark are fitted with internally mounted counter rotating dynamic balancers. So What!

Benefit: Smooth, quiet operation, less vibration, improved operator comfort, reduced maintenance costs and long service life.
Yet another reason for buying Clark !


Nils Lieber in the German national team at the world military games in Brasil

World games at Sugarloaf Mountain

They are called military world games and are foremost designed as sport competitions with a peacemaking effect. The 5th edition of the military world games (organizer: International Military Sports Council / CISM) took place in mid July 2011 in Brazil. 6000 participants from 111 nations, including 176 athletes from Germany, competed in 20 different sports in the shade of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Strongholds of the German volleyball team, who most recently took sixth place at the games in Rio de Janeiro: Reservist Nils Lieber (28), Ex-profi, currently active for the second division of Rumeln TV and professionally the Clark expert for sales processes and product marketing in the Muelheim Europe central office.

Question: It sounds like a dream: endless beaches, blue skies and even a hopelessly sport-crazy host. Was the Brazil adventure more vacation or work?
Lieber: More work, we weren‘t able to see that much of Brazil. Training twice daily and then the games themselves.

Question: Where were the games held?
Lieber: Directly beside the Maracanã Stadium, where the opening ceremony was also held.

Question: You marched in together with the German team. Did you get goose bumps?
Lieber: Yes. 150,000 observers, then Pelé ran in as the last torch carrier and ignited the fire of the military world games. Mythical.

Question: How did the competition turn out for your team?
Lieber: With three victories at the start very well. Against China and Iran, however, we lacked two points for reaching the semi-finals, which was our actual goal.

Question: Who won the volleyball tournament? Lieber: Brazil – both the women‘s and men‘s teams, who won the finale in front of 10,000 viewers. They really took the Chinese apart, an extremely high level.

Question: Which part did you play in the German team?
Lieber: Diagonal offense, I got to play, also partially as a joker. The high training intensity was naturally great, for me a perfect preparation for the new season.

Question: The military world games were also considered a general rehearsal for the world championship 2014 and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Did one already feel like a part of the Brazilian sport decade?
Lieber: Yes, we had accommodations in the Olympic Village and were brought to the games by police escort...

Question: ...and the German team was even provided with its own military jet for arrival and departure.
Lieber: That‘s right, a 12-hour trip with fueling stop on the Cape Verdean Island.

Question: The flight to the military world games 2015 in South Korea is likely to be just as long. After participating in the CISM in Canada, the USA and Brazil, you would be there for the fourth total time – realistic?
Lieber: I was already the second oldest, but due to the abolition of conscription there is not much in the pipeline. This means: If I stay fit, then I will naturally return.