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Dear reader,

Even though the latest economic macro data indicate at least a slackening in the speed of the recession, the economic climate still poses considerable challenges. The big drop in the market and business since the end of 2008 – the entire materials handling branch agrees - puts all previous experience into perspective. Talk was of a halving of the world market volume with no sign of a revitalized demand. We want to use this time to gain market shares and conquer new markets with fl exibility, discipline and endurance. We launched CLARK economic stimulus package II early on which was excellently accepted by our dealers and will therefore run until the end of September 2009. We have reacted internally to the decreasing demand by reducing costs and throttling the forklift production. But we are not losing sight of important structure projects. On the contrary: The new Dealer Support Center Lyon will be opening in 2009.

Egon Strehl
Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH


Economic stimulus package II: Still valid until September 30, 2009

Attractive conditions

The CLARK economic stimulus package II is being extended. Clark dealers and customers* (*valid for all participating dealers) can benefit from attractive special conditions for a wide range of materials handling technology until September 30, 2009.

More discounts – longer warranties “Our first economic stimulus package was an immense success – and because the response to the CLARK economic stimulus package II is also very positive we have decided to extend the offer to September 30, 2009”, says Clark's CEO Egon Strehl. Not only the discounts, interest subsidies and longer warranties are attractive More discounts – longer warranties “Our first economic stimulus package was an immense success – and because the response to the CLARK economic stimulus package II is also very positive we have decided to extend the offer to September 30, 2009”, says Clark's CEO Egon Strehl. Not only the discounts, interest subsidies and longer warranties are attractive but also the possibility of exploiting the advantages flexibly.

Special conditions:

  • Very favourable discounts
  • 3 year warranty


Special discounts – Warranty extension

CLARK economic stimulus package II

The cornerstone of the Clark economic stimulus package II is a special discount on all new orders of trucks on the stock list manufactured in 2008 – warehouse equipment excluded. This offer now also includes the CMP 40-50s and CMP 50-75s series.

Option: Favourable financing
For all new orders, except warehouse technology equipment, from the stock list manufactured in 2009, there will be direct deductions whereby this offer now also includes the CMP 40-50s and CMP 50-75s series. To create an individual saving potential, Clark alternatively grants an interest subsidy instead of the deductions. The interest subsidy is based on the respective net purchasing price for a dealer purchase financing or for a customer end financing. This offer applies in connection with the proven Clark Easy Finance solution.

Exceptional warranty extension
“In addition,” says Clark Sales Manager Rainer Gläßer, “we are extending the warranty for all orders received by September 30, 2009 to a total of 3 years or 4,000 operating hours depending on which comes first.” The warranty extension applies to the main components such as engine, gearbox, drive axle, electric motor and controls but not to warehouse technology equipment. “It goes without saying,” Gläßer continues, “that only Clark spare parts may be used in accordance with the warranty conditions.” Note: Clark will deliver two inspection kits (fi lter elements – scope 1,000 hours inspection) at an extra charge with every machine delivered.

“Effective instrument”
“We have given our dealers and customers an effective sales promotion instrument with the economic stimulus package II,” Egon Strehl underlines.


New contract dealer for Palestine: Thuraya Equipment

Moving on

A l-Quds found the news worthy of a three-column article with photograph: Palestine's biggest daily newspaper reported on the new partnership between Clark Europe GmbH and Thuraya Equipment Marketing on February 8, 2009. Thuraya will sell equipment and services exclusively in Palestine as the new Clark dealer. Thomas Hansen (photo right), Clark representative for the Middle East region, came specially to visit the company and sign the agreement. Sameh Al Sharif (photo left) signed the contract on behalf of Thuraya, whereas Thomas Hansen, CLARK Sales Manager Middle East, visited Ramallah especially for this occasion. Thuraya backs up their words with action already as they are sending two service engineers to the next Service Training to be conducted at the training facilities of CLARK in Dubai. The Middle East Region as well as Eastern Europe, Russia and UK are likely to be supported by similar Dealer Support Centers in the future.


Clark forklifts give an excellent performance even in the Austrian winter

Always well equipped

Thousands of Clark forklifts go about their daily business all over the globe. In East German mines and goods transshipment depots in Dubai, Belgian food cold stores or aluminium production in the UK. Robustness, efficiency and versatility are pillars of Clark's product philosophy “built to last“ which Franz Pohly KG in Kitzbühel-Gundhabing, Austria is happy to confirm for its Clark forklift. The Clark forklift does a good job at the timber dealer all year round. Daniel Pohly (the driver) and his colleagues are very impressed by “the forklift“ which, often fitted with snow chains, always worked reliably even in the hard and very snowy winter of 2008/09.


Dealer Support Center Lyon to open its gates in the 3rd quarter of 2009

End of the first leg in sight

The new Dealer Support Center Lyon is to become a guiding light of the new Clark strategy. The company has begun setting up regional dealer centers, so-called Dealer Support Centers, to give Clark dealers and customers active and timely local support. The Dealer Support Center in South East Lyon is the start.

Full support for dealers and customers
Clark will be going into operation in Lyon on the Rhone in the 3rd quarter of 2009, probably already on September 1, 2009. Sales Manager Albert Argudo is currently putting together a new, experienced team of materials handling technology specialists. This includes an additional technical engineer and sales staff among others. “There's no question about it: This flexible and efficient team will be able to support our dealers specifically and sustainably with its wealth of experience,“ Egon Strehl, CEO Clark Europe GmbH, is optimistic.

Technical support and marketing commitment
The tasks of the wholly-owned subsidiary of Clark Europe GmbH mainly include technical support and enforced marketing commitment. The Lyon site will also handle customized modifications and repairs as well as equipment and spare parts deliveries. The infrastructural conditions in the new building with warehouses and office space and the traffic network infrastructure of the new Dealer Support Center are equally excellent.

Good infrastructure – excellent traffic connections
The Clark support point is very near to the International Airport of Lyon, the highspeed railway line of the TGV and the numerous road networks around Lyon. Lyon itself is the third biggest city in France after Paris and Marseille with a population of almost 500,000, right at the heart of the country's second biggest conurbation and a much frequented North-South turnaround in European road traffic. The catchment area of the Dealer Support Center also extends beyond the French borders. All French speaking countries, for example Switzerland and the developing North African states on the Mediterranean such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morrocco, receive additional support from the Lyon site.

Dealer Support Center: Clark stays on course“
In spite of the financial and economic crisis we are maintaining our course and investing for our dealers, our customers and thus in our common future,” says Egon Strehl. Another Support Center is currently being planned. The Middle East region is likely to be supported by a similar Dealer Support Center in the future.



Vision from Tradition: Future brand Clark

“As the inventor of the forklift truck, Clark has made a significant contribution towards the industrial development of the last century“, states Young An Chairman Sung Hak Baik, who was convinced he had made the right business decision when taking over Clark in January 2003: "I believe you can do good business with a company that appears ailing at first glance. Especially since Clark has outstanding machinery, an excellent reputation in the market, good conditions and first-class services.”

A sound partnership on equal terms

The upturn in recent years, reflected by the above average growth rates achieved in Europe since the take over by Young An, confirmed Baik’s appraisal of the promising world brand Clark. "We're extremely happy about having gained a backing of such integrity, reliability and, above all, longterm orientation with Young An and its legendary entrepreneur Sung Hak Baik," states Egon Strehl as CEO of Clark Europe GmbH. ”That means absolute future security for employees and customers alike.”


Clark's parent company celebrates its anniversary: 50 years of Young An

Legendary rise

Flying visit to the CeMAT 2008
Elegant, and yet modestly dressed. With a winning friendliness. And always ready to politely discuss the latest developments in materials handling technology in fluent English with interested parties, customers and partners of Clark Europe GmbH. This is how Sung Hak Baik came across at the Clark stand of the 2008 logistics trade fair CeMAT in Hanover. Yet only a handful of his business contacts were aware of Sung Hak Baik's meteoric rise to become Chairman of an international corporation.

From orphan to business founder
It could be a case study from the paradigm of the American Dream. Born amid the chaos of war-torn Manchuria in 1939, Sung Hak Baik grew up as an orphan in povertystricken circumstances. As early as his 20s, Baik, who picked up the basics of English talking to American GIs in the Korean War, staked high in 1959. He founded the family company Young An with modest start-up capital – core competence: hat production.

Sales in 2007: 1.5 billion US Dollars
Although producing just 70 hats at the beginning, Young An currently manufactures and sells more than a hundred million hats each year under the auspices of the company founder and Chairman Sung Hak Baik – 50 years after founding the business. And what is more: The South Korean company based in the town of Bucheon has continuously grown and expanded to become a globally active conglomerate. Despite the considerable size meanwhile attained, the charm of the family company is still there – the sons having been fully integrated in the family business. Total sales of Young An in 2007: 1.5 billion US dollars.


Young An employs about 11,600 people worldwide

Human resources

The Young An Hat Company, Daewoo Bus Corporation, mobile phone manufacturer Alcomm Dabo as well as, since 2003, the forklift company Clark belong to the Young An Hat Company today.. Established fully in line with South Korean tradition as a company with a diversified portfolio, Young An employed around 11,600 staff in 16 countries in 2007. About 10,000 employees work in Asia, about 1,500 in America and a further 100 in Europe – an upward trend.

Mobility is what counts: Daewoo Bus and Clark Forklift
The traditional hat segment with its ten production facilities, represented in around 79 countries with over 41,000 dealers, contributed around 18 percent of the total turnover in 2007 with 118 million US dollars. The commercial vehicles business division had the lion's share of this: the Daewoo Bus Corporation with a turnover of 817 million US dollars (55 percent) combined with the forklift truck branch Clark with 467 million US dollars (31 percent). Daewoo Bus manufactures in nine factories and is represented in 45 countries worldwide with 45 dealers.

The youngest child in the Young An family: Clark Material Handling
Yet more extensive is the global network of the Young An subsidiary Clark Material Handling Co. Products are manufactured in Korea (10,000-12,000 units per year), China (10,000-15,000 units per year) and the USA (1,000-2,500 units per year), soon also in Germany and Brazil. The research and development departments are located in Korea, China, the USA und Germany; the market is supplied via seven central sales companies such as Clark Europe GmbH and the cooperating dealers, around 400 worldwide.

Future security thanks to a long-term investor
The belief in the brand Clark on the basis of which Baik intends to achieve a world market share of 7,5 percent by 2010, was confirmed by an American study of the sector at the end of 2008 A US technical publication interviewed 1,300 experts on the topic of customer satisfaction on the materials handling technology market. 1st place in the category price to performance ratio went to Clark. The high value which the parent company ascribes to Clark can be fully quantified: Young An is investing eight-figure sums in research and development.



Real responsibility all over the world

Sung Hak Baik makes no secret of the fact that “every part of the Young An group of companies acts independently, having to respond to internal and external competition”. The battle for market shares is actually only one aspect of the Young An commitment. In fact, considerable volumes of the profit generated flow into social facilities. The Young An group of companies finances schools, colleges, churches, nurseries, hospitals, children's homes and language centres in Costa Rica, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and, of course, Korea. Social responsibility with an emphasis on promoting education has been one of the corporation's declared ethical objectives since its foundation.

King and Queen visit Young An school

Young An and Clark recently acted as a promoter and sponsor at the meeting of the World Scout Foundation – a trust which financially supports the work of the World Scout Association. The highlight of the “World Baden-Powell Fellowship Event” in South Korea was definitely the visit by the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden in the Soongeui Primary School sponsored by Young An. The social commitment – demonstrated by charity work in the field of welfare and education – is underscored by something truly unique and new: The Young An Hat Company operates the first TV station for elderly and disabled people in Korea. The channel lives up to its name: Hope Welfare TV.


Clark dealer Bel Lift Trucks receives Gold Award 2008

British bestseller

Clark and Bel Lift Trucks have started a new chapter of their common success story. Following the previous year's brilliant results, the Clark dealer from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England came first again in the national dealer charts in 2008 and won the prestigious Gold Award for the best sales figures in the United Kingdom. Bel Lift Trucks already topped the British rankings in 2007 and was among the top ten European Clark dealers. The team led by Managing Director Les Gill kept top places in both the “sold new equipment” category and in the spare parts business. Jeff Green, International Sales Manager: ”I am delighted to be able to present Les Gill and his team with this Gold Award for an outstanding performance.” Managing Director Gill and his colleagues from Bel Lift Trucks had most recently made a name for themselves with a big order from the aluminium foundry Alcan Aluminium UK Ltd. Gill personally examined the requirement profile in three visits to the site and secured the order for replacement of the forklift truck fleet, about 40 trucks.


Bel Lift Trucks lands big order with Schmitz Cargobull

Product and dealer on the test bench

Bel Lift Trucks in Newcastle has won another big new customer. The Clark dealer responsible for the North East of England has delivered 16 new Clark trucks with carrying capacities between 2 and 4.5 tons to date.

Schmitz Cargobull: Premium quality
Schmitz Cargobull – not only Europe's largest manufacturer of truck trailers and semitrailers. Schmitz Cargobull promises to its customers “quality, reliability and modern technology”, a premium philosophy which “The TrailerCompany” also uses in-house. The recently modernized production site of Schmitz Cargobull in Harelaw in the North East of England is one of the top addresses for production lines in the commercial vehicle sector worldwide.

List of three potential suppliers
Within the process of infrastructural optimisation, Tom Macallan, Managing Director, and his employees also examined the forklift fleet carefully. After an intensive technical evaluation, Schmitz Cargobull came to the decision that there was need for change, too. Three potential suppliers were found and examined based on several parameters. Schmitz Cargobull included not only properties and functions of the floor trucks themselves but also service, financing possibilities and availability of spare parts among the criteria for decision.

Clark's range of service was convincing
In Bel Lift Trucks from Newcastle upon Tyne, Schmitz Cargobull chose the most successful British Clark dealer of 2008. The 16 trucks ordered include the extremely robust diesel trucks of the Gen2 series and machines of the CMP series with carrying capacities between 2 and 4.5 tons. The advantages for Schmitz Cargobull: The Tier-3 engines are not only convincing in their performance but also comply with the latest EU standards for emissions. Schmitz Cargobull was also impressed by the efficiency and flexibility of the Clark trucks with AC or three-phase current technology. In the electric truck sector the company ordered three-wheel forklifts of the TMX series as well as four-wheel forklifts of the GEX series with carrying capacities of 1.2 to 3 tons.


Greece: Clark dealer STAFILOPATIS N. S.A.

A confident step into the limelight

STAFILOPATIS N. S.A. is still banging the drum for Clark and was present at fairs in Greece again in 2009. A member of the European Clark dealer association since June 2007 and responsible for Greece and Cyprus, the logistics company from Athens successfully continued its series of appearances at fairs of previous years (including FETEC / Contemporary Constructions). Positioned in the full service segment for floor trucks since 1978, STAFILOPATIS currently employs 28 people.


Clark dealer Tecklenborg at the intec in Leipzig

Largest industrial exhibition in the East

The industrial fairs Z and intec closed their doors on February 27, 2009 with a 20% plus in visitors. A total of 20,200 professional guests from all over Europe came to the Leipzig Exhibition Center on the four fair days to find out about the latest developments in the field of mechanical metalworking and supplier services for automotive and mechanical engineering. Clark dealer Tecklenborg GmbH from Döbeln (“logistic partner”) flew the Clark flag at the biggest industrial exhibition in the New German States. The company with its headquarters in a dynamic region between the Saxon cities of Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig offers commercial vehicle service as an Iveco contract workshop and covers the whole forklift range including sales, hire and service. Tecklenborg GmbH with its CEO Steffen Koßmann has been a Clark dealer since January 2009.



Children’s fun with Tom & Clarky

Directly on site or online in the World Wide Web: The two new comic figures Tom & Clarky are up to new tricks. Marketing Manager Ingo Rose recently handed out the freshly edited children's set with game and crayons in a kindergarten in Mülheim an der Ruhr. A set includes a coloring book, wax crayons, a memory game as well as stickers and balloons. The coloring book is also available page for page for downloading under



Clark image film available from July 2009

Image promotion in moving pictures: Clark had an image film made which customers, dealers, partners and other interested parties can watch on the web presentation “The forklift” from July 2009. The film will be available for downloading under:


“World record holder” Clark CGC 70 in operation at special forwarding agent

“Exactly the right forklift”

The Morof forwarding agent in Althengstett in Southern Germany is a European specialist for transport and storage of large machines and plants. What began as a haulage company 60 years ago has now become a modern service enterprise.

“XXL scale”
With a team of highly professional logistics specialists, Morof (“XXL scale”) organises the disassembly and reassembly of entire production plants among other things. The machine park is impressive: Boom trucks with a capacity of up to 75 tons, machine rollers for loads up to 200 tons or hydraulic lifting gear with useful loads of up to 540 tons bring the transport goods safely onto one of the special heavy load trucks.

Compact and strong: CGC 70
The latest addition to the Morof technology department is a Clark CGC 70 compact forklift. With the aid of special cushion tyres Clark was able to develop an LPG forklift which is only 2.87 m long despite its nominal carrying capacity of 7 tons. “That's a world record!” the well known Clark dealer and Morof partner Hald & Grunewald pronounces.

Minimum repair costs
According to Wilfried Hüller, Head of Assembly Service at Morof, the Clark forklift helps to assemble and load plants. “It's usually very tight and so we needed the smallest machine possible. Once the forklift specialists from Hald & Grunewald had shown us a CGC 70 in operation at one of their customers, it was obvious to us – this is the right forklift for our requirement profile.” A powerful 4.3 litre/V6 engine, a low noise level and an extremely good view through the mast successfully round off the performance range of the CGC 70 which is also used in the paper roll trade. The good service support and the minimum repair costs for existing Clark forklifts also spoke in favour of the total package from Hald & Grunewald.


Clark forklifts convinced decision makers – Tom & Clarky inspired the children

The green fleet impressed

SKS Stapler-Kran-Service in Wortelstetten, Germany did everything they could to draw attention to Clark at two major events in June 2009. And successfully too: “The crowds that flocked to see the green fleet indicated a clear acceptance of the Clark products,” says Michael Goldemann, Head of Sales and Service.

Electric power at close quarters: GTX 20 s
First the Clark dealer SKS Stapler-Kran- Service was one of the exhibitors at the large regional exhibition in Wertingen, Bavaria, Germany, which attracted 20,000 visitors over the 4 days. The electric forklift GTX 20 s with its miniature joystick control, the small turning circle and the 48 Volt AC power equipment was a major attraction. The quiet CMP 30 LPG with its triplex mast and free lift of 1,650 mm convinced drivers and company owners alike.

Identification with the Clark brand
Michael Goldemann was not surprised that the Clark vehicles were attested to have excellent functionality and reliability at the regional exhibition: “We are happy to have finally found a brand with which we can identify. Reliability, flexibility and optimum quality have always been important principles for us – we were able to expand this further with Clark,” says Michael Goldemann. The Goldemann family company has been a Clark dealer for three years.

Winning prize: a visit to the zoo
New friends won two more protagonists from Clark: Children up to the age of 12 busied themselves with the two Clark comic figures “Tom & Clarky” in the painting competition at the regional exhibition. Every child got a Tom & Clarky bag. Goldemann published the ten best Tom & Clarky pictures on the homepage. And the three best works were presented at Open Day at SKS on the occasion of the company's tenth anniversary. Free entrance to the Augsburg Zoo for the whole family.


50 Ex-tested Clark CMP 50s D forklifts for Algerian oil & gas company

The safest bet

Big order for the Clark dealer ODM from Algeria: With an order for 50 vehicles of the CMP 50s D series, the Clark dealer who has been in the service of “The Forklift” since 1983 has set a real milestone in these economically difficult times. The equipment of the forklifts which are designed for operation in areas with an explosion hazard in accordance with Zone 1 IIB T3 is striking

In profile: Naftal and Sonatrach
The buyer is the Algerian company Naftal which is under the total ownership of the state oil company Sonatrach. Sonatrach has a monopoly in the mineral oil sector in Algeria and its main competencies are in the discovery of new sources, research, transport, processing and sales of oil and gas. Sonatrach exports gas to Europe and North Africa by pipelines. Liquefied gas is delivered to Europe, Asia and the USA.

Active in the oil & gas sector nationwide
The subsidiary Naftal has an excellent position on the national Algerian market, distributes and sells oil and gas products, for example approximately 2,000,000 tons of liquefied gas per year. The logistics effort is enormous in view of the operation of large nationwide depots for petrol and liquefied gas, pipelines for transporting petrol and gas, the nationwide filling station network and the running of other business sections.

Filling stations for propane and butane gas
Naftal already relied on a fleet of 35 Clark forklifts to date. The order for 50 new vehicles is not only interesting for its volume; the version for the Ex-area Zone 1 IIB T3 especially suits the local profile. Because the Clark diesel forklifts with a carrying capacity of 5 tons go about their duties in different filling depots for propane and butane gas which stretch all over Algeria.

Ex equipment Joint development
The entire order is based on the intensive cooperation of ODM, Clark and the French company Airmeex who developed the explosion-protected components. Clark in Korea did the entire assembly. The result: The forklifts have no electrical components at all (battery, lights, starter) but are equipped instead with a compressed air starter as well as a fully hydraulic gearbox.

Service partner ODM Algeria
The first 17 Ex-protected Clark CMP 50s D forklifts were delivered at the beginning of June 2009 to the Algerian city of Oran on the Mediterranean Sea. Naftal will have all the newly ordered Clark forklifts by the end of July 2009. ODM Algeria will continue to look after the Clark fleet as a service and maintenance partner of Naftal.


Ambitious goal at Forktruck Solutions

A fresh breeze in Yorkshire

The Clark dealer Forktruck Solutions in Ossett in Yorkshire (Northern England) won an accredited logistics expert for the post of General Manager in Jonathan Hanshaw. Hanshaw joins Forktruck Solutions with 28 years of experience in floor trucks. Previously with Toyota Material Handling (UK) Ltd. as National Accounts Fleet Manager and later Technical Services Manager, Hanshaw wants to optimally intermesh all the relevant fields of business. This aim extends from the products and spare parts to the topics of services and financing (hire, leasing, purchase).
“Our mission: We must offer costeffective, useful services and the appropriate after-sales support.” Simon Penny- Smith (photo right), Managing Director of Forktruck Solutions: “During our first ten years of business we achieved good progress based on a healthy, organic growth. In view of the fact that we have set ourselves new goals for the future, we would like to give Jonathan Hanshaw a warm welcome. He is an experienced specialist with a knowledge of industry and a broad knowhow in his field.” Forktruck Solutions currently employs about 20 people and achieved sales of approximately £ 2.5 million in 2008. The longterm planning is ambitious: The company plans to achieve annual sales of around £ 5 million by 2012 and £ 10 million by 2017.


Clark balloon carries on touring across Europe

Fun from a bird’s eye view

Clark’s biggest and most mobile billboard continues to cause a stir. The Clark balloon has been touring Europe again since the beginning of 2009 and stopped over in Tirol/Austria in mid-January 2009.

Balloon festival in Tannheim Valley
Deep snow, a brilliant blue sky, not a cloud on the horizon, weak thermals – excellent conditions for a successful appearance of the Montgolfier friends at the 14th balloon festival in Tannheim Valley. Sheer enjoyment for the pilots of the Mülheim Balloon Club who were able to explore the Northern Alps with a bird's eye view from the Clark balloon.

Spectacular: „Hessekabb“
The Clark balloon with a capacity of 3,000m² cut another excellent figure in spring at the “Hessekabb“ which took place at Easter at the beginning of April 2009. The Balloon Club Langenselbold near Hanau (Germany/Hessen) invited people along not only to an evening spectacle with lighting of the burners but also the next day to competitions such as target flights.

Children's project in Kenya
Highlight in June 2009: The 30th anniversary of the Mülheim Balloon Club. After the early flight at five in the morning – there were five Clark guests on board the seven balloons which hovered over the Ruhr region – the evening event combined business with pleasure. The money raised by the event went to support the “Child Rescueing Centre International” project in Kenya. Balloon friend Geoffrey Beckwith (pictured here with his wife and Clark's CEO Egon Strehl) works as a professional balloon pilot in Kenya and personally ensures that the donations reach the Center directly. Clark made a generous donation of 1,000 Euros. Egon Strehl: “Support for the underprivileged is deeply anchored in our corporate philosophy so we did not have to think twice about supporting the project.”



ClarkLift Nederland B.V.

ClarkLift Nederland B.V. made the decisive step towards expansion already in mid-December 2008. With its move to the new headquarters in Sint Oedenrode near Eindhoven, the team of 35 people headed by CEO Don Vernooy (right – with Sales Manager Rainer Gläßer) opened up whole new possibilities. At the opening ceremony in mid-May 2009 visitors were able to have a look round the modern, attractive building (2.500 m 2 floor space) with its large hall and warehouse. The advantage: Clark- Lift Nederland now has a large hire fleet inhouse.



Clarklift South Africa

What are the unique criteria of Clark forklifts? What are the special features and benefits of the GTX/GEX, CQ series and the Gen2 family? What is Clark's position internationally? How does the Clark parent company Young An present itself? The latest Sales Training at Clark South Africa in Johannesburg scrutinized the Clark company, its equipment and services. Chaired by International Sales Manager Jeff Green and experienced sales managers, new Clarkians especially were introduced to the many facets of the Clark brand and received practical experience with the vehicles on site.