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Newsletter 01/2016

Full house: CLARK event with guests from three continents...

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Top of the class: learning with CLARK at TÜV Nord...

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Come together: focus on CLARK in UAE training cours...

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Dear readers, 
The somewhat turbulent year of 2015 is now behind us. There were significant changes in structure for some of our competitors, such as the acquisition of the UniCarriers Group by Mitsubishi, as an example. Geopolitical tensions and a number of drastic fluctuations in currency conversion rates also affected the global market for industrial trucks. Nevertheless, performance was positive in 2015, with more than one million new vehicles put into operation.
CLARK has remained on track and successfully maintained its position in the market. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your loyalty and excellent teamwork.
What does 2016 hold in store for us? CLARK Forklift News presents some highlights for the New Year. The industrial trucks market is already showing positive signs for the future. The relevant economic research institutes are also predicting that the wider economic situation will continue to improve in our key sales markets in 2016 and 2017. 

 I wish us all every success for the future! 

 Rolf Eiten
 Managing Director 
 Clark Europe GmbH


Everything on board 

CLARK picks up the pace: the new GTS20-33 forklift series is well-placed 

Powerful performance – high efficiency. CLARK has been following this principle and making history in the forklift truck market since 1917. With the GTS20-33 counterbalance truck, CLARK is once again positioning itself as a supplier of robust machines that offer exceptional value for money. 

The new combustion engine-powered series with 2.0 t, 2.5 t, 3.0 t and 3.3 t capacity boasts top-quality features as standard (e.g. wet disc brakes), optimally configured engines and the usual high-quality CLARK uprights. The GTS20-33 has been designed for a high throughput rate, ergonomic and safe handling and low total cost of ownership. “We are already experiencing huge demand for the new GTS, which promises a successful market launch,” said Rolf Eiten, CEO of CLARK Europe. 

The GTS20-33, which has been available since November 2015, comes in three low-consumption engine versions: as a diesel machine with the industry-proven Yanmar 4TNE94L (34.3 kW) or the ISUZU 4LE2X (46 kW), and as an LPG version with the Mitsubishi 4G64 with PSI fuel system.


Enclosed and oil-cooled: the low-maintenance wet disc brakes require 50% less effort.
The Yanmar 4TNE94L (34.3 kW) in conjunction with split transmission enables convenient handling.

A stroke of genius in series production

New CLARK GTS20-33 series: first-rate value for money

The new CLARK has got what it takes to be a blockbuster. The GTS20-33 series launched in autumn 2015 delivers outstanding value for money with top-of-the-range features in series production.


Maintenance-free wet disc brakes

  • Enclosed and oil-cooled for consistent, quiet operation
  • 50% less effort compared to drum brakes
  • Less downtime for maintenance compared to drum brakes
  • Fitted with robust components for a long service life



Ergonomic design and comfort

  • Hydraulic lever mounted within easy reach on the bonnet
  • CLARK upright with damping system when raising and lowering
  • Clear display and practical storage compartments 
  • Large open, low-positioned step for easy climbing up and down (both sides)




  • Quiet, low maintenance, in compliance with EU exhaust emission directives: three engine versions available
  • The Yanmar 4TNE94L diesel engine (34.3 kW) for GTS20-30 in conjunction with split transmission enables exceptionally convenient handling
  • ISUZU (4LE2X) diesel engine (46 kW) available for applications with steep gradients and nominal loads: alternative for GTS20-30/as standard with GTS33
  • Mitsubishi (4G64) with PSI fuel system (51 kW) for LPG use: fuel-efficient, powerful industrial engine with PSI fuel system Large open, low-positioned step for easy climbing up and down (both sides)



Split transmission

  • Reduces vibrations in driver’s seat during operation
  • Ensures quiet and comfortable handling
  • Increased productivity due to higher throughput rate 




  • Starts only in neutral: if the direction control switch is not in the neutral position, the engine will not start for its own safety
  • Tilt lock valve: prevents the upright from tilting forward, even when the engine is switched off
  • Gas cylinder on bonnet: prevents the bonnet from suddenly closing during servicing


Cabin range 

Now also available for the CLARK C40-55sD series: the modular cabin range provides the right solution for every application. 
The advantage: the cabins can be retrofitted and can therefore also be ordered for stock machines and CLARK units that are already in use. Various different versions of the cabins can be supplied depending on preferences and requirements. 

 • Level 1 (roof)
 • Level 2 (roof + front)
 • Level 3 (roof + front + rear)
 • Level 4 (full cabin)

PVC side sections are also available on request. Heated rear windscreens are installed as standard; the switch layout is intuitive and easy to reach.

Besides the heating system with air filter that is fitted as standard in the Level 4 full cabin version, highlights include a number of practical new options such as a comfortable interior covering, a panoramic rear-view mirror and an MP3-compatible radio system.


Island hopping in Duisburg

Dealer event at CLARK’s European headquarters: warehouse technology in focus

Guests flew a combined distance of almost 10,000 km to attend an event organised by the market leader in the forklift industry. At the beginning of September, CEO Rolf Eiten welcomed 150 guests from CLARK Europe GmbH’s entire catchment area for a presentation of CLARK’s innovative highlights. Held at the CLARK European headquarters in Duisburg, the event focused mainly on the new CLARK Compact range for low and high lift trucks.
In fact, CLARK Europe welcomed attendees not only from Europe, but also from the Middle East and Africa, including Jordan, Egypt and South Africa. The Duisburg team of engineers and sales staff demonstrated a fascinating range of products. The presentation of the new Clark Compact range showcased all of its features at a glance. Its importance for the volume market became apparent when the visitors took live test drives and also during the interview sessions.
In the CLARK workshop and outside in the company grounds, attention was focused on other new innovations including the GTS20-33 counterbalance truck – also a strong contender in the volume segment. Customers were also able to test drive the reach truck in the SRX14/16 series. The new cabin for the C40-55sD series and the MMC PSI engine for the C20-35L series both attracted a great deal of attention.
The event in Duisburg was designed to be an ‘island hopping’ experience. The groups of dealers were able to find out detailed information about new machines and options at the various product islands. They were greeted by selected specialists for the individual product segments. The event ended on a high note with a barbecue and live DJ in the CLARK workshop.


CLARK has been serving the volume segment with the CLARK Compact range since autumn 2015. “Both the event as a whole and the individual presentations of new products were very well received.”


CLARK is top of the class

CLARK forklifts in use at TÜV Nord

Anyone obtaining a forklift licence at TÜV Nord will not only have trained on the machines Paul, Klaus or Uli – they will also have taken their practical test on one of them too. Since 1997, CLARK forklifts have been the established training vehicles at the TÜV Nord training centre in Kamp-Lintfort. The fact that they have now even been given names could be part of the teaching concept. In any case, everyone at TÜV Nord is “very satisfied” with the forklifts. 
For example, training manager Heinrich Döppers, who trains 10–12 participants per course, has no complaints about the CLARK machines. Quite the opposite. The trained machine fitter and metalworking foreman enjoys using the CLARK vehicles in his forklift truck driving courses, which sometimes last for several weeks. The CEM20 and CEM35 have been in use at the training centre since 1997. With different configurations and handling, they demonstrate the product profile in the forklift sector in a practical way. The low total cost of ownership and minimal maintenance requirements continue to impress after almost 20 years.
The C30L and the SRX14/16 electric reach truck are also currently being tested as training vehicles. Heinrich Döppers attests to the “very sensitive handling” of the reach truck, which further enhances the appeal of the TÜV Nord training course.


Current news

Brazilian Grand Prix

Fittipaldi, Lauda, Senna, Schumacher. So many famous names are among the winners of the Brazilian Grand Prix in Autódromo José Carlos Pace near São Paulo. Formula One history has been made here. In 2008, for example, Felipe Massa became world champion for 20 seconds after crossing the finish line, before Lewis Hamilton overtook another driver at the final corner and claimed the title. This was the very same Lewis Hamilton who was beaten by his Silver Arrows team mate Nico Rosberg on 15 November 2015. 
While Formula One racers reached speeds of up to 315 km/h on the 4.3-kilometre circuit, CLARK forklifts kept on track in 2015 at an impressive 23 km/h maximum travel speed without load. The flags of CLARK – The Forklift represented CLARK forklifts of the GEN2 series when handling the equipment for the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix with the C25, C45 and C55s.


Muletti join the range

RIVA – Carrelli Elevatori e Sistemi per la Logistica

CLARK teamed up with well-known Italian logistics expert RIVA in summer 2015. The owner-managed company based in Monza, Lombardy, has been a CLARK dealer since June 2015. 
It operates in and to the north of Milan in the tri-city area of Monza, Como and Lecco. RIVA, whose motto is “strength in unity”, has established an outstanding reputation in the region for conveyor technology and logistics systems. Founder Alberto Riva laid the foundation stone for the company in 1956.
Initially specialising in vehicle repairs and LPG systems, the firm also began repairing forklift trucks in the 1960s, which were affectionately called “muletti” (mules) in those days. When son Ugo entered the firm in the 1980s, RIVA stepped up its field sales activities and is now able to call a fleet of well-equipped service vans its own. Customers can rely on a 14-strong team of technicians, who will soon move into new headquarters not far from their old premises. The new 2,500-square-metre site is currently being completely refurbished and is expected to be occupied in 2016.



Carlos da Graca
Carlos Da Graca joined CLARK France in Q III 2015 as a service engineer. The 42-year-old mechatronics technician is a proven expert in materials handling and has worked for BT (Toyota), Hyster, Komatsu and Nissan.



Dirk Odebrecht
There is a new face at CLARK head office in Duisburg: technical editor Dirk Odebrecht is primarily involved in revising and organising technical documentation in the new document management system Docuglobe.




Jerome Bouchut
Jerome Bouchut, a former branch manager at construction equipment rental company Loxam, has joined CLARK France. The married family man will be responsible for the French dealer network, alongside other duties.


Forklift facts and figures

Did You Know...

...that all CLARK forklifts with a capacity of four tonnes or more feature two primary cylinders as standard for uprights with free lift?
That is the case no matter whether you opt for an electrically driven forklift or a forklift with a combustion engine system.

So What!

Two primary cylinders give the driver an optimum viewing window as there is no large central cylinder. The wide upright profiles allow the driver an excellent view to the forks. This ensures the vehicle is easier and more productive to use.

Again, one more reason to choose CLARK!



Pioneers in port logistics

16 CLARK forklifts in continuous operation: Aladdin Container Company

The green fleet at the Aladdin terminal speaks volumes: CLARK vehicles work very hard and very effectively here 24 hours a day. Aladdin Container Company, a user of CLARK forklifts, is a pioneer in port logistics in the United Arab Emirates.
Established in 1976, Aladdin provides transportation and container services and operates customer and customs warehouses. The Aladdin inland terminal has excellent connections to the three largest ports in the UAE, being centrally located and only 25 to 50 kilometres from Port Rashid, Jebel Ali and Sharjah port. Aladdin has an asphalted site of 1.2 Million Sq. feet and can store up to 5,000 standard containers at any one time. Aladdin has 45 leased warehouses as well, increasing their flexibility in services offered.
Aladdin handles thousands of transportation tasks every day – mainly involving the loading and unloading of containers – and fully relies on 16 CLARK diesel vehicles, including 13 forklifts with a capacity of three tonnes and three vehicles with a capacity of five tonnes. On-site support for the company is provided by CLARK dealer Swaidan. Mohammed Nizamuddin (Sr. General Manager), a veteran in the shipping industry, knows his decision to acquire the CLARK fleet was well justified. The first three-tonne forklift is still going strong without any faults even after 22,000 hours in operation. Mohammed Nizamuddin believes two factors are responsible for this performance: regular maintenance and the typical CLARK quality that is “Built to Last”.

Inland port logistics: the company serves the three largest ports in the region from the Aladdin terminal.


Fully involved

Perfect host – perfect training course: meeting at Swaidan

More to follow – the 20 participants in the CLARK training course held in the United Arab Emirates at the beginning of October were certain of that. All the latest CLARK topics were perfectly presented by the event host and CLARK dealer, Swaidan Trading.
James Aspell, service engineer at CLARK Europe GmbH, led the first intensive training session for participants. CLARK specialists from the UAE and Iraq attended the training course, which lasted several days. The second training seminar was presented by Nils Lieber, product marketing specialist at CLARK Europe GmbH. He introduced the counterbalance truck segment to CLARK representatives from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Lebanon, and also presented the new CLARK Compact range.
An in-depth discussion took place on the prospects that the new CLARK warehouse equipment opened up for the volume market. Emanuel Matthaei, Sales & Marketing Director at CLARK Europe GmbH, and the participants concluded that huge potential was offered by the electric stackers with a 1.0–2.0 tonne capacity and electric electric low lift
pallet trucks with a 1.5–2.0 tonne capacity. This is primarily because a growing number of distribution and logistics centres are dominating cargo
handling in the Middle East region.
As part of the customary supporting programme, the participants were shown around Dubai in Swaidan’s own, CLARK green bus. A short visit to Palm Island (Atlantis) was followed by a night-time boat cruise of Dubai harbour, including a breathtaking view of the city’s glittering skyline. Rolf Gerstmann, Regional Dealer Manager responsible for the CLARK Middle East region, said: “Many thanks to our longstanding partner Swaidan for successfully hosting the event – they did a fantastic job.”


"Thousands of good colleagues"

Focus on Hungary: CLARK dealer Vértes on track for success

The growth in sales speaks volumes: CLARK dealer Vértes – Kereskedöház Kft from Tatabánya, north west of Budapest, has been experiencing rapid growth for several years. The CLARK dealer team led by Peter and Gabor Visegrádi (CEO and workshop manager) is diligently making use of every available opportunity to capture an even bigger share of the market with the core brand CLARK. Their motto is: “We’re only good if you’re good”.
Vértes has extended its on-site infrastructure several times in order to cope with the growth the company has experienced since it was established in 1988. The Hungarian logistics experts have signed exclusive contracts for maintenance and repair with around 70 domestic companies to date. This ensures that the service vehicles for activities across the country are well equipped and the engineers have been trained from scratch. The relationship with CLARK extends to virtually all segments: in addition to forklifts, Vértes orders tyres (Nexen) and lift trucks, places stock orders and also benefits from CLARK’s Totalift range (spare parts for other manufacturers’ equipment). Parts Sales Manager Andy Baldy said: “We are seeing high levels of satisfaction with our price-performance structure. Lively exchanges are also taking place, for example, with regard to planning activities.”
Vértes has been a CLARK dealer since 2009 and is an enthusiastic advocate of the company: “In CLARK, we have a stable, global partner at our side with thousands of good colleagues and over 90 years of experience in materials handling technology. We are growing together. We are very satisfied with the CLARK parts department in Duisburg as they are very flexible in their approach and try to meet the specific demands of our customers.” Carlo Borrelli, who has back-office responsibility for Hungary and visited the Hungarian site at their invitation to meet with Andy Baldy and gain an impression of the existing situation, returned the compliment: “We are proud to have Vértes as our representative in Hungary. It is clear that those responsible within the company live by the CLARK philosophy and set an example to their employees.”

"We are proud to have Vértes as our representative in Hungary."
Carlo Borrelli
CLARK Europe GmbH



A smart solution: CLARK now provides a cabin configurator alongside the lift truck configurator in the dealer portal.
Prepare for the coldest time of the year with the click of a mouse: no problem with CLARK’s new cabin configurator. CLARK offers a modular cabin system for retrofitting. Cabins can be selected from Level 1 (roof) to Level 4 (full cabin with roof, front/rear windscreen, steel side doors) depending on preferences and requirements. Other components are optionally available including heating, (panoramic) mirror, storage compartments, interior lighting, audio system and an additional bonnet cover.



Turning skilled employees into CLARK experts: CLARK regularly trains its dealers’ staff at the CLARK Academy in Duisburg.
At the German-language “Parts” training course in mid-September 2015, the focus was on spare part identification in the industry-leading software PartsPRO PLUS. “Besides the advantage gained from acquiring knowledge that is immediately useful, the training courses are a welcome and interesting change from the daily working routine for our dealers and us,” said Klaus Mainka (photo), who joined Parts Sales Manager Andy Baldy this year to assist with training. 


CLARK 2016 Highlights

2016 trade fairs

CLARK will be an exhibitor at both CeMAT 2016 in Hanover and at LogiMAT 2016 in Stuttgart. CLARK will make a positive impact at LogiMAT with a much larger exhibition area. In the exhibition package: the expanded CLARK product range. This provides dealers and customers with an excellent platform for successful discussions.

GTS20-33 D/L

The new GTS20-33 D/L product range is aimed at the volume market of combustion engine-powered machines. The outstanding product features significantly increase the benefits for customers.


CLARK is expanding its factory warranty with effect from January 2016.

In stock

The CLARK European headquarters in Duisburg will continue to hold high stock levels of equipment in 2016, thus ensuring a wide selection of all models in a variety of different versions is available to CLARK dealers. This means products can be delivered quickly, usually within a few days, and put into operation on-site straight away by customers. 


Following successful completion of field test operations, the SRX14/16 reach trucks will go on sale in spring 2016.

CLARK Compact range

The new CLARK Compact range for low and high lift trucks delivers the perfect combination of efficiency and performance.