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Dear reader,

Despite exchange rate correction, we always sailed with a strong headwind in the crisis year 2009 and have come out a winner again in the race for new market shares. The Clark family has proven to be a stable factor with long-term goals pursued consistently from the investor family down to Clark dealers. This commitment in difficult times deserves my utmost respect! The question arises concerning the extent to which we can now shape our future from a position of strength. The floor truck sector has built up overcapacities. As the investment accumulation is only now clearing in the logistics business, we are in a positive mood as regards the order books. An important factor is the fact that the recession has led to a market cleansing which has opened up new room for manoeuvre. With your help, a cautious yet steady investment policy, new employees in the Mülheim head office and our proven products, we are on course to finish 2010 as a successful year. I am convinced of that.

Egon Strehl
Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH


Interview with Egon Strehl, Rolf Eiten and Andreas Krause

Optimism for 2010

How will 2010 turn out? Egon Strehl, Managing Director Clark Europe, Rolf Eiten, Head of the Business Unit Sales & Marketing, and Development Head Andreas Krause (from left) express their option on the expectations, innovations and aims of the current financial year.

Question: The assessment by the companies in the sector regarding the market situation for floor trucks is thoroughly optimistic. An increase in sales of 7.5 % in comparison to the previous year is expected in 2010. According to the expectations of floor truck dealers, sales in the new equipment field are set to rise by 13 % for example. Is that also the case for Clark?
Egon Strehl: After a mixed start to the year, sales have actually picked up. I anticipate we can continue our performance with results above the market average.

Question: Can the development be outlined in figures?
Egon Strehl: We expect a growth rate of 30 percent for new machines in 2010. Our expectations regarding the spare parts business are in the same order of magnitude. Overall, we want to boost our sales by 35 percent in comparison to 2009, which would take us to the good 2008 result.

Question: Mr Eiten, your business unit Sales & Marketing feels committed to tap into new markets and win new customers in line with this target objective.
Rolf Eiten: We intend to grow both in terms of depth and width. Cooperation with the dealers in our network is being intensified. Establishing further dealer support centres for assisting dealers better on site following the Lyon model and continuously building up expertise will take priority. These are services that will be of benefit to the crucial factor behind any success, our end customers.

Question: Will the dealer network be extended further?
Rolf Eiten: Yes, step by step. Even in the difficult year 2009, we were able to win 13 new dealers. Both new partnerships on a dealer basis as well as cooperation agreements will be important for us in 2010. An enhanced Clark presence is above all promising in the growth markets Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and North Africa - especially in the up-and-coming Mediterranean region here. The potential has not been exhausted by any means.

Question: No growth without products of the best Clark quality – what are the latest developments in the Research and Development department, Mr Krause? What assumptions are you pursuing in 2010?
Andreas Krause: We intend to extend our range on a successive basis. The market can look forward to the development of the four-wheel electrical series GenEX. This involves the 80-Volt GenEX with AC drive motors, wet disc brakes and load bearing capacities of 4 to 5 tonnes. We are looking forwards in terms of energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and the total cost of ownership for our electrical machines. We would also like to launch new models of the Gen2 series with load bearing capacities of 4 to 5.5 tonnes.


New – Interesting – Culinary: 20 journalists attended the third European Trade Press Days in the European head office of Clark Europe GmbH

Clark at first hand

The third European Trade Press Days at the beginning of December 2009 again turned out to be a lively forum for floor truck experts from throughout Europe: 20 journalists from Germany, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands were welcomed to the head office of Clark Europe GmbH in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The focus was on the outlook, insights and overviews regarding Clark activities in the past and future.

Fresh growth in 2010
The organiser Clark adhered to the two-day program established in 2007 without any change. The Clark Managing Director Egon Strehl began by looking back on the difficult year of 2009 before the assembled trade journalists. The essence of his speech: All in all, Clark was not able to escape the crisis, but notched up better figures than the competition in the financial year 2009. Strehl's outlook for the future was characterised by cautious optimism. The market appears to be signalling readiness for growth, even if experience shows that fresh growth in logistics occurs with a time lag. Irrespective of this, Clark has made it its goal for 2010 to win new market shares again.

Deepening support and know-how
Keyword growth: Sound judgement and continuity characterise the intensified regional commitment of Clark Europe GmbH. For improved dealer support, Clark is currently building up dealer support centres like the new Clark-Dependance in Lyon, which has already been advising the French-speaking region of Clark since the autumn of 2009. Rolf Eiten, Head of the Clark business unit Sales & Marketing, referred to the strategic Clark objective in this context, whereby an even better service for customers, partners and Clark dealers as well as more efficient and effective processes can be ensured via dealer support centres, technical training and the establishment of a Clark academy.

Contra Hybrid – Pro Electric
Before the Clark marketing team reported on the company's social sponsoring activities, Andreas Krause went into detail regarding technical aspects as Head of the Development department on site. Krause explained why Clark views the hybrid technology with critical eyes, examined the advantages of electric models and outlined innovations, which Clark currently has in the pipeline.

Finale in the "Schifferbörse"
The informal, voluntary exchange in the expert round came in the evening event. The trade journalists dined together with the host team in the Duisburg restaurant Schifferbörse, before setting off home the next morning. See you again in 2010.


Ceramics manufacturer Opoczno concludes a framework agreement with Clark dealer Suret

New customer – new challenge

Impressive success for the Polish logistics service provider Suret Sp. z o.o.: Active in the Clark network of dealers since March 2009, the 450-strong company from Debica can now be positioned as an official partner of the ceramics manufacturer Opoczno I Sp. z o.o. The framework agreement with the tile manufacturer Opoczno (production plants Mazowsze, Pomorze, Slask) comprises services and long-term hiring of Clark forklift trucks. Stefan Bieszczady, CEO of Suret, assesses the new order as the "result of intensive collaboration, our logistics expertise in industry and targeted marketing campaigns". Opoczno tested various bidders on site prior to the order as part of a tender. Thanks to supplied forklift trucks, a mobile workshop and service fitters, Suret offered the ceramics manufacturer the complete package, which also satisfied the high technical challenges in all respects. The excellent practical applications of the Clark forklift trucks were acknowledged in particular.


Know-how about forklifts

Did You Know? . . .
. . . Why Clark Trucks are Green?

The Clark “Hot Yellow Green” colour is not just a question of taste. It’s a colour that can be seen clearly whatever the visibility or light. When Clark wanted a corporate colour, we wanted a colour that would give increased safety for everyone working in the vicinity of a forklift truck. A study in the USA by a leading manufacturer of rescue equipment, showed that machines painted in green-yellow colours, can be perceived exceptionally well by the human eye in daylight or darkness, poor visibility and artificial light. The human eye has two different light receptors, which are responsible for daylight and darkness. Both have one thing in common however: they react particularly sensitively to wavelengths in the middle range of the spectrum, and that’s where you will find the typical green yellow of Clark Lift Trucks. This is because the human eye reacts much better to some wave lengths than others. Some frequencies such as ultra-violet or infrared cannot be perceived at all, while others such as green-yellow are particularly easy to see in the frequency range 510-555nm and this is exactly where the Clark colour sits.


Milestone in the subject of health and safety at work: Clark's distribution centre for spare parts in Kentucky receives the award

2709 days without accident

The Clark spare parts warehouse in Louisville received the “Governor’s Safety & Health Award” of the state of Kentucky. Labour secretary J. R. Gray presented the award to management and staff at the beginning of April 2010. Representatives of the professional association and the company Powell Walton Milward were present. Background: The distribution centre for original Clark spare parts has not witnessed any accident for over seven years.

Safety first – day by day
2709 accident-free working days are deemed to be a milestone in the endeavours for greater safety at the workplace and are the result of a close cooperation between management and staff. Dennis Lawrence, President and CEO of the CLARK Material Handling Company headquartered in Lexington/Kentucky: "We feel honoured. We are proud of the staff in this distribution centre: They have established an atmosphere of safety at their workplace on a day by day basis. We believe we have created one of the safest workplace environments in the whole of Kentucky, in the best distribution centre for forklifts worldwide."

15,000 m² operating area
Since 2001, the CLARK Material Handling Company has been operating the 15,000 m²
goods distribution centre for spare parts in Louisville. The state-of-the-art distribution centre is regarded as a spectral point of departure for spare parts making their way to the 250 dealers of the North American dealer network and which are used in one of the 250,000 Clark forklift trucks in North America.

Singled out
The “Governor’s Safety & Health Award” is not the first award that Clark has been able to receive in the USA in the recent past. Clark has been able to come right at the top in a survey conducted among 1300 logistics experts in the subject of price-performance. The comprehensive market research project of MMH – an institution under the US American print media in the area of logistics – enquired about a number of product and brand attributes in six individual categories for this.


Report from practice: C70D forklift truck GEN2 series in use at Decker-Holz

Good recommendation

Five Clark forklift trucks C70D have been carrying out the heaviest of tasks every day since July 2010 at Karl Decker GmbH and Hochscheider Trocknungs- und Hobelwerk (HTH). The traditional company, more than 75 years old, which was incorporated into the Luxembourg Fruytier Group, along with six Belgian and three German sawmills, in 1999, places great emphasis on practical functionality, robustness and the price to performance ratio of the diesel forklift truck from the GEN2 range.

Around 500,000 metres of wood (larch, spruce, Douglas fir, pine) pass through the Decker-Wood Installations in Hochscheid every year. This raw material is delivered as side grain, is sawed, dried, planed or steam pressure impregnated and then passes on to glued wood factories, constructional wood factories or builders' merchants.
The turnover of goods can be estimated to about 260,000 tons every year, and the demand for industrial trucks is correspondingly great on the area covering 300,000 m². Decker-Holz has currently got 27 units for production (9 wheel loaders/18 forklift trucks) - including five Clark forklift trucks C70D. HTH Managing Director Michael Merten remembers: "Four years ago we had the forklift trucks offered to us and we then had a demonstration vehicle running in test mode and Clark saw off all its competitors." Initially, Decker-Holz ordered three C70D models from the GEN2 range having 7 tons carrying capacity from the Clark dealer Allmat. "With 5,000 operating hours in twoshift operation we found: no gearbox damage, no engine damage. And if anything happened, the Clark dealer Allmat was on hand." In July 2010 Decker-Holz had two new arrivals, also two C70D units with 100 HP engine, 3 speed load shift gearbox and the sturdy chassis construction. Specifically ordered equipment: additional heating and air-sprung driver's seat.
What exactly swung it for Clark? Merten: "The factors of overview, lifting frame, the wet brakes and the price to performance ratio. Our forklift truck drivers are also impressed by the relatively low noise levels and the cab. We are well pleased in general." The low level end wall of the C70D provides excellent visibility up to the end of the fork tines. Problems with dry brakes, as we had earlier, have been eliminated by the incorporation of completely enclosed wet brakes on the C70D.
It is no surprise then that the lifting frames have been collecting plus points at Decker-Holz. They are arranged in an enclosed manner and fixed with close-fitting rollers for exact guiding. The cut wood packs can be up to 8 metres long and they are transported by the Clark forklift trucks from the sawmill to impregnation, to the planning works, to the drying chamber or to the loading bay. And, according to Merten: "We push the load weight up to the limit all the time."
The five Clark units in the forklift truck fleet at Decker-Holz have performed excellent work. For this reason, Merten has recommended the C70D to the Belgian headquarters factory in the Fruytier Group. "The demands are completely analogous", said Merten, "our colleagues in Belgium can gather experience with the two test machines."



Clark on tour – Vans as mobile advertising media

The Clark dealer Hendrik Deceuninck is firmly in charge in one of the most dynamic regions of west European industry. Based in West Flanders in Belgium, Deceuninck has been part of the Clark dealer community since 1995, becoming Clark's exclusive partner for the region in 2008. Deceunick has meanwhile been utilizing its own fleet of service vehicles as mobile advertising media: Since May 2010, the Clark logo has been emblazoned on each of the four Renault Masters and three Mercedes Sprinters.


Sales Manager Jeff Green presents the Gold Achievement Award for the best sales results 2009 to Knightsbridge Managing Director Derek Wilson (picture above). The Silver Award went to Bel Lift Trucks, Bronze to Armill Lift Trucks, Fork Truck Solutions and Stacatruc.

Simply the best: Knightsbridge receives dealer award 2009 in Gold

A real success story

Gold for Knightsbridge Mecha-nical Handling from Stockport: The English Clark dealer received the prestigious "Gold Achievement Award" from Clark for the best British sales results in regard to new machinery in 2009.

Flourishing new equipment sales 2009
Located close to the British industrial metropolis of Manchester, Knightsbridge was able to come right at the top in the European ranking of Clark dealers with the sale of new Clark forklifts as well. Reason enough for Clark Sales Manager Jeff Green to pay the company a visit and present the award to Knightsbridge Managing Director Derek Wilson in person.

Silver to last year's winner Bel Lift Trucks
"I'm delighted to present this award to Derek Wilson and his team", announced Jeff Green, "after all, the company has managed to achieve extraordinary sales results in difficult economic times." Second place in Great Britain and hence the Clark Silver Award went to last year's winner Bel Lift Trucks – Bronze was awarded to the company Armill Lift Trucks, Fork Truck Solutions and Stacatruc.


Goodyear opts for Clark power at its production facilities Istanbul

Green commitment in the heart of Eurasia

Full identification with the Clark brand for over 60 years has characterised the work of the Turkish Clark dealer TEKNIKA YATIRIM A.S. from Istanbul.

The company located in the Turkish metropolis on the Bosporus has been a Clark partner since 1947. The brand name Clark
is built on a lasting basis in the Eurasian market, as the entry of the logistics enterprise Dilek (Teknik Istif) – partner to TEKNIKA YATIRIM A.S. – clearly demonstrates. The wall is adorned with a poster showing the entire Clark fleet from 2000 in the Goodyear production plant in Istanbul. Dilek (Teknik Istif) had assigned the around 30 Clark forklifts to the tyre manufacturer as hire vehicles. Even today, they are still performing their work reliably.


Clark dealer Domnick + Müller: Sales, hiring, used forklifts, Service, fleet technologies

Sales team vote: "We want Clark"

For 54 years, Domnick + Müller (D+M) has been a firm constant in the Rhein-Main region. Forklift trucks, telescopic loaders and working platforms form the core of the company's business, the company also offering corresponding services for over 4800 customers. The green Clark machines, introduced from the autumn of 2009, fit D+M's portfolio perfectly. And that not only follows the D+M slogan "Safely into the future".

Convincing reliability
Clark has been in the range since September 2009, "the very good initial successes were considerable", states D+M Managing Director Jochen Müller, "the expectations associated with the new Clark programme could be fulfilled so far." The fact that D+M changed over to Clark industrial forklifts is also down to the excellent image of Clark. Müller, who had anyhow contemplated a new positioning in the forklift area, declares looking back: "I asked my salespeople what they could imagine. The response was unanimous: Clark." Robustness and efficiency were continually cited as keywords in this context, as was the high recognition level of the Clark brand. "The essence of what our salespeople believe: Clark machines are tried-and-tested, reliable products without needless technical bells and whistles."

Optimism for the financial year 2010
Talking about sales teams: Over 50 employees, some of them with many years of experience, ensure all-round service at Domnick+Müller. Besides a component technical service, the owner-managed company rich in tradition is also intensively involved in hiring (approx. 120 hire devices) and the used product business. "In 2010 we are expected to do a fair bit better than 2009, we estimate a growth rate of 15 to 20 percent in total", states Managing Director Müller, "and we can still see a backlog of demand in the industrial sector for floor trucks – construction has long been booming again." With the Clark machines, D+M is primarily focussed on medium-sized companies with 20 to 25 machines in the region of Frankfurt, Offenbach and Hanau. Around 25 service fitters ensure the best service during inspection, maintenance and repair. The training courses with Clark have been completed, "they got to grips well with the new machines", states Müller.

Major corporations use Mobile Easykey
With its own development "Mobile Easykey" for reliable and economical control of forklift fleets, D+M is well established throughout Europe and has first-class references. In particular, large corporations utilise the electronic system for non-contact enabling and user logging of vehicles and machines. Staff receive an electronic key (transponder), authorising them to use certain vehicles and machines. Besides authorisation to drive or use machines, various activities and events can also be registered.


Dirk Blanke
Katrin Czimczik
Nils Lieber


New members of staff

The new Regional Sales Manager of Clark Europe GmbH is Dirk Blanke. The 40 year-old mechanical engineering technician has been actively working for the Clark European head office in Mülheim an der Ruhr since March 1, 2010, and is responsible for supporting the German region in the floor trucks segments. Dirk Blanke has brought more than 15 years of sales experience to his new job. From 1994 to 1997, Blanke worked as managing office service salesman for passenger car tyres, before advising end customers and dealers in the industrial tyres and lifting gear segment from 1997 to 1998. This was followed by twelve years of dedicated work for the forklift manufacturer Jungheinrich until 2010.

From June 1, 2010, the Clark Team in Mülheim has been strengthened by a new marketing assistant, Katrin Czimczik. The 26 year-old completed studies in Germany and abroad in tourism and event management as well as business management. In her previous occupational roles (Indu-Parts & Components GmbH / KettenWulf Betriebs GmbH), Katrin Czimczik was primarily involved with the organisation of international trade fair exhibitions, meetings and events, corporate websites, the creation of brochures and other marketing materials, online marketing as well as sales support in Germany and abroad.

Extensive expertise is offered by Nils Lieber in his new position in the Product Marketing of Clark Europe GmbH. The 27 year-old business studies graduate has been working in the wholesale and external trade areas for Clark since January 1, 2010. Lieber became familiar with floor trucks during his longstanding, previous work for Toyota Material Handling GmbH. The former volleyball professional's skills are concentrated on sales processes and marketing for counterbalanced forklift trucks, warehousing technology, manually-operated lifting platforms and narrow-aisle stackers.


Stapler Service Jena GmbH: Forklift trucks, warehousing system devices, lifting carriages, telescopic forklifts and side forklift trucks

New era ushered in during 2010

The family company Stapler Service Jena GmbH is now already in its second generation. A team of ten employees works with the future in mind and in close contact with customers and supply companies.

Company significantly larger
Four business areas characterise the competence of the Thuringia service company for forklifts and floor trucks, demonstrated in 40 years of workshop experience: Service, sale of Clark forklifts, hiring and forklift driving school. In detail, Stapler Service Jena offers sales, hiring, leasing, financing, maintenance and spare parts service for forklift trucks, warehousing system devices, lifting platforms, telescopic forklifts and side forklifts – including customer services for all brands. The situation in regard to infrastructure on site in the town of Kahla in Thuringia is excellent: At the turn of the year 2009/2010, the enterprise acquired new company premises covering 3000 m²: with ample office rooms for customers and sales (140 m²) and a modern assembly hall (300 m²), where a lifting platforms, crane system and wash hall are located.

Target market: the Federal State of Thuringia
The transport links are good. The commercial area in Kahla is situated in the immediate vicinity of the motorway route Göschwitz (A4). The catchment area with the neighbouring town of Jena also offers tremendous potential for the traditional company, as Stapler Service Jena is active in the whole of Thuringia. At present, Stapler Service Jena GmbH has over ten employees, who primarily work in the service and workshop area. The company is run by the management trio Sylvia Herrmann, Mike Herrmann and Volker Herrmann.

Stapler Service Jena GmbH
Im Camisch 28 · D-07768 Kahla
Tel.: +49 (0)3 64 24 - 14 00 60
Fax: +49 (0)3 64 24 - 14 00 61 ·


Cologne awning manufacturer weinor orders three Clark forklifts C30 from the Gen2 series

"The drivers are really happy"

„weinor. The awning." – "Clark. the forklift." The claims of the Cologne awning manufacturer weinor sound just as ambitious as the classic advertising slogan of Clark. Three new Clark forklifts C30 (Gen2 series) have been in operation at the Cologne parent plant since April 2010 at the instigation of the Clark dealer PFK.

C30 forklifts of the Gen2 series
With the three Clark -LPG forklifts C30, weinor has an extremely robust and economical floor truck with three tonnes load-bearing capacity. Ali Maameri, Logistics Manager at weinor in Cologne: "We use the three Clark forklifts to load and unload lorries with long boxes as well as load our awnings and conservatories. Of course, we also transport laden Europe pallets with them." The three tonne load-bearing capacity is well chosen, "as loads above two tonnes", states Maameri, "are quite common, it follows that it is a good idea to have a slight reserve upwards."

Better than the predecessors
For the first time, awning manufacturer weinor has opted for Clark forklifts, which carried out outstanding work in the first two months: "And that not only in respect to the price advantages over the predecessors", says Maameri, "I have not heard anything negative so far. On the contrary: The forklift drivers are very happy. In terms of operation, the Clark forklifts are easy because they have a clearer overview. Above all, the seat position is better, as you have a better overview when driving." The reliable work is assisted by the free-view lifting frames.


Before the crisis is after the crisis: Is the CeMAT 2011 entering the fast lane again?

Lure of logistics

Its driving force is globalisation: The future field of intralogistics is growing faster than hardly any other business segment and with it, the world's most important platform for intralogistics, the CeMAT in Hanover.

Prior to the crisis, the CeMAT 2008 was able to attract enormous attention: More than 1100 exhibitors from 35 countries welcomed around 58,500 trade and business professionals from all corners of the world in Hanover (foreign share: over 36 percent). The 2011 CeMAT in Hanover (May 2-6, 2011) could attract a similarly high number of exhibitors and visitors. Clark Europe GmbH will be represented again with a spacious trade fair stand and attractive framework programme. Rolf Eiten, Marketing and Sales Manager of the Clark European head office in Mülheim an der Ruhr: "Intralogistics is a very dynamic and globally operative sector. The CeMAT offers us just the right platform to be able to present our innovations and new products to an international public. Even in the age of web conferences and IT networking, nothing can replace personal dialogue face to face."


Clark balloon set an excellent profile at the Tannheim Balloon Festival 2010


There is no need to worry when things are whizzing and whooshing for days on end in the Tannheimer Tal. Quite the opposite, as the International Balloon Festival lifts off on the Austrian border with Germany every January. As from January 8 to 23, 2010, when the sky above the Tyrolean mountain valley was crisp and clear once again.

After depression "Daisy" had cleared, balloonists from throughout the world started out at the 2010 event each day between 11 am and 12 pm. A permanent feature of the winter alpine balloon spectacle: the Clark balloon – piloted by Uwe and Sabine Kowalk of the Balloon Club Mülheim an der Ruhr 1979. To the immense joy of the thousands of visitors, who were watching the spectacular take-off and landing manoeuvres. In the past few years, the balloonists were even able to fly from the Tannheimer Tal across the Alps in the direction of Italy on good days.
Unforgettable impressions with a view of the Lechtal Alps and the Zugspitze as far as Ortler and Piz Buin were then guaranteed. If temperatures and wind conditions are optimum, the balloons can reach speeds up to 40 kilometres an hour. However, the weather conditions were different in 2010, even if no less challenging.
The Mülheim team and its Clark balloon had to be content with trips of no more than 150 kilometres. Trip number 1 took the team directly into thick fog in the foothills of the Alps near Pfronten, after which the crew decided to land on the mountainside in the valley between Grän and Pfronten. Luckily above a ski trail, so that the balloon could be landed more or less without problems. The effort was worthwhile, as it was followed by a relaxed valley trip, in which the fitters gained a bird's eye view of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.