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Dear readers,

Approaching the market offensively with new technology trends. Sharpening our image sustainably with the professional public. Optimising sales and service decisively and with commitment. Those are the cornerstones of our brand offensive with which we intend to boost our growth in 2008. CeMAT for example. We want to show our best face in time for the world’s leading intralogistics fair (Hanover – May 27th to 31st 2008). We are taking the fair floor ideally equipped with a whole range of powerful new Clark products over a presentation area of 650 m2, the motto “Vision from tradition” and an attractive support program with the predicate “Some like it hot”. The involvement of a wide public is an important part of our corporate policy anyway. The great murmur that went through the press after the European Professional Press Day 2007 reinforces our opinion. Brand policy is also and particularly linked with good services. We have therefore strengthened ourselves internally with experienced team players. The result: We are looking forward to 2008!


Egon Strehl
Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH


European Professional Press Day 2007 at Clark’s European Headquarters

The Press as Our Guests

Clark has efficient stackers, good conditions and first class services.

The story is true – the growth is uninterrupted. The congregated European professional press was able to convince themselves of this in mid December 2007 at Clark’s European headquarters in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr.
For the first time since the founding of Clark Europe GmbH in September 2004, Clark Europe presented the figures for the business year 2007 to the international professional and daily press. The “European Professional Press Day” was a huge success. The press echo at the beginning of the important year 2008 was immense.
And just the right kick-off for the brand offensive 2008 with which Clark wants to boost its growth.


European Professional Press Day 2007 at Clark’s European Headquarters

Hard Facts, Delicious Titbits and the Right Swing

A novelty at Clark’s European Headquarters: For the first time since founding Clark Europe GmbH in September 2004, Clark Europe GmbH in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr presented the figures for the business year 2007 to the international professional and daily press.

Profitable growth in all divisions
At the “European Professional Press Day 2007” in mid December about 15 journalists from Germany, the Benelux states and the UK appeared impressed by the profitable growth course which Clark was able to boost further in Europe in 2007 after the already strong preceding years. Clark Europe GmbH was able to increase incoming orders and sales well above the market average in comparison with last year.

Interactive dialog with the Chairman
The strategic alignment of Clark Europe GmbH as a subsidiary of the international mixed company Young An was explained by video livestream – there is a time difference of eight hours with the South Korean headquarters in – was explained by no less than Sung Hak Baik. In an interactive dialog, the Chairman of the Young An Hat Company Ltd (YAHC) confirmed the mixed company’s intention to set up its own Clark production site in Germany for selected models of the electric series by 2010 and explained the world-wide Clark strategy with, among other things, eight-figure investments in research and development. The stacker division of the Young An mixed company already accounts for about 30 percent of total sales with annual sales in 2007 of approximately 467 million US Dollars.

Flexible financing options
The lecture given by Lutz Voigt from ProGaLease, part of the Gallinat Bank also drew great interest and provoked extensive discussion. In focus: the customer-friendly and secure financing of Clark equipment on a hire, lease or credit basis also and especially in connection with various utilisation possibilities, maintenance and insurance. A joint analysis with the customer shows how useful this is because running times, instalments, types of contract and combination rates are individually configurable with “Clark easy-finance”. “From the procurement to marketing we are able to react flexibly to a changed situation such as relocation, expansion or special customer orders during the life of a full-service contract.” Individual solution, classic advantages: high flexibility, constant freedom of liquidity and low binding of capital.

CeMAT 2008: “Vision from tradition”
Clark’s Head of Marketing Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Rose also took a look into the future with some insight, previews and overviews of Clark’s presence at the CeMAT in Hanover (27th – 31st of May 2008 / Hall 25 – Booth K12). Clark’s fair motto: “Vision from tradition”. Sales Manager Jeff Green, who pull the strings for Clark in the British area, bolstered the forecast of the year 2008 accordingly with a presentation of the new vehicles GTX 16-20s (three-wheel electric series with 100% AC technology), GEX 16-20s (four-wheel electric series with 100% AC technology) and the C40-55 with diesel/LPG drive which rounds off the successful Gen2 series.

Delicious enjoyment for one’s own sake
Day one of the European Professional Press Day ended highly professionally but in a suitably relaxed atmosphere. At the “Schifferbörse” restaurant located directly at the Rhine’s entrance to the Duisburg harbour, Clark Europe GmbH invited to an enjoyable cooking event. The professional cookery course – at the end of which a masterly 4-course meal from ragout of venison to mousse was presented – found not only enthusiastic participants but also sophisticated experts of their trade among the journalists.

Talent spotting at the driving range
The next surprise awaited the troop of journalists first thing in the morning: A golf starter course at the golf course of Mülheim an der Ruhr – Raffelberg e.V. Golfing professional Mathias Zeman gave a short introduction to the theory of this fascinating sport and at the driving range with its 16 covered and heated driving boxes the representatives of the press searched for and found the right swing with iron and driver in two intensive hours of golf.


Young An Hat Company: The Incredible Rise of a Mixed Company

Hats, Buses, Stackers and more

Although the story of the “dish washer to millionaire” is the paradigm of the American Dream, one of its last representatives is actually in East Asia, or to be more precise in South Korea. Sung Hak Baik who grew up in poverty as an orphan, made the big hit in 1959.
With a modest start capital he founded the family business Young An – its key competence: hat production.

Sales in 2007:
1.5 billion US Dollars

Starting off with just 70 hats a year, Young An, under the chairmanship of the company founder and president Chairman Sung Hak Baik now produces more than 100 million hats per year. And what’s more: The South Korean company is expanding continuously in depth and width and has become a globally active mixed company which has retained the charm of the family business despite the considerable size it has now achieved. Total sales in 2007: 1.5 billion US Dollars.

Success factor human capital:
11,600 employees

The Young An Hat Company, which is organised according to the South Korean tradition with a diversified portfolio and employed approximately 11,600 people in 16 countries in 2007, today owns the Young An Hat Company, the Daewoo Bus Company, the mobile phone manufacturer Alcomm and since 2003 the traditional forklift truck company Clark.

Mobility is the key:
Daewoo Bus and Clark Forklift Trucks

The traditional hat division with its ten production sites which is represented in about 79 countries with more than 41,000 resellers contributed approximately 18 percent of the total sales in 2007 with 118 million US Dollars. The majority was contributed by the division of commercially used vehicles: the Daewoo Bus Company with sales of 817 million US Dollars (55 percent) and the forklift truck division of Clark with 467 million US Dollars (31 percent). Daewoo Bus produces in nine factories and is represented world-wide by 45 dealers in 45 countries.

Networking all round the globe:
Clark Material Handling

Even more extensive is the global network of the Clark Material Handling division. They already produce in Korea (10,000-12,000 units per year), China (10,000-15,000 units per year) and the USA (1,000-2,500 units per year), soon also in Germany and Brazil. The research and development departments are in Korea, China, the USA and Germany; the market is supplied from seven central sales companies such as Clark Europe GmbH and the co-operating dealers, approximately 400 world-wide.

Active social responsibility from Costa Rica to Korea
A considerable portion of the profits are invested in social facilities. The Young An Group finances schools, colleges, churches, hospitals, orphanages and language schools in Costa Rica, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and of course Korea. Social responsibility with the emphasis on promoting education has been one of the declared ethical goals of the company since the beginning. Social commitment is underlined – demonstrated by the charity work in the Welfare & Education area – by an equally unique and new project: The Young An Hat Company operates the first TV station for elderly and handicapped people in Korea. Hope Welfare TV by name and nature.


Logistic Event in Morocco: Clark Dealer Espace Manutention Impressed at the “Salon Logistiques et Manutention Marocain 2007”

Green light for “The Forklift”

The Tiger states in South East Asia were first. Then came the wave of growth in the MEE, South America and India and China. This was continued by the oil states in the Arab region. If the experts can be believed, Africa, and especially the region north of the Sahara, will be writing the next success story.

Clark Dealer Espace Manutention 
Shows Colours in Casablanca
Its only logical that Clark dealer Espace Manutention showed colours at Morocco’s number one logistics event – “Le salon Logistiques et Manutention Marocain 2007” in Casablanca. For three days at the beginning of November 2007 the subsidiary of Maghrebine De Participation Industrielle Et Commerciale Sa, or Maghrepic for short, was in the public eye at the logistics fair.

Consolidating market leadership with growth rate up to 40 percent
No less than Karim Ghellab, the country’s Infrastructure and Transport Minister, conducted the opening ceremony with an interview at the Clark dealer’s booth. The excellent attendance figures at the fair in general and at the Espace Manutention area in particular are no surprise to many. With the three key brands Clark, Kalmar and Rocla, Espace Manutention is already one of the market leaders in the Kingdom of Morocco as a full service provider, especially in the field of heavy load handling at docks. The highly professional company based in Casablanca is aiming at growth rates of up to 40 percent in a prospering market environment.

Morocco is getting armed for world-wide competition
The conditions really are very good. The Moroccan economy has been experiencing an economic boom since 2000 with the best result to date in 2006 with an economic growth of more than 8.1%. Infrastructure investments, continuing privatisation and liberalisation, a new industrial policy as well as a network of free trade agreements recently with the USA, Turkey and the “Agadir Partners” Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia make the North African country attractive.

Reference projects accelerate the dynamic growth
Especially as the adopted reform with reference projects such as harbour modernisations and the building of the large Tanger Méditerranée harbour between Tangiers and Tetúan is setting additional logistics accents in foreign trade. And that the competitiveness, especially that of the exporting companies, can increase considerably due to a reduction in warehouse stocks and faster supply and delivery cycles, is now considered a certainty.

Close partnership from product to service
Espace Manutention generated 200 promising contacts at the logistic fair in Casablanca, whereby the greatest interest was in Clark equipment which have already had an excellent reputation in the Arab region and Middle East. Reliability due to robustness, a competitive price-performance ratio and trendsetter in matters of safety, that has been the market opinion for many decades. Espace Manutention also sees concrete advantages in the co-operation with Clark in the technician training by Clark specialists, the prompt 48 hour delivery of original Clark spare parts and the new possibilities of trouble-free, EDP-aided communication. Egon Strehl, Managing Director of Clark Europe GmbH: “We are pleased and proud to have such a strong presence with Espace Manutention in such a dynamic growth market.”


Clark Dealer TEKNIKA YATIRIM A.S. Impressed at the WIN 2008 in Istanbul

Strong Presentation at the Heart of Eurasia

The WIN 2008 (World of Industry) Part 1 fair again presented a concentration of the economic power of a whole region. Several thousand visitors flocked to Istanbul in February 2008 – still the pulsating heart at the border between Europe and Asia – to have a look at new and proven products.

The pivotal point of a whole region
The time and place for the WIN 2008 were well chosen. The Eurasian market and the Turkish market especially is presenting its most attractive face at the moment.
Growth rates which established OECD countries can only dream of, high inflow of foreign capital and a strong growth of the home market hold promise in all segments of industry. Especially as the strategically excellent platform location with direct access to the markets of South and South Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Central Asian states could not be better. The WIN already convinced in 2007 with a total of 122,000 visitors from 65 countries as well as 1,300 exhibitors from 22 countries.

Investment Good Fair WIN 2008
The Investment Goods Fair WIN 2008 in Istanbul, also the Eurasian leg of Hannover-Messe International GmbH, focussed on a wide range of topics: metal processing, cutting and grinding tools, surface, welding and measuring technology – but with the main emphasis on material handling technology.
Clark was strongly represented at the fair by TEKNIKA YATIRIM A.S. in hall 5. The company based in the Turkish metropolis on the Bosporus has after all been a partner to Clark since 1947. The brand name Clark therefore has a strong ring in the branch as not only the keen interest in new and proven products but also the informal exchange between old Clarkians confirmed.



Men and markets

New application area
In the thick of it instead of at the perimeter: At the A1 Grand Prix racing series in Durban (Kwa Zulu Natal) South Africa the Clark stacker CMP 70 with LPG drive had all its forks full. Loading and unloading of the trucks demanded great delicacy. After all no hair of the 520 horse-power racing cars should be harmed. Up to 30 drivers in national teams compete in the A1 Grand Prix series during the winter months. To ensure good racing sport, they drive identical cars with identical tyres and engines. The pilots must be experienced top drivers because no electronic driving aids and only limited set-up adjustments are allowed.

New warehouse
Room for the boom: Clark Europe GmbH is expanding its warehouse space for stocking the new devices and lifting scaffold installation by approximately 1,100 m2. The new warehouse in the Mainstrasse in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr – right next to the European headquarters – is currently being converted and expanded.


Andreas Olligs
Janine Vera Nawitzki
Martina Eggemann
Jürgen Karwel


New employees

Andreas Olligs

The qualified electronic system mechanic and certified technician Andreas Olligs has strengthened the Clark team as a Service Engineer since mid February 2008. With the accumulated experience of about ten years working as a service technician, Olligs will be supporting Mr. Krentscher and Mr. Wittkamp.

Janine Vera Nawitzki

The qualified industrial salesperson Janine Vera Nawitzki will now be supporting Clark Europe GmbH in the Product Marketing sector. Her posts as a Sales Assistant and Marketing Assistant at such renowned addresses as TMC International, Gerry Weber and Ecolab ensure Janine Nawitzki a successful career at Clark.

Martina Eggemann

The new Clark employee Martina Eggemann – active in the Purchasing/Expediting Parts department since mid February 2008 – learned the stacker business from the bottom. She completed her training after graduating from high school at the former Clark Equipment GmbH and was active as Purchasing/Expediting clerk in the Clark production.

Jürgen Karwel

With Jürgen Karwel, Clark Europe GmbH has gained a man of practice for practice. The qualified civil engineering technician and tiler will be working as an expert for warehouse logistics, incoming and outgoing goods in the in-house material flow in future to ensure that the right goods in the right quantities reach the right destination at the right time.




To the CeMAT 2008 in Hanover from the 27th to the 31st of May

Vision from Tradition

Clark is presenting the new efficiency formula for industrial vehicle technology at the world’s leading intralogistics fair.

Experience a whole range of new Clark products over an area of 650 m2! Enjoy the Clark innovation offensive with unbeatable energy efficiency, new safety features and ergonomic optimisations! Expect proven robust quality “built to last”!

Invitation to the CeMAT 2008 – Hanover – 27th to 31st of May 2008 – Hall 25, Booth K12. Don’t miss it. Come and talk. Let yourself be impressed. We look forward to an interesting discussion!