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Award for CLARK:
The Number 1 in Price/Performance

Customers have decided: CLARK is the forklift manufacturer with the best price-performance ratio. 

The renowned US-American trade journal "Modern Materials Handling" carried out a study on customer satisfaction among users of forklift trucks in the spring of 2008. The aim was to show manufacturers how their brands are perceived on the market and how much esteem they enjoy. The results of the study were also intended to serve as a decision aid for those interested in making a purchase.
1300 experts - i.e. customers - took part in the survey and evaluated the most important manufacturers in the categories of overall satisfaction, product quality, price-performance ratio, service, product features, environmental compatibility and effectiveness. 

In the evaluation of October 2008 it soon became apparent that the brand CLARK clearly came out top for those questioned in the evaluation criteria of operating costs, service costs, value retention as well as purchase price and equivalent value. That meant CLARK Material Handling received the award "Best price-performance ratio", leaving other prestigious manufacturers trailing behind.

The award is especially significant, as the people giving their opinion are those whose opinion and evaluation count the most: the users of forklift trucks. These customers have singled out CLARK in precisely those criteria which have been firmly anchored as product features in the corporate and product philosophy right from the start, qualities that CLARK customers know how to appreciate from the green forklift trucks. Fair prices for sturdy, endurable forklift trucks are what the brand CLARK and the slogan "Built to last" stand for. 
CLARK would like to thank everyone for this award and regards it as an incentive to remain true to its claims and the requirements of its customers, while offering a product range with the best price-performance ratio on the market.

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